2010 Arizona Revised Statutes
Title 25 - Marital and Domestic Relations

Chapter 1 MARRIAGE
Article 1 Capacity of Persons to Marry
25-101 Void and prohibited marriages
25-102 Consent required for marriage of minors
25-103 Purposes of title; application of title
Article 2 Validity of Marriage
25-111 Requirement of license and solemnization; covenant marriages
25-112 Marriages contracted in another state; validity and effect
Article 3 Marriage License, Ceremony and Record
25-121 Marriage license; application; affidavit
25-122 Consent of parent or guardian of minor
25-123 Recording licenses; endorsement of solemnization; recording return; lost licenses
25-124 Persons authorized to perform marriage ceremony; definition
25-125 Marriage ceremony; official; witnesses; marriage license; covenant marriages
25-126 Application to justice of the peace for marriage and covenant marriage licenses; issuance; violation; classification
25-127 Issuance of marriage license by a city or town; transfer of fees; handling fee
25-128 Unlawful acts of person authorized to solemnize marriages; classification
25-129 Unlawful acts of person authorized to issue marriage license or make marriage records; classification
25-130 Abstract of marriage in lieu of reproducing marriage license
Article 1 Arizona Uniform Premarital Agreement Act
25-201 Definitions
25-202 Enforcement of premarital agreements; exception
25-203 Scope of agreement
25-204 Amendment or revocation of agreement
25-205 Limitation of actions
Article 2 Property Rights and Contract Powers
25-211 Property acquired during marriage as community property; exceptions; effect of service of a petition
25-213 Separate property
25-214 Management and control
25-215 Liability of community property and separate property for community and separate debts
25-217 Ownership of property acquired after moving into state
25-218 Surrogate parentage contracts; prohibition; custody; definition
Article 1 Annulment
25-301 Grounds
25-302 Procedure and law
Article 2 Dissolution of Marriage
25-311 Jurisdiction; form of petition; award of decree
25-312 Dissolution of marriage; findings necessary
25-313 Decree of legal separation; findings necessary
25-314 Pleadings; contents; defense; joinder of parties; confidentiality
25-315 Temporary order or preliminary injunction; effect; definition
25-316 Irretrievable breakdown; finding
25-317 Separation agreement; effect
25-318 Disposition of property; retroactivity; notice to creditors; assignment of debts; contempt of court
25-318.01 Military retirement benefits; disability related waiver
25-319 Maintenance; computation factors
25-320 Child support; factors; methods of payment; additional enforcement provisions; definitions
25-320.02 Self‑employed parent; tax practitioner; definition
25-321 Representation of child by counsel; fees
25-322 Payment of maintenance or support; records; disclosure
25-323 Assignments
25-323.01 Child support committee; membership; duties; report
25-323.02 Domestic relations committee; membership; duties; pilot programs; report
25-323.03 Forms; alternative forms
25-324 Attorney fees
25-325 Decree; finality; restoration of maiden name
25-326 Independence of provisions of decree or temporary order; forms
25-327 Modification and termination of provisions for maintenance, support and property disposition
25-328 Sequence of trials when custody or parenting time is an issue
25-329 Waiting period
25-330 Employer cooperation
Article 4 Alienation of Affections
25-341 Abrogation of alienation of affections action
Article 5 Domestic Relations Education on Children's Issues
25-351 Domestic relations education; plan; administration
25-352 Applicability of program; compliance
25-353 Failure to comply
25-354 Children's issues education fund; report
25-355 Fees; deferral or waiver
Article 7 Court of Conciliation
25-381.01 Purposes of article
25-381.02 Definitions
25-381.03 Applicability of article; determination by superior court
25-381.04 Assignment of judges; number of sessions
25-381.05 Transfer of cases; reason; duties of transferee judge
25-381.06 Court assistants; salaries; appointments
25-381.07 Director of conciliation; powers and duties
25-381.08 Jurisdiction
25-381.09 Petition invoking jurisdiction or for transfer of action to conciliation court
25-381.10 Petition; caption
25-381.11 Petition; contents
25-381.12 Blank forms; assistance in preparing and presenting petition
25-381.13 Fees
25-381.14 Hearing; time; place; notice; citation; witnesses
25-381.15 Time and place of holding hearings
25-381.16 Conduct of hearing; recommendations; aid of specialists; expense; confidential communications
25-381.17 Orders; duration of effectiveness; reconciliation agreement
25-381.18 Dissolution of marriage; legal separation; annulment; stay of right to file; jurisdiction for pending actions
25-381.19 Transfer of certain actions where minor child involved
25-381.20 Procedure in actions where no child is involved; conciliation court may accept case
25-381.21 Construction of article
25-381.22 Subsequent petition filed within one year
25-381.23 Option for mandatory conciliation
25-381.24 Counseling
Article 1 Child Custody
25-401 Jurisdiction; commencement of proceedings
25-402 Definitions
25-403 Custody; best interests of child
25-403.01 Sole and joint custody
25-403.02 Parenting plans
25-403.03 Domestic violence and child abuse
25-403.04 Drug offenses
25-403.05 Sexual offenders; murderers; custody and parenting time; notification of risk to child
25-403.06 Parental access to records
25-403.07 Identification of a primary caretaker and public assistance
25-403.08 Resources and fees
25-403.09 Child support
25-404 Temporary orders
25-405 Interviews by court; professional assistance
25-406 Investigations and reports
25-407 Custody hearings; priority; costs; record
25-408 Rights of noncustodial parent; parenting time; relocation of child; exception; enforcement; access to records
25-409 Visitation rights of grandparents and great‑grandparents
25-410 Judicial supervision
25-411 Modification of custody decree; affidavit; contents
25-412 Expedited child support and parenting time fund
25-413 Domestic relations education and mediation fund; report
25-414 Violation of visitation or parenting time rights; penalties
25-415 Custody by nonparent; presumption; grounds; definitions
Article 1 General Provisions
25-500 Definitions
25-501 Duties of support; exemption
25-502 Jurisdiction, venue and procedure; additional enforcement provisions
25-503 Order for support; methods of payment; modification; termination; statute of limitations; judgment on arrearages; notice; security
25-503.01 Self-employed parent; monies held as security for payment of support
25-504 Order of assignment; ex parte order of assignment; responsibilities; violation; termination
25-505 Limited income withholding orders; definition
25-505.01 Administrative income withholding order; notice; definition
25-506 Order for assignment; foreign support order
25-507 Forms; alternative forms
25-508 Enforcement of support orders; fee prohibition
25-509 Representation by attorney general or county attorney; modification of order by attorney general or county attorney
25-510 Receiving and disbursing support and maintenance monies; arrearages; interest
25-511 Failure of parent to provide for child; classification
25-511.01 Spousal maintenance order; violation; classification
25-512 Consumer credit reports; use of child support or spousal maintenance obligation information
25-513 Employer cooperation; violation; classification
25-514 Priority of action and judgments
25-516 Lien; notice; priority; recording; reciprocity
25-517 Title IV‑D agency; license suspension; notice; administrative review or hearing
25-518 Child support arrearage; license suspension; hearing
25-519 Regulatory entities; suspension of license
25-520 Child support enforcement; administrative subpoena; civil penalty
25-521 Levy; seizure of property for collection of support debt; definitions
25-522 Administrative review; notice; determination; judicial review; definitions
25-523 Financial institutions data match; nonliability; prohibited disclosure; liability; civil liability; definition
25-524 Financial institutions; surrender of assets; nonliability
25-525 Administrative enforcement; interstate cases; definition
25-526 Child support enforcement information; internet posting
25-527 Child support; overpayment; reimbursement
25-528 Title IV-D recipients; fee
25-529 Title IV-D cases; alternative medical insurance coverage
25-530 Spousal maintenance; veterans disability benefits
Article 2 Child Medical Support
25-531 Definitions
25-532 Enrollment of child
25-533 Insurer obligations
25-534 Employer obligations
25-535 Enforcement of health insurance coverage; medical support notice; administrative review
Article 3 Spousal Maintenance Enforcement
25-551 Clerk of the court
25-552 Jurisdiction; priority of action
25-553 Request for arrearages; deadline
Article 5 Child Support Arrest Warrants
25-681 Child support arrest warrant; definition
25-682 Time and manner of execution; information
25-683 Procedure after arrest; payment for release from custody
25-684 Preexisting warrants
25-685 Entry into criminal information system
Article 1 Maternity and Paternity Proceedings
25-801 Jurisdiction
25-802 Venue
25-803 Persons who may originate proceedings; custody; parenting time; conciliation court
25-804 Time for instituting proceedings
25-805 Effect of death, absence or insanity of plaintiff
25-806 Petition
25-807 Precedence of maternity and paternity proceedings; delay for paternity tests; court order; evidentiary use; alternative tests; out-of-state orders; immunity
25-809 Judgment
25-810 Liability of parents if putative mother or father is a minor; periodic payments
25-812 Voluntary acknowledgment of paternity; action to overcome paternity
25-813 Default order of paternity
25-814 Presumption of paternity
25-815 Paternity; full faith and credit
25-816 Title IV‑D child support; paternity establishment; genetic testing
25-817 Temporary orders; presumption of paternity
25-818 Paternity case registry; acknowledgments and paternity and maternity orders; recording requirements
Article 1 General Provisions
25-901 Covenant marriage; declaration of intent; filing requirements
25-902 Existing marriages; conversion to covenant marriage; recording requirements
25-903 Dissolution of a covenant marriage; grounds
25-904 Decree of legal separation; grounds
25-905 Temporary orders for support and spousal maintenance
25-906 Information pamphlet; requirements; distribution
Article 1 General Provisions
25-1001 Short title
25-1002 Definitions
25-1003 Proceeding governed by other law
25-1004 Application to Indian tribes
25-1005 International application of chapter
25-1006 Effect of child custody determination
25-1007 Priority
25-1008 Notice to persons outside this state
25-1009 Appearance and limited immunity
25-1010 Communication between courts; definition
25-1011 Taking testimony in another state
25-1012 Cooperation between courts; preservation of records
25-1013 Military deployment; home state
Article 2 Jurisdiction
25-1031 Initial child custody jurisdiction
25-1032 Exclusive continuing jurisdiction
25-1033 Jurisdiction to modify determination
25-1034 Temporary emergency jurisdiction
25-1035 Notice; opportunity to be heard; joinder
25-1036 Simultaneous proceedings
25-1037 Inconvenient forum
25-1038 Jurisdiction declined by reason of conduct
25-1039 Information to be submitted to court
25-1040 Appearance of parties and child
Article 3 Enforcement
25-1051 Definitions
25-1052 Enforcement under Hague convention
25-1053 Duty to enforce
25-1054 Temporary visitation
25-1055 Registration of child custody determination
25-1056 Enforcement of registered determination
25-1057 Simultaneous proceedings
25-1058 Expedited enforcement of child custody determination
25-1059 Service of petition and order
25-1060 Hearing and order
25-1061 Warrant to take physical custody of child
25-1062 Costs, fees and expenses
25-1063 Recognition and enforcement
25-1064 Appeals
25-1065 Role of attorney general
25-1066 Role of law enforcement
25-1067 Costs and expenses
Article 1 General Provisions
25-1201 Short title
25-1202 Definitions
25-1204 Remedies cumulative
Article 2 Jurisdiction
25-1221 Bases for jurisdiction over nonresident
25-1222 Duration of personal jurisdiction
25-1223 Initiating and responding tribunal of state
25-1224 Simultaneous proceedings
25-1225 Continuing, exclusive jurisdiction to modify child support order
25-1226 Continuing jurisdiction to enforce child support order
25-1227 Determination of controlling child support order
25-1228 Child support orders for two or more obligees
25-1229 Credit for payments
25-1230 Application of chapter to nonresident subject to personal jurisdiction
25-1231 Continuing, exclusive jurisdiction to modify spousal support order
Article 3 Civil Provisions of General Application
25-1241 Proceedings under this chapter
25-1242 Proceeding by minor parent
25-1243 Application of law of state
25-1244 Duties of initiating tribunal
25-1245 Duties and powers of responding tribunal
25-1246 Inappropriate tribunal
25-1247 Duties of support enforcement agency
25-1248 Duty of the attorney general
25-1249 Private counsel
25-1250 Duties of department of economic security
25-1251 Pleadings and accompanying documents
25-1252 Nondisclosure of information in exceptional circumstances
25-1253 Costs and fees
25-1254 Limited immunity of petitioner
25-1255 Nonparentage as defense
25-1256 Special evidence and procedure
25-1257 Communications between tribunals
25-1258 Assistance with discovery
25-1259 Receipt and disbursement of payments
Article 4 Establishment of Support Order
25-1271 Petition to establish support order
Article 5 Enforcement of Order of Another State without Registration
25-1281 Employer's receipt of income withholding order of another state
25-1282 Employer's compliance with income withholding order of another state
25-1283 Employer's compliance with two or more income withholding orders
25-1284 Immunity from civil liability
25-1285 Penalties for noncompliance
25-1286 Contest by obligor
25-1287 Administrative enforcement of orders
Article 6 Registration, Enforcement and Modification of Support Order
25-1301 Registration of order for enforcement
25-1302 Procedure to register order for enforcement
25-1303 Effect of registration for enforcement
25-1304 Choice of law
25-1305 Notice of registration of order
25-1306 Procedure to contest validity or enforcement of registered order
25-1307 Contest of registration or enforcement
25-1308 Confirmed order
25-1309 Procedure to register child support order of another state for modification
25-1310 Effect of registration for modification
25-1311 Modification of child support order of another state
25-1312 Recognition of order modified in another state
25-1313 Jurisdiction to modify child support order of another state if individual parties reside in this state
25-1314 Notice to issuing tribunal of modification
25-1315 Jurisdiction to modify child support order of foreign country or political subdivision
Article 7 Determination of Parentage
25-1331 Proceeding to determine parentage
Article 8 Interstate Rendition
25-1341 Grounds for rendition
25-1342 Conditions of rendition

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