2010 Arizona Revised Statutes
Title 29 - Partnership

Article 1 Names of Trading Firms
29-101 Effect of name of trading firm upon liability of firm property for personal debts
29-102 Certificate of name required for certain firms
29-103 Partnerships not required to record certificate
29-104 Service of summons in actions against partners; judgment
Article 1 General Provisions
29-301 Definitions
29-302 Name
29-303 Reservation of name
29-304 Specified office and agent
29-305 Records to be kept
29-306 Nature of business
29-307 Business transactions of partner with partnership
Article 2 Formation: Certificate of Limited Partnership
29-308 Certificate of limited partnership
29-309 Amendment to certificate; restatement
29-310 Cancellation of certificate
29-311 Execution of certificates
29-312 Execution by judicial act
29-313 Filing in office of secretary of state; acceptance
29-314 Liability for false statement in certificate
29-315 Scope of notice
29-316 Delivery of certificates to limited partners
Article 3 Limited Partners
29-317 Admission of limited partners
29-318 Voting
29-319 Liability to third parties
29-320 Person erroneously believing himself limited partner
29-321 Information
Article 4 General Partners
29-322 Admission of additional general partners
29-323 Events of withdrawal
29-324 General powers and liabilities
29-325 Contributions by general partner
29-326 Voting
Article 5 Finance
29-327 Form of contribution
29-328 Liability for contribution
29-329 Sharing of profits and losses
29-330 Sharing of distributions
Article 6 Distributions and Withdrawal
29-331 Interim distributions
29-332 Withdrawal of general partner
29-333 Withdrawal of limited partner
29-334 Distribution on withdrawal
29-335 Distribution in kind
29-336 Right to distribution
29-337 Limitations on distribution; treatment as income
29-338 Liability on return of contribution
Article 7 Assignment of Partnership Interests
29-339 Nature of partnership interest
29-340 Assignment of partnership interest
29-341 Rights of judgment creditor
29-342 Right of assignee to become limited partner
29-343 Power of estate of deceased or incompetent partner
Article 8 Dissolution
29-344 Nonjudicial dissolution
29-345 Judicial dissolution
29-346 Winding up
29-347 Distribution of assets
Article 9 Foreign Limited Partnerships
29-348 Law governing
29-349 Registration
29-350 Issuance of registration
29-351 Name
29-352 Changes and amendments
29-353 Cancellation of registration
29-354 Transaction of business without registration
29-355 Action by attorney general
Article 10 Derivative Actions
29-356 Right of action
29-357 Proper plaintiff
29-358 Pleading
29-359 Expenses
Article 11 Miscellaneous
29-360 Construction and application
29-361 Short title
29-362 Severability
29-363 Rules for cases not provided for in this chapter
29-364 Application to existing limited partnership; definition
29-365 Effect of enactment on accrued rights
29-366 Fees
Article 12 Limited Partnership as Limited Liability Partnership
29-367 Limited partnership as limited liability partnership
Article 13 Conversions and Mergers
29-368 Definitions
29-369 Conversion of general partnership to limited partnership
29-370 Conversion of limited partnership to general partnership
29-371 Effect of conversion; entity unchanged
29-372 Merger of partnerships
29-373 Effect of merger
29-374 Statement of merger
29-375 Nonexclusive
29-376 Delivery by means of facsimile transmission
Article 1 General Provisions
29-601 Definitions
29-602 Limited liability company name
29-603 Reservation of name
29-604 Known place of business and statutory agent to be maintained
29-605 Change of known place of business, statutory agent or statutory agent's street address
29-605.01 Change of address of a member or manager
29-606 Service of process on limited liability company
29-607 Records to be kept; inspection rights of members
29-608 Business transactions of member or manager with limited liability company
29-609 Purpose; insurance business
29-610 General powers of a domestic limited liability company
29-611 Powers of commission
29-612 Interrogatories by the commission; information disclosed by interrogatories
29-613 Interrogatory or signature violations; limited liability company records; classification
29-614 Certificate of good standing
29-615 Certificate of good standing; license and registration renewal
Article 2 Formation and Articles of Organization
29-631 Formation; parents and subsidiaries
29-632 Articles of organization
29-633 Amendment of articles of organization; restatement; publication
29-634 Filing with the commission
29-635 Formation of limited liability company
29-636 Notice of existence of limited liability company
29-637 Document corrections
Article 3 Relationship of Limited Liability Company and Members to Third Persons
29-651 Liability to third parties
29-652 Unauthorized assumption of power
29-653 Limited liability company property
29-654 Member or manager as agent
29-655 Rights of judgment creditors of a member
29-656 Parties to actions
29-657 Liability for false statement in articles; definition
Article 4 Member Relationships
29-681 Management of limited liability company
29-682 Operating agreement
29-683 Action by written consent
Article 5 Contributions and Distributions
29-701 Capital contributions
29-702 Liability for contributions
29-703 Interim distributions
29-704 Distribution in kind
29-705 Status as a creditor
29-706 Limitation on distributions; wrongful distribution; treatment as income
29-707 Distributions on withdrawal
29-708 Distribution on winding up
29-709 Sharing of profits and losses
Article 6 Members
29-731 Admission of members
29-732 Interest in limited liability company; transferability of interest; rights of assignees
29-733 Events of withdrawal
29-734 Withdrawal of member
Article 7 Merger or Consolidation
29-751 Definition of business entity
29-752 Procedure for merger or consolidation; exchange
29-753 Plan of merger or consolidation
29-754 Articles of merger or consolidation
29-755 Abandonment of merger or consolidation
29-756 Effective date of merger or consolidation
29-757 Effects of merger or consolidation
Article 8 Dissolution
29-781 Dissolution
29-781.01 Rights of assignee
29-782 Effect of dissolution
29-783 Articles of termination
29-784 Effect of signing articles of termination
29-785 Involuntary judicial dissolution
29-786 Administrative dissolution
Article 9 Foreign Limited Liability Companies
29-801 Law governing foreign limited liability companies
29-802 Certificate of registration; application
29-803 Registration of foreign limited liability company; certificate of registration
29-804 Fictitious name of foreign limited liability company
29-805 Amendment or restatement to foreign limited liability companies
29-806 Requirement for statutory agent of foreign limited liability company
29-807 Revocation of certificate of registration of foreign limited liability company
29-808 Cancellation of registration of foreign limited liability company
29-809 Transaction of business without registration
29-810 Action by attorney general
29-811 Service of process on a foreign limited liability company
29-812 Effect of executing application or certificate
Article 10 Derivative Actions
29-831 Right of member to bring derivative action
29-832 Pleading
29-833 Expenses
Article 11 Professional Limited Liability Companies
29-841 Definitions
29-841.01 Professional limited liability company formation
29-842 Exclusions from article
29-843 Application of general limited liability company law
29-844 Special restrictions
29-845 Name
29-846 Professional relationship and responsibility
29-847 Disciplinary powers of regulating boards; transfer of shares
Article 12 Miscellaneous
29-851 Filing, service and copying fees; expedited filing and services; same day and next day services; posted wait times; advance monies; definition
29-852 Execution by judicial act
29-853 Applicability of provisions to foreign and interstate commerce
29-854 Rules of construction
29-855 Delivery by means of fax or electronic transmission
29-856 Rules of law and equity
29-857 Taxation
Article 1 General Provisions
29-1001 Definitions
29-1002 Knowledge and notice
29-1003 Effect of partnership agreement; nonwaivable provisions
29-1004 Supplemental principles of law
29-1005 Execution, filing and recording of statements
29-1006 Law governing internal relations
29-1007 Partnership subject to amendment or repeal
Article 2 Nature of Partnership
29-1011 Partnership as entity
29-1012 Formation of partnership
29-1013 Partnership property
29-1014 When property is partnership property
Article 3 Relations of Partners to Persons Dealing with Partnership
29-1021 Partner agent of partnership
29-1022 Transfer of partnership property
29-1023 Statement of partnership authority
29-1024 Statement of denial
29-1025 Partnership liable for partner's actionable conduct
29-1026 Partner's liability
29-1027 Actions by and against partnership and partners
29-1028 Liability of purported partner
Article 4 Relations of Partners to Each Other and to Partnership
29-1031 Partner's rights and duties
29-1032 Distributions in kind
29-1033 Partner's rights and duties with respect to information
29-1034 General standards of partner's conduct
29-1035 Actions by partnership and partners
29-1036 Continuation of partnership beyond definite term or particular undertaking
Article 5 Transferees and Creditors of Partner
29-1041 Partner not co‑owner of partnership property
29-1042 Partner's transferable interest in partnership
29-1043 Transfer of partner's transferable interest
29-1044 Partner's transferable interest subject to charging order
Article 6 Partner's Dissociation
29-1051 Events causing partner's dissociation
29-1052 Partner's power to dissociate; wrongful dissociation
29-1053 Effect of partner's dissociation
Article 7 Partner's Dissociation When Business Not Wound Up
29-1061 Purchase of dissociated partner's interest
29-1062 Dissociated partner's power to bind and liability to partnership
29-1063 Dissociated partner's liability to other persons
29-1064 Statement of dissociation
29-1065 Continued use of partnership name
Article 8 Winding Up Partnership Business
29-1071 Events causing dissolution and winding up of partnership business
29-1072 Partnership continues after dissolution
29-1073 Right to wind up partnership business
29-1074 Partner's power to bind partnership after dissolution
29-1075 Statement of dissolution
29-1076 Partner's liability to other partners after dissolution
29-1077 Settlement of accounts and contributions among partners
Article 9 Conversions and Mergers
29-1082 Conversion of partnership to limited partnership
29-1083 Conversion of limited partnership to partnership
29-1084 Effect of conversion; entity unchanged
29-1085 Merger of partnerships
29-1086 Effect of merger
29-1087 Statement of merger
29-1088 Nonexclusive
Article 10 Limited Liability Partnerships
29-1101 Statement of qualification
29-1102 Name
29-1103 Publication and annual reports; late filing penalty
29-1104 Designated office and agent for service of process
29-1105 Law governing foreign limited liability partnerships
29-1106 Statement of foreign qualification
29-1107 Effect of failure to qualify
29-1108 Activities not constituting transacting business
29-1109 Action by attorney general
Article 11 Miscellaneous Provisions
29-1110 Uniformity of application and construction
29-1111 Effect of enactment on accrued rights

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