2010 Arizona Revised Statutes
Title 22 - Justices of the Peace and Other Courts Not of Record

Article 1 Justice Precincts
22-101 Justice precincts; formation, change or abolishment; jurisdiction
22-102 Officers and term of office
22-103 Presiding justice of the peace; selection
Article 2 Justices of the Peace
22-111 Election; term of office
22-112 Powers and duties
22-113 Seal
22-114 Authority to act in other precincts within the county or adjoining precincts; expenses
22-115 Jurisdiction of successor in office
22-116 Funds in possession of justice of the peace; deposit with county treasurer; payment to claimants; disposition of unclaimed funds
22-117 Payment of compensation and expenses
22-118 Failure to disburse fines or forfeitures received; classification
22-119 Purchase of judgment; classification
22-120 Forfeiture of and disqualification from office upon conviction of certain crimes
22-121 Justices of the peace pro tempore; appointment; term; reappointment; extension of duties; powers and duties
22-122 Qualifications of justices of the peace pro tempore; residence; compensation
22-123 Payment of salaries and other expenses; providing facilities; judicial employees
22-124 Custody of records filed; purging; destruction
22-125 Justice of the peace compensation; judicial productivity credits
Article 3 Constables
22-131 Constables; powers and duties
22-132 Expenses
22-133 Failure to disburse fine or forfeiture received; classification
22-134 Purchase of judgment; classification
22-135 Forfeiture of and disqualification from office upon conviction of certain crimes
22-136 Constable ethics standards and training board
22-137 Constable ethics standards and training board; powers and duties; constable training
22-138 Constable ethics standards and training fund; budget
Article 1 Jurisdiction and Venue
22-201 Jurisdiction of civil actions
22-202 Venue of civil actions
22-203 Venue when justice of precinct not qualified to try action
22-204 Change of venue
22-205 Procedure when justice disqualified; order and transmittal of papers
Article 2 Pleadings and Procedure
22-211 Procedure and practice
22-212 Civil docket and records
22-213 Time for answer
22-214 Summons; issuance; form
22-215 Oral pleadings
22-216 Allegations required to be made by written and verified pleading
22-217 Subpoena for attendance of witnesses; issuance; service
22-218 Judgment on default
22-219 Confession of judgment without issuance or service of process
22-220 Appearance of defendant; demand or waiver of jury; time of trial; charging the jury
22-221 Postponement of trials
22-222 Oath to officer summoning jury
22-223 Forming jury; challenges
22-224 Oath of jury
Article 3 Judgments and Executions
22-241 Announcement and docketing of verdict or decision
22-242 Recording judgment
22-243 Judgment in replevin
22-244 Writ of execution
22-245 Certificate required with writ of execution sent to another county
22-246 Levy upon real property; limitation and procedure
Article 4 Appeals
22-261 Judgments which may be appealed
22-262 Appeals procedure
22-263 Defective bond
22-264 Transmittal of docket entries and papers
22-265 Notice to appellant for payment of fees
Article 5 Fees and Costs
22-281 Fees and deposits
22-282 Deposit at commencement of action; deposit of money or bond on appeal
22-283 Costs on appeal
22-284 Electronic filing and access; fee; county judicial collection enhancement fund
Article 1 Jurisdiction and Venue
22-301 Jurisdiction of criminal actions
22-302 Venue when justice unable to act
22-303 Change of venue; limitation
22-304 Transmittal of papers upon change of venue; trial
Article 2 Trial and Pre-Trial Procedure
22-311 Commencement of action; arrest or summons; examination of witnesses
22-312 Criminal docket
22-313 Procedure
22-314 Bail
22-315 Plea
22-316 Plea of guilty; examination to determine gravity of offense
22-317 Plea of not guilty
22-318 Postponement of trial
22-319 Presence of defendant
22-320 Trial by jury
22-321 Challenges to jury and jurors
22-322 Oath of jury
22-323 Trial before jury; charging jury on facts prohibited
22-324 Verdict of jury; officer in charge of jury during deliberation
22-325 Verdict; entry; several defendants; partial verdict
22-326 Discharge of jury; retrial of action
22-327 Acquittal; discharge of defendant; payment of costs by complainant when prosecution malicious
Article 3 New Trial and Arrest of Judgment
22-341 Motion for new trial or arrest of judgment
22-342 Pronouncing and entering judgment
Article 4 Judgment and Sentence
22-352 Judgment; imprisonment for fine; limitation; lien
22-353 Sentence of fine only; discharge of defendant
22-354 Sentence to pay fine; custody and release of defendant
22-355 Sentence of imprisonment; authority to enforce
Article 5 Appeals
22-371 Right of appeal; procedure for taking appeal; transcript
22-371.01 Disposition of appeal bonds
22-372 Bond on appeal; stay of sentence
22-373 Transmittal of papers on appeal
22-373.01 Dismissal of appeal; remand to court of origin
22-374 Superior court trial or determination of appeal
22-375 Limitation of appeal from superior court in action appealed from inferior court
Article 1 General Provisions
22-401 Municipal court defined
22-402 Establishment and jurisdiction
22-403 Presiding officer of municipal court; appointment; compensation; justice of the peace as magistrate
22-404 Disposition of fines and forfeitures
22-405 Collection of fines
22-406 Civil action to recover penalty; procedure
22-407 Failure to make payment or disbursement of fines or forfeitures received; classification
22-408 Electronic filing and access; fee
Article 2 Procedure
22-421 Commencement of action; arrest or summons; examination of witnesses
22-422 Docket
22-423 Procedure
22-424 Bail; preparation of schedule; designation; civil deposits
22-425 Jury trials and appeals in municipal courts
22-427 Authority of city or town magistrate
22-428 Custody of records filed; purging; destruction
22-429 Judgment; imprisonment for fine; limitation; lien
Article 1 General Provisions
22-501 Definition
22-502 Establishment of small claims division
22-503 Jurisdiction; exceptions
22-504 Transfer to justice court
22-505 Venue of small claims actions; permissible motions
22-506 Hearing officers
22-507 Clerk of the small claims division
Article 2 Pleadings and Procedure
22-511 Schedule of hearings
22-512 Parties; representation
22-513 Method of service
22-514 Time for answer
22-515 Setting of trials; failure to appear; continuances
22-516 Trial procedure
22-517 Counterclaims exceeding jurisdiction; procedures; sanctions for improper assertion
22-518 Jury trials prohibited
22-519 Appeals
22-520 Recording judgment
22-521 Docket and records
22-522 Fees
22-523 Notice to public
22-524 Debtor's examination

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