2010 Arizona Revised Statutes
Title 8 - Children

Chapter 1 ADOPTION
Article 1 General Provisions
8-101 Definitions
8-102 Who may be adopted
8-102.01 Jurisdiction
8-103 Who may adopt
8-104 Venue
8-105 Preadoption certification; investigation; central adoption registry
8-105.01 Adoption; racial preferences; prohibition; exception
8-105.02 Adoption by foster parents; removal of child
8-105.03 Adoption information from local community organizations
8-106 Consent to adoption; waiver; consent to the release of information; notification to potential fathers
8-106.01 Putative fathers registry; claim of paternity; adoptive interest
8-107 Time and contents of consent
8-108 Petition for child's custody by noncertified party; hearing; exceptions
8-109 Petition to adopt; contents
8-110 Fictitious name for child
8-111 Notice of hearing on petition to adopt; service
8-112 Social studies; requirements
8-113 Removal from home; expedited hearings; probationary period
8-114 Monies paid to or for parent; court approval; attorney fees; accounting; disallowance; exception
8-115 Hearing; procedure; record; evidence
8-116 Court order; contents; form
8-116.01 Agreements regarding communications
8-117 Rights under adoption order
8-118 Petition withdrawal or denial; custody
8-119 Dismissal after death; exception
8-120 Records; inspection; exception; destruction of certain records
8-121 Confidentiality of information; exceptions
8-122 Financial hardship; deferral, waiver or reduction of fees
8-123 Irregularities; curative period
8-124 Subsequent adoptions
8-125 Adoption decrees of other states
8-126 Licensure and regulation of agencies
8-127 Services of county attorney; exception
8-128 Violation; classification
8-129 Health and genetic history; compilation; availability; costs
8-130 Consent to licensed agency or division; attorneys; affidavits
8-131 Exemption of division from licensure; compliance with standards
8-133 Fees for division services
8-134 Confidential intermediary
8-135 Confidential intermediary and fiduciary fund
Article 2 Adoption Subsidies
8-141 Definitions; exception
8-142 Adoption subsidy program; funding; claims; limitation
8-142.01 Adoption subsidy program; hospital reimbursement
8-143 Eligibility; limitation
8-144 Subsidy agreement; duration; amount; periodic review; confidentiality
8-145 Appeals
Article 3 Nonrecurring Adoption Expenses
8-161 Definitions
8-162 Nonrecurring adoption expense program; funding; use of other resources; payment
8-163 Eligibility
8-164 Nonrecurring expenses; limitation
8-165 Records
8-166 Appeals
Article 4 Interstate Adoption Assistance Compacts
8-171 Definitions
8-172 Interstate compacts; requirements; optional contents
8-173 Adoption assistance agreements; reciprocity conditions; violation; classification
Article 1 General Provisions
8-201 Definitions
8-201.01 Prohibitions
8-202 Jurisdiction of juvenile court
8-203 Court employees; appointment; certification; qualifications; salary; bond
8-203.01 Fingerprinting juvenile probation officers; affidavit
8-204 Termination of appointment; hearing; notice
8-205 Powers and duties of juvenile court personnel
8-206 Venue
8-207 Order of adjudication; noncriminal; use as evidence
8-208 Juvenile court records; public inspection; exceptions
Article 2 General Procedure
8-221 Counsel right of juvenile, parent or guardian; waiver; appointment; reimbursement; guardian ad litem
8-222 Subpoenas; issuance
Article 3 Juvenile Hearings
8-231 Juvenile court commissioners; appointment; powers and duties; compensation; qualifications
8-232 County attorney
8-233 Record of proceeding
8-234 Treatment, community restitution, restraining and protective orders
8-235 Appeals
8-236 Cooperation
8-237 Statement or conduct of child; hearsay exception
8-238 Advisory hearing; DNA
Article 4 Disposition and Commitment
8-241 Fees on disposition
8-242 Evaluation and disposition of developmentally disabled child
8-243 Liability of parents to bear expense; exception
8-243.01 Deposit of child support assessment monies
8-243.02 Assignment of right to support; priority
8-244 Removal of child from state
8-245 Physical and mental care
8-246 Jurisdiction; length of commitment; placement; assessment
8-247 Contempt powers
8-248 Hearing; service providers; definition
Article 5 Family Counseling Programs
8-261 Definitions
8-262 Establishing voluntary programs
8-263 Order for counseling; administration; enforcement
8-264 Participation by county; certification
8-265 County's share of matching funds; appropriation by legislature
Article 6 Children's Mental Health Services
8-271 Definitions
8-272 Psychiatric acute care services; outpatient and inpatient assessments; definition
8-273 Residential treatment services; definition
Article 8 Juvenile Competency
8-291 Definitions
8-291.01 Effect of incompetency; request for examination
8-291.02 Expert appointment; costs; immunity
8-291.03 Screening report
8-291.04 Examination; competency to stand trial
8-291.05 Misdemeanor charges; dismissal; notice
8-291.06 Privilege against self-incrimination; sealed reports
8-291.07 Mental health expert reports
8-291.08 Competency hearings; restoration orders
8-291.09 Restoration order; commitment
8-291.10 Reports; hearings
8-291.11 Records
Article 1 General Procedures for Delinquency and Incorrigibility Proceedings
8-301 Commencement of proceedings
8-302 Transfer between juvenile and criminal courts
8-303 Taking into temporary custody; interference; release; separate custody; violation; classification
8-304 Investigation of alleged acts of delinquency, dependency and incorrigibility
8-305 Detention center; jail; separate custody
8-306 Supervision and inspection of juvenile detention center and shelter care facilities
8-307 Delinquency hearings; required attendance of cited child; referring to youth service bureau; notification of parents
8-308 Required attendance of parent, legal guardian or custodian in court; contempt
8-309 Unlawful use of an electronic communication device by a minor; classification; definitions
Article 2 Delinquency and Alcohol Offense Complaints and Hearings
8-321 Referrals; diversions; conditions; community based alternative programs
8-322 Juvenile probation services fund; program and contract requirements
8-323 Juvenile hearing officer; appointment; term; compensation; hearings; required attendance; contempt
8-325 Appeal from an order of a juvenile hearing officer; procedures
8-326 County attorney
8-327 Transfer hearing
8-328 Juvenile diversion programs; reporting
Article 3 Disposition and Committment
8-341 Disposition and commitment; definitions
8-341.01 Residential treatment services
8-342 Commitment of child; medical examination
8-343 Disposition of offenses involving driving or in actual physical control of a motor vehicle while under the influence of intoxicating liquor or drugs
8-344 Restitution payments
8-345 Restitution lien; definition
8-346 Restitution fund; restitution contracts
8-347 Disposition document or minute order; fingerprints
8-348 Setting aside adjudication; application; release from disabilities; exceptions
8-349 Destruction of juvenile records; electronic research records
8-350 Dangerous offenders; sex offenders; notification to schools; definition
8-350.01 Youth sex offenders; treatment; definition
Article 4 Juvenile Intensive Probation
8-351 Definition of juvenile intensive probation
8-352 Intensive probation; evaluation; criteria; limit; conditions
8-353 Juvenile intensive probation teams; duties; case load limit
8-354 Modification of supervision
8-355 School; employment; community restitution programs
8-356 Waiver of standards
8-357 Budget requests
8-358 Juvenile intensive probation guidelines; report
Article 5 Interstate Compact on Juveniles
8-361 Legislative findings and policy
8-362 Execution of compact
8-363 Juvenile compact administrator
8-364 Supplementary agreements
8-365 Financial arrangements
8-366 Responsibilities of state departments, agencies and officers
8-367 Additional procedures not precluded
Article 5.1 Interstate Compact for Juveniles
8-368 Adoption of interstate compact for juveniles
8-368.01 Commission assessments
Article 6 Educational Rehabilitation
8-371 Educational rehabilitation
Article 7 Victims' Rights for Juvenile Ofenses
8-381 Applicability
8-382 Definitions
8-383 Implementation of rights and duties
8-383.01 Victims' rights; dismissed counts
8-384 Inability to exercise rights; designation of others; notice; representative for a minor
8-385 Limited rights of a legal entity
8-385.01 Victims' rights for neighborhood associations
8-386 Information provided to victim by law enforcement agencies
8-386.01 Issuance and execution of arrest warrants
8-387 Notice of terms and conditions of release
8-388 Notice of diversion
8-389 Preliminary notice of rights
8-390 Notice of proceedings
8-391 Notice of adjudication; impact statement
8-392 Notice of postadjudication review and appellate proceedings
8-392.01 Notice of right to request not to receive committed youth mail
8-393 Notice of release or escape
8-394 Notice of delinquent's status
8-395 Notice of postadjudication release; right to be heard; hearing; final decision
8-396 Notice of probation modification, termination or revocation disposition matters; notice of arrest
8-397 Notice of release, discharge or escape from a mental health treatment agency or residential treatment
8-398 Request for notice; forms; notice system
8-399 Victim conference with prosecuting attorney
8-400 Proceedings; right to be present
8-401 Detention hearing
8-402 Postarrest detention decisions
8-403 Plea negotiation
8-404 Impact statement; predisposition report
8-405 Disposition
8-406 Probation modification, revocation disposition or termination proceedings
8-407 Victim's discretion; form of statement
8-408 Return of victim's property; release of evidence
8-409 Consultation between crime victim advocate and victim; privileged information; exception
8-410 Minimizing victim's contacts
8-411 Motion to revoke release
8-412 Victim's right to refuse an interview; applicability
8-413 Victim's right to privacy
8-414 Speedy adjudication
8-415 Effect of failure to comply
8-416 Standing to invoke rights; recovery of damages; right to counsel
8-417 Construction of article
8-418 Implementation fee; definition
8-419 Victim reconciliation services
8-420 Right to leave work; scheduled proceedings; employment rights; nondiscrimination; confidentiality; definition
8-421 Statement of rights
Article 1 General Provisions
8-501 Definitions
8-502 Administration
8-503 Powers and duties
8-503.01 Children and family services training program fund; purposes; status report; exemption from lapsing
8-504 Sanitation, fire and hazard inspection
8-505 Issuance of licenses; application; investigation; renewal
8-506 Denial, suspension or revocation of license; foster home; hearing
8-506.01 Denial, suspension, revocation or change of license; child welfare agency; appeal
8-507 Operation without license
8-508 Receipt of articles of incorporation
8-509 Licensing of foster homes; renewal of license; provisional license
8-510 Acceptance of children by agency
8-511 Short-term caregiver
8-512 Comprehensive medical and dental care; guidelines
8-513 Participation in activities; contact with relatives; placement with siblings
8-514 Placement in foster homes
8-514.01 Placement of developmentally disabled children
8-514.02 Placement with parent or relative
8-514.03 Kinship foster care; requirements; investigation; report
8-514.04 Kinship care program; requirements
8-514.05 Foster care provider access to child health information; consent to treatment
8-515 Time limits on placement in receiving home; court orders
8-515.01 Local foster care review boards; appointment; exclusions; terms; training; compensation; meetings
8-515.02 Case assignment; distribution of records
8-515.03 Duties of local foster care review boards
8-515.04 State foster care review board; members; personnel; training programs; compensation
8-515.05 Removal of child from foster parent's home; requirements; notification; review
8-516 Supervision of foster homes; reports; review of file; progress report
8-517 Withdrawal from foster home
8-518 Central registry; change of address; marital status
8-519 Records and reports
8-520 Violations; classification
8-521 Independent living program; conditions; eligibility; rules; case management unit; reports
8-521.01 Transitional independent living program
8-522 Dependency actions; special advocate; appointment; duties; immunity
8-523 Special advocate program
8-524 Special advocate fund
8-525 Open court proceedings; closure; records
8-526 Child welfare; reporting requirements
8-527 Children in out-of-home care; noninterference with regular school activities
8-528 Newborn infants left with safe haven providers; placement protocol; definitions
8-529 Children in foster care; rights
8-530 Foster parents; rights
Article 2 Termination of Parent-Child Relationship
8-531 Definitions
8-531.01 Prohibition
8-532 Jurisdiction; dependency based termination
8-533 Petition; who may file; grounds
8-534 Contents of petition
8-535 Notice of initial hearing; waiver; guardian ad litem
8-536 Social study before disposition; contents
8-537 Termination adjudication hearing
8-538 Court order; form; contents
8-539 Effect of court order
8-540 Court costs
8-541 Records; disclosure; exception
8-542 Confidentiality of information; violation; classification
8-543 Sibling information exchange program; definition
8-544 Termination decrees of other states
Article 4 Interstate Compact on the Placement of Children
8-548 Enactment of compact; terms
8-548.01 Financial responsibility
8-548.02 Interstate compact administrator
8-548.03 Supplementary agreements
8-548.04 Financial arrangements
8-548.05 Visitation, inspection and supervision
8-548.06 Responsibilities of state departments, agencies and officers
Article 5 Funding of Child Abuse Prevention and Treatment Programs
8-550 Definitions
8-550.01 Child abuse prevention fund; purpose; definition
Article 1 General Provisions
8-551 Definition
8-552 Application for license; issuance; posting
8-553 License fee
8-554 Location
8-555 Layout
8-556 Water supply
8-557 Toilets and disposal systems
8-558 Food service permits
8-560 Drainage
8-561 Inspection of camps; revocation of license
8-564 Exemption of contract employees from limitations on hours of labor
8-565 Violation; classification
8-566 Exception
8-567 Limitations
8-568 Delegation of powers
Article 1 General Provisions
8-601 Legitimacy of children born out of wedlock
Article 1 General Provisions
8-651 Definitions
8-652 Infants and toddlers with developmental delays; lead agency; interagency agreements
Article 1 General Provisions
8-701 Healthy families program; administration; consent; access to records
Article 1 Protective Services
8-800 Purpose of child protective services
8-801 Definitions
8-802 Child protective services worker; fingerprint clearance cards; powers and duties; alteration of files; violation; classification
8-803 Limitation of authority; duty to inform
8-804 Central registry; notification
8-804.01 Maintenance of reports; records
8-805 Immunity of participants; nonprivileged communications
8-806 Voluntary placement; conditions; notice of placement; time limit; rules
8-807 CPS information; public record; use; confidentiality; violation; classification; definitions
8-808 Parent assistance program
8-809 Child welfare mediation program
8-810 Missing children; notification; entry into databases
8-811 Hearing process; definitions
8-812 Child protective services expedited substance abuse treatment fund
8-813 Preplacement investigation; medical examination; disposition
8-814 Permanent guardianship subsidy; offsets; discontinuation; annual review; appeals; definition
8-815 Indian child welfare act; inquiry
8-816 Family builders program; services; program termination; definitions
8-817 Initial screening and safety assessment and investigation protocols
8-818 Child protective services; financial and program accountability
8-819 Determination of neglect
Article 2 Removal of Child
8-821 Taking into temporary custody; medical examination; placement; interference; classification
8-822 Removal of child from home; review; review teams
8-823 Notice of taking into temporary custody
8-824 Preliminary protective hearing; probable cause; appointment of counsel
8-825 Court determinations in preliminary protective hearing
8-826 Further hearings and proceedings
8-828 Family advocacy office; duties; program termination
8-829 Judicial determinations; timing; documentation
8-830 Residential drug treatment center; services; program termination; definitions
Article 3 Dependency Determination and Disposition
8-841 Dependency petition; service; preliminary orders
8-842 Initial dependency and dependency adjudication hearings; deadlines
8-843 Initial dependency hearing; rights
8-844 Dependency adjudication hearing; settlement conference or mediation
8-845 Disposition hearing
8-846 Services provided to the child and family
8-847 Periodic review hearings
Article 4 Permanency Determination
8-861 Return of child
8-862 Permanency hearing
8-863 Hearing to terminate parental rights; notice; grounds
8-864 Timing of motions and hearings; consolidation of hearings
Article 5 Permanent Guardianship
8-871 Permanent guardianship of a child
8-872 Permanent guardianship; procedure
8-873 Revocation of permanent guardianship
8-874 Appointment of successor permanent guardian
Article 6 Substance Abuse and Treatment Assistance
8-881 Coordination of substance abuse treatment; contracting for services; joint substance abuse treatment fund
8-882 Program development
8-883 Requirements for contractors
8-884 Evaluation of community programs
Article 7 In-home Intervention
8-891 In‑home intervention
8-892 Compliance
Article 1 General Provisions
8-1001 Family group decision making program; requirements; program termination
Article 1 General Provisions
8-1151 Findings and declarations
8-1152 Definitions
Article 2 Regional Partnerships
8-1161 Responsibilities of regional partnership councils
8-1162 Composition of regional partnership councils; reimbursement of expenses; immunity
8-1163 Staff support for regional partnership councils
8-1164 Designation of regions
Article 3 Programs to Increase the Quality of and Access to Early Childhood Development and Health Services
8-1171 Regional and statewide direct and grant program requirements; permitted objectives
8-1172 Program and grant proposal requirements
8-1173 Procedures for the award of regional grants
8-1174 Program and grantee accountability
Article 4 Funding Sources and Administration
8-1181 Early childhood development and health fund
8-1182 Acceptance of gifts and grants; acceptance of federal, state and local monies; use
8-1183 Prohibition on supplantation of state funds; additional legislative appropriations
8-1184 Budget and funding process
8-1185 Allocation of funds
8-1186 Annual audit
Article 5 Early Childhood Development and Health Board
8-1191 Members; appointment; terms; oath; immunity
8-1192 Powers and duties
8-1193 Public record, open meeting, and conflict of interest laws
8-1194 Meetings; travel expenses
8-1195 Executive director compensation; duties; regional and board staff; central office; expenditure of funds

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