2010 Arizona Revised Statutes
Title 46 - Welfare

Article 1 Definitions
46-101 Definitions
Article 2 State Board of Public Welfare
Article 3 State Department of Public Welfare
46-132 Special services unit
46-132.01 Depositions; attendance of witnesses; production of papers
46-133 Duties of attorney general
46-134 Powers and duties; expenditure; limitation
46-135 Power to promulgate rules concerning confidential nature of records
46-136 Powers of state department regarding work projects for unemployed persons
46-137 Administrative expenses
46-138 Expenditures for public welfare
46-138.01 Public assistance and administration revolving fund
46-138.02 Duplicate checks; notice; form and effect
46-139 Housing assistance
46-140 Duty of employees to report violations; penalties for failure to do so
46-140.01 Verifying applicants for public benefits; violation; classification; citizen suits
46-141 Criminal record information checks; fingerprinting employees and applicants
Article 4 Out-of-Wedlock Pregnancy Prevention
46-151 Department of health services; out-of-wedlock pregnancies; goals
Article 5 County Welfare Advisory Council
Article 6 Lifespan Respite Care Program
46-171 S
46-172 Lifespan respite care program; program termination
46-173 Lifespan respite care advisory committee
Article 7 Section on Aging
46-181 Section on aging
46-182 Section powers and duties; costs
46-183 Advisory council on aging; members; appointment; terms; compensation; officers; subcommittee
46-184 Advisory council duties
Article 8 Arizona Older Americans Act-Nonmedical Home and Community Based Care Services
46-191 Definitions
46-192 Identification of services
46-193 Respite care for care givers of the elderly program; definition
Article 1 Procedure to Claim Assistance
46-201 Application for assistance; notice of penalties
46-202 Rules
46-203 Investigation of application; witnesses; financial institutions
46-204 Granting of assistance; notice to applicant; award; certification to department of administration; reimbursement
46-205 Appeal to state department from denial of application or failure of the local office to act; consideration by state department on own motion
46-206 Payment of assistance; authority of department of administration; limitation upon payment from state funds; methods of payment
46-207 Grant plus income; uniform assistance plan; amount of assistance
46-207.01 Temporary assistance for needy families; amount of cash assistance
46-208 Nontransferability and nonassignability of assistance; exemption from process
46-209 Residence in state after assistance granted; basis for discontinuance of payments to recipients of assistance
46-210 Effect on domicile of absence while in military service
46-211 Periodic reconsideration and change in amount of assistance
46-212 Assistance subject to amendment of law
46-213 Duty of recipient to notify department of change in status; recovery of excess assistance paid; violation; classification
46-214 Fee for representing applicant or recipient in civil proceeding under article prohibited
46-215 Welfare fraud; program disqualification; classification
46-216 Violation; classification
46-217 Finger imaging program; temporary assistance to needy families
46-218 Finger imaging program; food stamps
Article 2.1 Short-Term Crisis Services
46-241 Definitions
46-241.01 Short-term crisis services
46-241.02 Eligibility for short-term crisis services
46-241.03 Appeals; hearings
46-241.04 Ineligibility for short-term crisis services
46-241.05 Method of payment
Article 2.2 Domestic Violence Victims
46-244 Victims of domestic violence; identification; referrals; waiver
Article 3 Supplemental Payment Programs
46-251 Mandatory state supplemental payments program
46-253 Ineligibility
Article 5 Temporary Assistance for Needy Families
46-291 Administration and notice; expenditure limitation; locating deserting parents and assets; violation; classification
46-292 Eligibility for assistance
46-293 Ineligibility for other public assistance
46-294 Duration of assistance
46-295 Recovery of public assistance from legally responsible persons; fund; definition
46-296 Eligibility for assistance; unwed minor parents
46-298 Diversion from long-term assistance; report; definition
46-299 Jobs program; definition
46-300 Sanctions
46-300.01 JOBS program; privatization; definitions
46-300.02 Orders to seek employment; persons owing child support
46-300.03 Individual development accounts; definition
46-300.04 Perinatal substance abuse treatment and services
46-300.05 Substance abuse treatment
46-300.06 Food bank assistance for welfare to work and low income families program
Article 5.1 Choice of Practitioner in Eye Care Services
46-301 Definitions
46-302 Selection of practitioner
46-303 Violation; injunction
Article 6 Conformity
46-311 Conformity with federal legislation
Article 7 Child Care Food Program
46-321 Fingerprinting; affidavit
Article 8 Arizona Special Supplemental Food Program Fund for Women, Infants and Children
46-331 Arizona special supplemental food program fund for women, infants and children; purpose; reimbursement
Article 1 Reimbursement of Public Assistance
46-401 Purpose
46-402 Definitions
46-403 Authorization of department to act
46-404 Notice; service; order
46-406 Funding for administration of public assistance services of child support enforcement program; expenditure limitation
46-407 Assignment of rights to support; definition
46-408 Assignment of support rights; priority; definitions
Article 2 Support Payment Clearinghouse and Child Support Case Registry
46-441 Support payment clearinghouse; records transfer; payment; definition
46-442 Child support case registry; data sharing; unauthorized disclosure; civil penalty
46-443 Child support case registry; location information; presumptions concerning notice
46-444 Transfer of support rights; disbursement of support payments
46-445 Electronic transfer of support payments; warrants; definition
Article 1 General Provisions
46-451 Definitions; program goals
46-452 Protective services worker; powers and duties
46-452.01 Office of state long-term care ombudsman
46-452.02 Long-term care ombudsman; duties; immunity from liability
46-453 Immunity of participants; nonprivileged communication
46-454 Duty to report abuse, neglect and exploitation of vulnerable adults; duty to make medical records available; violation; classification
46-455 Permitting life or health of a vulnerable adult to be endangered by neglect; violation; classification; civil remedy; definition
46-456 Duty to a vulnerable adult; financial exploitation; civil penalties; exceptions; definitions
46-457 Elder abuse central registry; mandatory reporting; release of information
46-458 Hearing process; definitions
46-459 Adult protective services registry
Article 1 General Provisions
46-601 Identification card; contents; definition
46-601.01 Presentment of identification card
46-602 Department may contract for services
46-603 Fraudulent use of identification card; violation; classification
Article 1 Telecommunications Service Assistance, General Provisions
46-701 Telecommunications service assistance program; administration; rules
46-702 Assistance eligibility; list
46-703 Assistance rate credit; form; applicable services; amount; application
46-704 Budget request
Article 3 Utility Repair and Deposit Assistance
46-731 Utility assistance; qualified fuel fund entity; report; definitions
Article 4 Neighbors Helping Neighbors Fund
46-741 Neighbors helping neighbors fund; definition
Article 1 General Provisions
46-801 Definitions
46-802 Child care services
46-803 Eligibility for child care assistance
46-804 Appeals
46-805 Child care assistance; rates
46-806 Choice of child care providers
46-807 Certification of family child care home and in-home providers; hearing
46-808 Confidentiality
46-809 Rules
46-810 Department of economic security; child care; report

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