2010 Arizona Revised Statutes
Title 3 - Agriculture

Article 1 Department of Agriculture
3-101 Definitions
3-102 Department organization
3-103 Director; search committee; qualifications; deputy director and associate and assistant directors; legal counsel
3-104 Advisory council
3-105 Division council
3-106 Advisory committees
3-107 Organizational and administrative powers and duties of the director
3-108 Administrative support fund; use; exemption
3-109 Unlawful influence; classification
3-109.01 Agricultural consulting and training program
3-109.02 Office of commodity development and promotion; fees; commodity promotion fund; definition
Article 2 Agricultural Protection Act
3-111 Definitions
3-112 Agricultural operations; nuisance liability
3-113 Action for false claims against perishable agricultural food product; limitation; definitions
3-114 Liability for unauthorized destruction of field crop product; damages; definition
Article 3 Agricultural Extension Work
3-121 Smith-Lever act accepted; authority of board of regents
3-122 Expenditure from university appropriation to match federal grant
3-123 Agricultural extension work
3-124 County agricultural extension board; members; appointment; term; qualifications; office space
3-125 Plan of extension work; annual report
3-126 Annual county agricultural extension budget; tax levy; collection; expenditures
3-128 Expenditures of university of Arizona funds
Article 4 State Agricultural Laboratory
3-141 Definitions
3-142 State agricultural laboratory
3-143 Assistant director; powers and duties
3-144 State agricultural laboratory; maintenance and purpose; fees
3-145 Mandatory and voluntary certification; sampling procedures; application; expiration; renewal
3-146 Certificate fees
3-147 Rules; advisory committee
3-148 Grounds for denial, suspension or revocation of a certificate; review and appeal
3-149 Evidentiary effect of test results certified by the assistant director
Article 5 Historic Agriculture Recognition
3-161 Definitions
3-162 Arizona register of heritage agriculture; qualifying criteria; definition
3-163 Application
3-164 Listing property on register
3-165 Restricted use of designation; violation; classification
Article 1 Dangerous Plant Pests and Diseases
3-201 Definitions
3-201.01 Associate director; powers and duties
3-202 Infested or infected plants as public nuisances
3-203 Quarantine of infected and diseased plants; notice; hearing
3-204 Summary abatement of imminently dangerous nuisance; procedure; expense; lien; public sale; reimbursement costs and penalties to state for certain abatements
3-205 Abatement of nuisance not imminently dangerous; procedure; lien; foreclosure; release of lien; reimbursement costs and penalties to state for certain abatements
3-205.01 Summary abatement of noxious weeds, crop pests or diseases under preapproved programs
3-205.02 Regulating production of colored cotton; civil penalties
3-206 Destruction of noninfected crops upon abatement of nuisance; procedure; hearing; evidence; compensation
3-207 Crop pest or disease menacing state; notice of hearing; publication
3-208 Hearing on plant menace; evidence; quarantine zones; violation
3-209 Quarantines; notice to common carriers; duty to hold for inspection; certificate of release; inspection
3-210 Destruction of infected shipments
3-211 Imported nursery stock; labeling; certificate of inspection
3-212 Infested plants; sale or transportation prohibited; disposition of infested or wormy apples and pears
3-213 Concealment of plants or agricultural products
3-214 Failure to stop at inspection station
3-214.01 Dangerous plants, pests and diseases fund
3-215 Violations; classification
3-215.01 Violation; civil penalty
3-216 Enforcement powers of deputy, inspector or agent; cooperation
3-217 Nursery or nursery stock certification; fee; denial, revocation or suspension; hearing
3-218 Citrus budwood certification; fee
Article 1.1 Joint Exercise of Powers
3-221 Agreements for joint exercise of powers; review by attorney general; continuing obligation
3-222 Employees assigned to adjoining state
3-223 Interdivision livestock inspection
Article 2 Seeds
3-231 Definitions
3-232 Enforcement of article
3-233 Powers and duties; fees; penalty
3-234 Seed law fund
3-235 Seed dealer and labeler licenses; fee; exception
3-236 Retention of invoices and records
3-237 Label requirements; rules
3-238 Cease and desist order; appeal
3-239 Seizure and disposition of noncomplying seed
3-240 Prosecutions; classification; publication of results; injunction
3-241 Exemptions; exceptions
3-242 Violations; civil penalties
3-243 Seed labeling regulation; state preemption
Article 3 Fertilizer Materials
3-261 Applicability of article
3-262 Definitions
3-263 Fertilizer labeling regulation; state preemption
3-264 Enforcement and administrative powers
3-265 Rules; advisory committee
3-266 Annual reports and publications; membership in professional organizations
3-267 Inspections; official samples; analysis; report
3-268 Inspection fees and reports; violations; classification
3-269 Fertilizer materials fund
3-271 Restrictions upon enforcing officers
3-272 Commercial fertilizer license; specialty fertilizers
3-273 Labeling
3-274 Label as warranty
3-275 Guaranteed analysis required in licensing and labeling
3-276 Deficiencies in guaranteed analysis; penalties payable to consumer
3-278 Materials containing unavailable plant food and undesirable substances
3-279 Cease and desist order
3-280 Seizure, condemnation and sale of noncomplying materials
3-281 False or misleading statements
3-282 Short weight
3-283 Violations; notice; criminal classification; injunctive relief
3-284 Exchanges between manufacturers
Article 4 Arizona Organic Food Certification Program
3-301 Developing and adopting the program; advisory committee
Article 5 Pesticides
3-341 Definitions
3-343 Enforcement and administrative powers
3-344 Advisory committee; membership; appointment; duties; uniformity of labeling and standards of pesticides
3-345 Publications; membership in professional organizations
3-346 Agreements with other agencies and states
3-347 Delegation of duties
3-349 Restrictions upon enforcing officers
3-350 Pesticide fund
3-350.01 Experimental use permits
3-351 Registration; fee; confidential information
3-352 Prohibited acts
3-353 Exemptions
3-354 Cease and desist orders; condemnation and destruction or sale of noncomplying pesticides or devices
3-355 Enforcement procedures
3-356 Violations; criminal classification; injunctive relief
Article 6 Pesticide Control
3-361 Definitions
3-362 Powers and duties
3-363 Rules
3-363.01 Reporting requirements; interagency agreement
3-364 Inspection powers; notice
3-365 Buffer zones
3-366 Pesticide management areas
3-367 Private right of action
3-367.01 Report of loss, damage or nonperformance; effect of failure to file
3-367.02 Notification by beekeepers of bees located in a commercial agricultural area
3-368 Enforcement; consultation with attorney general; citations and notices of violation
3-370 Civil penalty; criminal violation; classification
3-371 Cease and desist order
3-372 Emergency use of pesticides
3-373 Annual pesticide report
3-374 Availability of information to the public
3-375 Preservation of rights
3-376 Discrimination prohibited
3-377 Local regulation
Article 6.1 Integrated Pest Management Program
3-381 Integrated pest management program
3-382 Program structure; responsibilities
3-383 Powers
Article 1 Marketing Orders and Marketing Agreements
3-401 Definitions
3-402 Policy or purpose
3-403 Exemptions
3-404 Marketing order and marketing agreement programs
3-405 Contents of a marketing order
3-406 Initiation of the marketing order process
3-407 Official department list
3-408 Public meeting; notice
3-409 Findings of assistant director
3-410 Election procedures
3-411 Adoption of a marketing order
3-412 Terminating a marketing order
3-413 Marketing commission; appointment; term
3-414 Powers and duties of a marketing commission or marketing committee
3-415 Administrative services; reimbursement
3-416 Indemnification of marketing commission or marketing committee members
3-417 Assessments; collection; budget
3-418 Failure to pay assessment; penalty; hearing; violation; classification
3-419 Deposit of assessments; use on termination
3-420 Inspection and enforcement
3-421 Violations; civil penalties; hearing; court action
3-422 Records and reports
3-423 Payment of costs of hearing on a marketing order
3-424 Initiation of the marketing agreement process; contents
3-425 Public meeting; notice; findings
3-426 Marketing committee
3-427 Application of marketing order provisions to marketing agreements
3-428 Approval of a marketing agreement; amendments; term
3-429 Application of administrative procedures act
Article 2 Citrus Fruit Standardization
3-441 Definitions
3-442 Purpose and scope of article
3-443 Supervisors; inspectors
3-444 Inspection powers and enforcement procedures; warning notice; disposal notice; civil penalty
3-445 Rule making; definition
3-446 Adopting new or revised standards
3-447 Citrus, fruit and vegetable revolving fund; administration
3-448 Assessments; procedures; failure to pay; penalty and interest; hearing
3-449 Annual licensing; fee; application
3-449.02 Denial or revocation of license
3-449.03 Record keeping; confidentiality; inspection
3-449.04 Appeals from inspections
3-449.05 Agricultural theft prevention
3-450 Exemption from citrus fruit standardization; definitions
3-458 Interstate shipments; requirements; out‑of‑state inspection certificates; irregular containers
3-459 Rejection of shipment by carriers
3-460 Bulk transfers
3-461 Unlawful packing or sale of fruit
3-462 False pack or labeling; reuse of containers
3-463 Mixing of inferior fruit prohibited
3-464 Wrongful performance of duty; improper influence; classification
3-465 Venue of criminal actions
3-466 Civil penalty; hearing
Article 2.1 Arizona Citrus Research Council
3-468 Definitions
3-468.01 Arizona citrus research council; appointment; term
3-468.02 Powers and duties of the council
3-468.03 Administrative services; reimbursement
3-468.04 Fees; collection; budget
3-468.05 Failure to pay fee; penalty; hearing; violation; classification
3-468.06 Deposit of fees; use on termination
3-468.07 Indemnification of council members
3-468.08 Termination of council
Article 4 Fruit and Vegetable Standardization
3-481 Definitions
3-483 Supervisor of standardization; qualifications
3-484 Deputies and clerks; compensation; expenses
3-485 Relationship of standardization and marketing order programs
3-486 Inspection powers and enforcement procedures; warning notice; disposal notice; civil penalty
3-487 Rule making; definition
3-488 Confidentiality of records; inspection of records
3-489 Requests for inspection by unlicensed or unregistered persons; fees
3-490 Agricultural theft prevention
3-491 Exemption from fruit or vegetable standardization; definitions
3-492 Licensing dealers, shippers and packers; application; fee
3-494 Denial or revocation of license
3-496 List of licensees; display of license
3-497 Adopting new or revised standards
3-498 Appeals from inspection
3-499 Shipping point and terminal market inspections; fees; Arizona federal‑state inspection fund
3-518 Exempt transactions
3-519 Rejection by carriers
3-520 Wrongful performance of duty by inspector; improper influence; classification
3-521 Civil penalties; hearing
3-523 Venue of criminal actions
Article 4.2 Arizona Iceberg Lettuce Research Council
3-526 Definitions
3-526.01 Arizona iceberg lettuce research council; appointment; term
3-526.02 Powers and duties of the council
3-526.03 Administrative services; reimbursement
3-526.04 Fees; collection; budget
3-526.05 Failure to pay fee; penalty; hearing; violation; classification
3-526.06 Deposit of fees; use on termination
3-526.07 Indemnification of council members
3-526.08 Termination of council
Article 4.3 Citrus, Fruit and Vegetable Advisory Council
3-527 Definitions
3-527.01 Citrus, fruit and vegetable advisory council; membership; terms; vacancy; compensation
3-527.02 Powers and duties of the council
3-527.03 Administrative services; reimbursement
3-527.04 Indemnification of council members
Article 7 Sale of Food Products by Producers
3-561 Definitions
3-562 Restrictions on sales by food producers prohibited
3-563 Tax, license or fee against producers prohibited
Article 9 Arizona Grain Research and Promotion Council
3-581 Definitions
3-582 Arizona grain research and promotion council; appointment; term
3-584 Powers and duties of the council
3-585 Indemnification of council members
3-586 Records of the council
3-587 Budget and fees; report
3-588 Administrative services; reimbursement
3-589 Pledge or mortgage of grain; deduction of fee
3-590 Arizona grain research fund
3-591 Failure to make report
3-592 Refund of fees
3-593 Association of producers
3-594 Petition and election to terminate council
Article 1 General Provisions
3-601 Definitions
3-601.01 Product standards; rules
3-603 Powers and duties; state dairy supervisor; qualifications; production of papers; formal requirements of complaints
3-604 Dairy inspectors; duties; powers; local officers
3-605 Federal milk ordinance; health and sanitation provisions
3-606 Sale of milk, milk products, raw milk and raw milk products; regulation
3-607 Annual licenses; revocation; fees
3-608 Distributing and manufacturing plants; records
3-609 Financial condition of milk handlers; security; recovery on default; definition
3-610 Diseased handlers of dairy products prohibited; health examination
3-611 Tuberculin testing of dairy herds; veterinarian's certificate; other diseases; exclusion of animals from herds
3-612 Dairy cows suspected of disease; quarantine; examination
3-613 Importation of diseased animals
3-614 Sale of products from diseased cow; classification
3-615 Milk holding tanks; structural requirements; measuring device
3-616 Milk holding tanks; tolerances of measuring devices
3-617 Fat content; determination; fee; inspection of records and equipment
3-618 Sampling by purchaser; preservation; records
3-619 Qualification of sampler; license; certificate of proficiency; revocation
3-620 Bacterial count; method; inspection of equipment
3-621 Butterfat content; disagreement; procedure
3-622 Regulation of manufactured milk products
3-623 Manufacturing milk or cream; operating requirements; sanitation; sediment test tolerance; pasteurization
3-624 Cheese; ingredients; pasteurized cheese; part‑skim cheese; labeling; cottage cheese excepted
3-625 Frozen desserts; coloring matter; weight; butterfat content; ices and sherbets
3-627 Brands for butter; labeling of dairy products; restrictions on use
3-628 Misbranding
3-629 Oleomargarine; sale; representation as butter or milk product prohibited
3-630 Adulterated products prohibited; exception; containers for poultry or stock feed; labeling
3-631 Restraint of competition prohibited; discrimination against localities prohibited; allowances
3-632 Unlawful acts
3-633 Enforcement duties of attorney general and county attorneys
3-634 Violation; classification; injunctive relief; evidence of violation
Article 3 Regulation of Trade and Real Milk Products
3-661 Definitions
3-662 Manufacture or sale not prohibited
3-663 Labeling and advertising
3-665 Plant licensing
3-667 Rules and orders; delegation of duties; regulation of interstate products
3-669 Deposit of monies; appropriation
3-670 Violation; classification; injunctive relief and penalty for contempt
3-671 Conformity
Article 1 General Provisions
3-701 Definitions
3-703 Definitions of inedible eggs
3-704 Descriptive terms in general
3-705 Standards of quality
3-706 Grade tolerances
3-707 Allowances of tolerances
3-708 Standards of size; determination by weight
3-709 Supervisor of egg inspection; egg inspectors
3-710 Powers and duties; preemption
3-712 Sampling; methods; sample as evidence
3-713 Presumption of sale from possession
3-714 Annual licensing; application; fee; display; exceptions
3-715 Sales of nest run eggs; unlawful designations
3-716 Inspection fees; report and payment by dealers; exception; penalty; collection
3-717 State egg inspection fund
3-718 Sale of eggs; invoice; deterioration of eggs below grade; exceptions
3-719 Reuse of standard cases and other containers; identification of eggs; expiration date markings; exceptions
3-720 Containers not requiring markings; department of agriculture grades
3-721 Trade‑mark; filing; reuse
3-722 Bulk lots; prohibition
3-723 Price advertisements; designation of size and grade of eggs
3-724 Misrepresentation of quality
3-725 Egg products; rules; out‑of‑state products; sanitary certificate
3-726 Imported egg products; permit; inspection; certificate; containers; fee
3-727 Refrigeration of eggs and egg products
3-728 Nonconforming eggs; refusal of carrier to ship; reservation in bill of lading
3-729 Violation by transporting agency
3-730 Nonconforming eggs as nuisance; procedure for handling and abatement
3-731 Injunction
3-732 Eggs bearing warning tag or notice; removal of tag or movement of containers prohibited
3-733 Unlawful acts and conduct
3-734 Prosecutions by attorney general or county attorneys
3-735 Arrests; appearance before magistrate; notice; written promise to appear; bail
3-736 Venue; evidence
3-737 Violations; classification
3-738 Appeal inspections
3-739 Violations; civil penalties; exception
Article 1 Administration
3-901 Definitions
3-902 Administration and enforcement
3-903 Protected group of plants; botanical names govern; categories of protected plants; power to add or remove plants; annual hearing
3-904 Destruction of protected plants by private landowners; notice; exception
3-905 Destruction of protected plants by state
3-906 Collection and salvage of protected plants; procedures, permits, tags and seals; duration; exception
3-907 Cutting or removal of harvest restricted plants for their by‑products, fiber or wood; procedures; exceptions
3-908 Prohibited acts; use of permits, tags, seals and receipts
3-909 Shipment of plants; exhibition of permit and certificate of inspection to carrier; sale of highly safeguarded plants
3-910 Compiling information; reports; native plant surveys; investigations; technical advisory board
3-911 Conservation and public education
3-912 Rules; additional notice requirements
3-913 Fiscal provisions; fees; Arizona protected native plant fund
3-914 Board of supervisors; power to preserve plants
3-915 Exemptions
3-916 Salvage of native plants by homeowners' association or other nonprofit organization; definition
Article 2 Enforcement
3-931 Enforcement powers and procedures
3-932 Violation; classification; penalties
3-933 Violation; civil penalty
3-934 Injunction; violation; civil penalty
Article 1 General Provisions
3-1001 Arizona exposition and state fair board; members; appointment; terms; vacancy; removal; oath; bond; meetings; report
3-1002 Compensation of members; personal interest in contracts prohibited; classification
3-1003 Arizona exposition and state fair board; powers and duties; compensation of employees
3-1003.01 Qualifications of executive director, coliseum manager, and comptroller
3-1003.02 Duties of the executive director and comptroller
3-1004 Contracts with federal agencies
3-1005 Arizona exposition and state fair fund
3-1006 Change of name; body corporate
3-1007 Additional powers
3-1007.01 Naming of coliseum or auditorium in honor of war veterans
3-1008 Issuance of revenue bonds; provisions of bonds; sale
3-1009 Power to secure bonds
3-1010 Provision of bond resolution; covenants
3-1011 Validity of bonds
3-1012 Prior lien of bonds
Article 1 Cotton Research and Protection Council
3-1081 Definition
3-1082 Cotton research and protection council; membership; terms; vacancy; compensation
3-1083 Council powers and duties
3-1084 Executive director; administrative services; reimbursement
3-1085 Cotton research and protection council fund; use by director
3-1086 Fees; collection; budget
3-1086.01 Colored cotton fee
3-1086.02 Pink bollworm eradication program; fee; registration; civil penalties
3-1087 Deposit of fees; use on termination
3-1088 Failure to pay fee; penalty; hearing; violation; classification
3-1090 Recommendation for termination of council; election
Article 1 Animal Services Division
3-1201 Definitions
3-1202 Division council; members
3-1203 General powers and duties; civil penalties
3-1204 Powers and duties relating to the sheep and goat industries
3-1205 Control of animal diseases; violation; classification
3-1206 Suspension, revocation or termination of licenses and agreements; hearing
3-1207 Cooperation with United States
3-1208 Officers and inspectors; conditions of employment
3-1209 Counterfeiting
3-1210 Disposition of monies
3-1211 State veterinarian; qualifications
3-1212 Private practice prohibited
3-1213 Acquisition and use of sodium pentobarbital or T‑61 euthanasia solution by county and local pounds
3-1214 National animal identification system voluntary participation
Article 2 Arizona Beef Council
3-1231 Definitions
3-1232 Arizona beef council; appointment; term
3-1233 Powers and duties of council
3-1234 Acceptance of grants and gifts
3-1235 Payments to organizations
3-1236 Collection of additional amounts at time of brand inspection; disbursement
3-1237 Failure to pay; violation; classification
3-1238 Exemptions
3-1239 Termination of council
Article 3 Brands and Marks
3-1261 Adoption and recording of brand and earmark; brand as property right; sale or transfer
3-1262 Recording brand and earmark; lease of brand for transient livestock
3-1263 Systems for recording or rerecording
3-1264 Schedule for rerecording brands and earmarks
3-1265 Failure to rerecord as abandonment
3-1266 Fees for recording, rerecording and leasing
3-1267 Certified copy of brand entries as evidence; brand on animals as evidence of ownership
3-1268 Issuance of brand books; charge and expenses
3-1269 Use of unrecorded brand prohibited; classification
Article 4 Dominion Over Animals
3-1291 Bill of sale required in transfer of livestock
3-1292 Sale of livestock without lawful brand, bill of sale or power of attorney; classification; defenses
3-1293 Procedure for owner to authorize another person to deal with animals; violation
3-1294 Improperly maintaining a stallion or jack; classification; seizure and sale; expenses for care
3-1295 Lien for feed, pasturage and other services
3-1296 Ranging of unbranded range livestock prohibited; classification
3-1297 Concealment of livestock killed or injured by railroad or motor vehicle; classification
3-1298 Herding sheep or goats on land or water of another without consent; classification
3-1299 Herding, grazing or pasturing sheep or goats on cattle range; classification; priority of right to use of range; exceptions
3-1300 Overstocking land; classification; definition
3-1301 Gathering cattle for tournament or contest without consent of owner; classification
3-1302 Taking animal without consent of owner; classification
3-1303 Driving livestock from range without consent of owner; classification
3-1304 Branding or altering brand of animal of another; classification
3-1305 Obliterating or changing brand or mark; classification
3-1306 Prima facie guilt of owner of brand to which another brand is altered
3-1307 Unlawfully killing, selling or purchasing livestock of another; classification; civil penalty; exception
3-1308 Evidence of illegal possession of livestock
3-1309 Proof of branding with brand of accused as tending to show conversion by accused
3-1310 Abandonment of animal at boarding facility or veterinarian facility
3-1311 Dogs killing or chasing livestock; liability of owner; classification
3-1312 Transporting equine in a cruel manner; violation; classification; definitions
Article 5 Livestock Inspection
3-1331 Inspection required; powers and duties of livestock officers
3-1332 Method, place and time of inspecting livestock
3-1333 Record of inspection
3-1334 Inspection as to ownership of livestock
3-1335 Certificate of inspection; delivery
3-1336 Inspection of livestock to be slaughtered, sold or transported; fee; violation; classification
3-1337 Service charge and inspection fee; self‑inspection; civil penalties
3-1339 Mobile slaughtering units; custom slaughtering; brand inspections
3-1340 Unbranded livestock kept in close confinement; shipment, sale and inspection
3-1341 Transportation of livestock by person without certificate of inspection, validated auction invoice or bill of sale; violation; classification
3-1342 Alteration of certificate or record of inspection; classification
3-1343 Substitution of animals after issuance of certificate of inspection; classification
3-1344 Ownership and hauling certificates for equines; inspection; exemption; cancellation; fees
3-1345 Transfer or issuance of ownership and hauling certificates; fees
3-1345.01 Equine; inspection fund
3-1346 Seasonal inspection for exhibition livestock; fee
3-1347 Violation; classification
3-1348 Equine trader permit
3-1349 Inventory and monthly report of equine traders
3-1350 Registry of equine rescue facilities; fees
Article 6 Seizure of Livestock
3-1371 Seizure of livestock by a livestock officer
3-1372 Keeping livestock following seizure; expenses; use of livestock in criminal prosecution; sale of forfeited livestock; nonliability of state
3-1373 Report of seizure; filing and docketing
3-1374 Setting time for hearing on ownership of seized stock; issuance of summons
3-1375 Service on owner of seized livestock; forfeiture proceedings on failure to respond
3-1376 Hearing on claim; release or sale of seized livestock; appeals
3-1377 Sale of seized stock; disposition of proceeds; livestock custody fund
3-1378 Representation of livestock officer by county attorney
3-1379 Notification required on seizure by government agencies
Article 7 Seizure and Sale of Stray Animals
3-1401 Definition of stray animal
3-1402 Holding and sale of stray animals; repossession before and after sale; nonliability of state
3-1403 Report by livestock officer or inspector; preliminary disposition of proceeds of sale
3-1404 Payment of proceeds of sale to owner of stray
Article 8 No-Fence Districts
3-1421 Formation
3-1422 Publication of order forming no‑fence district
3-1423 Designation of stock driveway
3-1424 Civil and criminal liability of person allowing stock to run at large within no‑fence district
3-1425 Dissolution of district
3-1426 Lawful fence defined
3-1427 Recovery for damage to unfenced lands; exception
3-1428 Action to recover for damage done by livestock which break through lawful fence
3-1429 Exemption of incorporated city or town from provisions of article
Article 9 Beef Cattle Feed Lots
3-1451 Definitions
3-1452 Feed lot operator's license; applications; fees; exemption
3-1453 Disposition of fees
3-1454 Standards of operations for feed lots
3-1455 Powers and duties
3-1456 Suspension or revocation of licenses; hearing; appeal
3-1457 Unlawful acts; classification
Article 10 Ratite Production
3-1481 Rules to regulate and protect ratite production; fees
Article 1 Duties and Liabilities of Railroads
3-1701 Report of killed or crippled livestock; inspection and removal; violation; classification; definition
3-1702 Stock crossings required in fences enclosing rights of way; violation; classification
3-1703 Liability for injury to livestock on unfenced railroad; contributory negligence
3-1704 Liability of railroad for negligent injury of certain animals; injury or death as prima facie evidence of negligence; liability of owner for intentional damage
Article 2 Seizure of Equine in Poor Physical Condition
3-1721 Petition of seizure; notice of seizure; lien for expenses; forced sale; disposition of proceeds; nonliability of state; neglect or cruel treatment of equine; civil penalty; legal representation
Article 3 Tuberculosis Control
3-1741 Federal cooperation and agreements
3-1742 Entry upon premises to inspect animals; condemnation of diseased animals
Article 4 Brucellosis Control
3-1771 Definitions
3-1772 Raw milk; registering and testing herd of producer
3-1773 Brucellosis test and vaccinations
3-1774 Disposition of reactors
3-1775 Enforcement
3-1776 Violations; classification
Article 1 Slaughter of Animals
3-2001 Definitions
3-2002 Application for license to slaughter
3-2003 Grant of licenses; fees; expiration date
3-2004 Place of slaughter
3-2005 Licensee's record of animals purchased or slaughtered; monthly copy for the department; violation; classification
3-2006 Preslaughter brand inspection of hides
3-2007 Purchase of uninspected hide; classification; exception
3-2008 Receiving uninspected hides for transportation; sale of uninspected hides; classification
3-2009 Transfer of license without fee
3-2010 Identification of animals with drug residue; violation; classification
3-2011 Slaughter of animals by producer or owner for own use; inspection of hides; violation; classification
3-2012 Secreting hide; defacement of mark or brand; classification
3-2013 Slaughter of animals for compensation without license; classification
3-2014 Limitation
3-2015 Cooperation with federal government
3-2016 Methods of slaughtering which are humane
3-2017 Exemption
Article 2 State Meat Inspection
3-2041 Chief veterinary meat inspector; appointment of inspectors; qualifications; bond
3-2042 Inspection stamps and establishment numbers
3-2043 Assignment of inspectors
3-2044 Antemortem and postmortem inspection
3-2045 Condemnation and appeal
3-2046 Meat inspection rules; violation; classification
3-2047 Application for state meat inspection service
3-2048 Inspection of slaughtering establishments without state meat inspection service
3-2049 Inspection fees
3-2050 Requirements for exempt processors
3-2051 Requirements for slaughtering establishments with state meat inspection service
3-2052 Construction and remodeling of slaughtering establishments
3-2053 Slaughtering and mixing prohibition
3-2054 Requirements for meat processors
3-2055 Cooperation with other public health authorities
3-2056 Inspection of meat; reentry inspection
3-2057 Transportation of meat
3-2058 Inspection of sanitation
Article 3 Sale of Meat
3-2081 Licenses for sale or exchange of meat or poultry; fee; records kept by licensee; expiration of license; violation; classification
3-2082 Brand inspection of hides; violation; classification
3-2083 Authority of inspector to search for and seize unstamped meat
3-2084 Detention of product
3-2085 Condemnation of product
3-2086 Transfer of license without fee
3-2087 Sales to state institutions
3-2088 Requirements for processed, blended or prepared meat and meat food products; violation; classification
3-2089 Vehicles
3-2090 Exemptions
3-2091 Nonlimitation of sale
3-2092 Violation; classification
3-2093 Reporting violations
3-2094 Inspections
3-2095 Investigation of violations
3-2096 Disciplinary actions
3-2097 Prosecution of violations
3-2098 Suspension, revocation or wrongful closure; review or special action; compensation
Article 4 Horsemeat
3-2121 Definitions
3-2122 License to slaughter horses for human consumption; application; records required; appointment of inspectors
3-2123 Slaughterhouses and processing houses; separation from other meat handling; inspection; hearing; revocation of license; exemption of retailers
3-2124 Inspection of horses before and after slaughter; condemnation of unfit products
3-2125 Labeling of horsemeat; requirements
3-2126 Signs required for sale of horsemeat
3-2127 Segregation of horsemeat products sold at retail from other meat products
3-2128 Sale of horsemeat not for human consumption in hermetically sealed container or frozen package
3-2129 Sale of horsemeat to state institutions prohibited
3-2130 Unlawful use of horsemeat
3-2131 Violation; classification
3-2132 Labeling of equines other than horses
Article 5 Poultry
3-2151 Definitions
3-2152 State and federal cooperation
3-2153 Antemortem and postmortem inspection; reinspection and quarantine
3-2154 Sanitation, facilities and practices
3-2155 Labeling and containers; standards
3-2156 Prohibited acts
3-2157 Complete coverage of official establishments
3-2158 Articles not intended for human food; requirements for and regulation of intrastate commerce in dead, dying, disabled or diseased poultry; registration
3-2159 Violations; classification
3-2160 Reporting violations
3-2161 Rules
3-2162 Exemptions and exceptions
3-2163 Entry of materials into official establishment
3-2164 General provisions
3-2165 Detention of product
3-2166 Condemnation of product
3-2167 Jurisdiction
3-2168 Cost of inspection
3-2169 Limitation
Article 1 Control and Destruction
3-2401 Control of destructive animals and noxious rodents; agreements and cooperation with federal agencies; exception
3-2402 Expenditures
3-2403 Disposition of furs, skins and specimens
3-2404 Purchase and disposition of rodent control supplies
3-2405 Powers of boards of supervisors
3-2406 Violation; classification
Article 1 Commercial and Customer-Formula Feeds
3-2601 Definitions
3-2602 Administration and enforcement
3-2603 Enforcement and administrative powers
3-2604 Publications; membership in professional organizations
3-2605 Inspection; official samples; analysis; report
3-2606 Inspection fees; quarterly statement by distributor; retention of records
3-2607 Commercial feed fund
3-2608 Restrictions upon enforcing officers
3-2609 Licensing
3-2610 Labeling
3-2611 Adulteration
3-2611.01 Maximum acceptable levels of aflatoxin; ammoniation of cottonseed and cottonseed products to reduce aflatoxin content
3-2612 Adulteration; penalties payable to customer; hearing; definitions
3-2613 Misbranding
3-2614 Cease and desist orders
3-2615 Seizure, condemnation and sale of noncomplying feed
3-2616 Violations; notice; criminal classification; injunctive relief; exceptions
Article 2 Egg Mash
3-2641 Marking and labeling egg mash containers; violation; classification
Article 3 Garbage Fed to Swine
3-2661 Definitions
3-2662 Administration and enforcement
3-2663 Revocation or refusal of permit
3-2664 Permit to feed garbage to swine; exception
3-2665 Application for permit; fee
3-2666 Permit for removal of swine from premises
3-2667 Cooking or other treatment of garbage
3-2668 Inspection and investigation of garbage treatment; records
3-2669 Violation; classification
Article 4 Meat Used as Animal Food
3-2691 Definitions
3-2692 Decharacterization of fresh meat to be used as animal food
3-2693 Inspection of establishments selling meat for animal food
3-2694 Violation; classification
3-2695 Collecting dead stock by tallow and rendering companies
Article 1 General Provisions
3-2901 Definitions
3-2902 Supervisor of aquaculture
3-2903 Regulatory powers of the director
3-2904 Quality and disease control
3-2905 Inspections and certification of facilities
3-2906 Seizure and quarantine; hearing
3-2907 Licenses; fee; exemption
3-2908 Special licenses
3-2909 Protecting aquatic wildlife
3-2910 Unauthorized removal of aquatic animals or plants from aquaculture facility; classification
3-2911 Cease and desist orders; hearing; subpoena; injunctions; revocation or suspension of license; probation
3-2912 Civil penalties
3-2913 Aquaculture fund
Article 1 General Provisions
3-3101 Definitions
3-3102 Scope of chapter
3-3103 Assistant director for the office of agricultural safety
3-3104 Duties of employer and employee
3-3105 Powers and duties
3-3106 Pesticides
3-3107 Inspection of places and practices of employment; employee initiation of investigation; violation; injunction; classification
3-3108 Development of standards and rules
3-3109 Emergency temporary standards
3-3110 Citations
3-3111 De minimis violations
3-3112 Enforcement procedure
3-3113 Penalties; violation; classification
3-3114 Additional penalty for wilful or repeated violation causing employee permanent disability or death covered by workers' compensation; payment to employee; enforcement
3-3115 Imminent dangers
3-3119 Nonliability
3-3120 Employee discharge or discrimination
3-3121 Trade secrets; confidentiality
3-3122 Employer and employee representation
3-3123 Testimony of witnesses; compensation; order of superior court to appear
3-3124 Agricultural education and training program
3-3125 Trainer certification
Article 1 General Provisions
3-3301 Definitions
3-3302 Agricultural easements; purpose; program termination
3-3303 Arizona agricultural protection commission; report
3-3304 Arizona agricultural protection fund
3-3305 Qualifying applicants for funding agricultural easement proposal
3-3306 Application process
3-3307 Criteria for awarding grants
3-3308 Terms of agricultural easement

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