2010 Arizona Revised Statutes
Title 20 - Insurance

Article 1 Scope of Title
20-101 Department of insurance; "commission" defined
20-102 "Director" defined
20-103 Definition of insurance; exceptions
20-104 "Insurer" defined
20-105 "Person" defined
20-106 Acts constituting the transaction of business; definition
20-107 Limitation on transaction of insurance; exception
20-108 Types of insurers excepted
20-108.01 Extended warranty insurers; deposit with state treasurer; powers and duties; definition
20-109 Existing licenses
20-110 Existing contracts
20-111 Existing forms and filings
20-112 Existing actions or violations
20-113 Construction of particular and general provisions
20-114 Violations; classification
20-115 Department jurisdiction over certain health care providers; exception; examination; disclosure
20-116 Surety bonds; cash deposit as alternative
20-117 Definitions
20-118 Prohibition; definitions
20-119 Charitable gift annuities; audited financial statements; disclosure statement; commissions prohibited; definitions
20-120 Payment bonds for third party intermediary entities; contract provisions; definitions
20-121 State health care exchange; abortion coverage; prohibition; exceptions
Article 2 Administrative Officers and Procedures
20-141 Director of insurance; appointment; term; qualifications; compensation
20-142 Powers and duties of director; payment of examination and investigation costs; home health services
20-143 Rule‑making power
20-144 Seal of office
20-145 Evidentiary effect of certificate of authority
20-146 Supervisor
20-147 Assistant director; chief examiner; appointment; qualifications
20-148 Deputies and other employees; special services
20-149 Prohibition on certain activities by employees; conflict of interest
20-150 Delegation of director's authority
20-151 Issuance of orders and notices by director
20-152 Enforcement
20-153 Records
20-154 Annual report; list of authorized insurers
20-155 Expenses of administration
20-156 Examination of insurers and state compensation fund; financial surveillance fund; definition
20-157 Access and powers relating to insurers' records
20-157.01 Insurer claim files; access by director; definition
20-158 Report of examinations by director; information sharing
20-159 Insurance examiners' revolving fund; definition
20-160 Powers of examination; witnesses; subpoenas; perjury
20-161 Hearings
20-162 Demand for hearing; stay of order
20-163 Notice of hearing
20-164 Procedure upon hearing
20-165 Order on hearing
20-166 Judicial review
20-167 Fees
20-168 Preparation and sale of publications
20-169 Supervision by director
20-170 Prohibited acts during sixty day period of supervision
20-171 Conservatorship; liquidation
20-172 Possession by director of person transacting insurance prior to appointment of receiver; powers of director in possession; stay of possession order; application to title insurance
20-173 Residence requirement; exemption for officer representing insurer
Article 3 Mandated Health Coverage
20-181 Mandated health coverage; report
20-182 Factors for assessing impact; certification of report
20-183 Report procedures and deadlines
Article 4 Payment of Premiums
20-191 Payment of premiums by mail; date of payment
Article 1 Authorization of Insurers and General Requirements
20-201 "Alien" insurer defined
20-202 "Charter" defined
20-202.01 Stock insurer's initial free surplus defined
20-202.02 Mutual insurer's minimum required basic surplus defined
20-202.03 Mutual insurer's initial free surplus defined
20-202.04 Reciprocal insurer's required basic surplus defined
20-202.05 Reciprocal insurer's initial free surplus defined
20-203 "Domestic" insurer defined
20-204 "Foreign" insurer defined
20-205 "State," "United States" defined
20-206 Authority to transact insurance
20-207 General qualifications to transact insurance
20-208 Definition of guaranteed investment contract
20-209 Kinds of insurance an insurer may transact
20-210 Minimum required capital stock or basic surplus
20-211 Surplus required
20-212 Funds required to transact additional kinds of insurance
20-213 Deposit requirements
20-214 Financial requirements; escalator provisions
20-215 Application for certificate of authority
20-216 Issuance or refusal of certificate
20-217 Certificate of authority; term; termination; delivery upon termination or revocation
20-218 Name of insurer
20-218.01 Appointment of a statutory agent
20-218.02 Change of known place of business or statutory agent
20-219 Mandatory revocation or suspension
20-220 Certificate of authority; refusal to renew; revocation or suspension; civil penalty
20-221 Director as agent for service of process
20-222 Service of process; time to answer
20-223 Annual statement; payment of fees; penalty for failure to file or pay
20-223.01 Annual report of product liability insurer
20-224 Premium tax
20-224.01 Additional premium tax
20-224.02 Credit for overpayment of tax
20-224.03 Premium tax credit for increased employment in enterprise zones; definition
20-224.04 Premium tax credit for increased employment in military reuse zones; definitions
20-224.05 Premium tax credit for health insurance certificates submitted by qualified persons; definitions
20-224.06 Premium tax credit for contributions to school tuition organization; low-income scholarships
20-224.07 Premium tax credit for contributions to school tuition organization; displaced students and students with disabilities
20-225 Failure to pay tax; penalty
20-226 Exclusive character of premium tax; exception
20-227 Disposition of tax proceeds
20-228 Exemption of insurers from general corporation reports and fees
20-229 Countersignature of insurance producer; exceptions
20-230 Retaliation
20-231 Transfer of domicile
20-232 Junior achievement program; exemption from licensure
20-233 Additional information required of insurer; disclosure to director; violation; classification
20-234 Filing requirement; participation in the insurance regulatory information system
20-235 Insurers; financial disclosure; requirements
20-236 Civil penalty for failure to respond to a request for verification of financial responsibility
20-237 Failure to provide information; penalty
Article 2 Kinds of Insurance; Reinsurance; Limits of Risk
20-251 Definitions not mutually exclusive
20-252 "Casualty insurance" defined
20-253 "Disability insurance" defined
20-254 "Life insurance" defined
20-254.01 "Annuities" defined
20-255 "Marine and transportation insurance" defined
20-256 "Property insurance" defined
20-257 "Surety insurance" defined
20-258 Multiple line insurers
20-259 "Vehicle insurance" defined
20-259.01 Motor vehicle liability policy; uninsured optional; underinsured optional; subrogation; medical payments liens; definitions
20-259.02 Coverage to include car pool operators and car pool vehicles; definitions
20-259.03 Uninsured and underinsured motorist coverages; insured; wrongful death recovery
20-260 Limit of risk
20-261 Authorized reinsurance
20-261.01 Credit for reinsurance
20-261.02 Reduction from liability for reinsurance ceded by a domestic insurer to an assuming insurer
20-261.03 Qualified United States financial institution; definitions
20-261.04 Reinsurance agreements affected
20-262 Motor vehicle insurance policy; reduction of rate for older person completing accident prevention course; course requirements
20-263 Vehicle insurance; prohibited act by insurer; hearing; penalty
20-264 Automobile insurance; damaged safety equipment deductible optional; definition
20-265 Motor vehicle insurance; premium comparisons and complaint ratios
20-266 Minimum liability policy; availability
20-267 Motor vehicle liability policies; monthly basis; fee
20-268 Motor vehicle subrogation
20-270 Residential property insurance; prohibited acts
20-271 Lienholders; proof; accidents; notice; applicability
Article 3 Insurance Producer Licensing
20-281 Definitions
20-282 License required
20-283 Exceptions to insurance producer licensing
20-284 Application for examination
20-285 Application for license
20-286 Licensure; lines of authority
20-287 Nonresident licensing
20-288 Exemption from examination
20-289 Expiration; surrender; renewal
20-289.01 Inactive license or application status during military service
20-290 Insurance producer records; individual licensees
20-291 Service of process on nonresident licensees
20-292 Violation; injunctive relief
20-293 Insurance vending machines
20-294 Temporary licensing
20-295 License denial, suspension or revocation; civil penalty
20-296 Effect of suspension or revocation of license
20-297 Assumed business name; trade name
20-298 Commissions
20-299 Sharing of information
20-300 Reciprocity
20-301 Report of actions
20-302 Rules
Article 3.1 Managing General Agents
20-311 Definition of managing general agent; exceptions; adjustment or payment of claims
20-311.01 Licensing of managing general agents; surety deposit; definition
20-311.02 Requirements for managing general agent agreements
20-311.03 Application of other laws
Article 3.2 Adjusters
20-321 Definition of adjuster; exception
20-321.01 Licensing of adjusters; qualifications; exemption
20-321.02 Application of other laws
Article 3.3 Other Insurance Professionals
20-331 Rental car agents; definitions
20-331.01 Political subdivision employees; risk management consultant licenses; application of other laws
20-332 Self-service storage agents; license; definitions
Article 3.4 Bail Bond Agents and Bail Recovery Agents
20-340 Definitions
20-340.01 Bail bond agents; business entities; place of business; receipt; maintenance of records
20-340.02 Bond of bail bond agents
20-340.03 Bail bond agent prohibitions
20-340.04 Bail recovery agent prohibitions; criminal records checks
20-340.05 Rules
20-340.06 Application of other laws
Article 4 Rates and Rating Organizations
20-341 Purpose of insurance rate regulation
20-342 Scope and application of article
20-343 Definitions
20-344 Uniform plans
20-356 Making of rates
20-357 Filing of rating system; definition
20-358 Disapproval of rates
20-359 Deviations from filed workers' compensation rates
20-361 Licensing of rating organizations
20-362 Notice to director of changes in rating organization
20-363 Availability of services of rating organization to members
20-364 Technical services
20-365 Cooperation in rate making
20-366 Appeal by member or subscriber from action relating to filings
20-367 Workers' compensation appeals board; composition; board termination
20-367.01 Appeals procedure
20-368 Advisory organizations
20-369 Joint underwriting or joint reinsurance
20-370 Examinations of rating organizations
20-371 Rate administration
20-372 Disclosure of information relating to rates
20-373 Commissions and fees
20-374 Revocation and suspension of licenses
20-375 Making of title insurance rates
20-376 Filing of title insurance rates; approval or disapproval
20-377 Justification for title insurance rates
20-378 Disapproval of title insurance filings
20-379 Deviations in title insurance rates
Article 4.1 Open Competition Rates and Rating Organizations
20-381 Definitions
20-382 Scope of application
20-383 Rate standards
20-384 Rating criteria
20-385 Filing of rates
20-386 Filings open to inspection
20-387 Delegation of rate making and rate filing obligations
20-388 Disapproval of rates
20-389 Rate service organizations; license; application
20-390 Advisory organizations; filing with director
20-391 Joint underwriting and joint reinsurance organizations; filing with director
20-392 Rate agreements among insurers prohibited
20-393 Recording and reporting of experience
20-394 Examination of rate service organizations and joint underwriting and joint reinsurance organizations
20-395 Apportionment agreements among insurers
20-396 Hearing and judicial review
20-397 Penalties; exception
20-398 Policy forms; approval or disapproval; exemption
20-399 Payment of dividends
Article 4.2 Compliance With Filed Rates
20-400 Scope of provisions
20-400.01 Unjustified adjustments
20-400.02 Submittal of data comparing premiums charged to filed rates
20-400.03 Penalties
20-400.04 Examinations
20-400.05 Examiners and examination related expenses
20-400.07 Report of examination
20-400.08 Insurance consumer advisory board
20-400.09 Rules
20-400.10 Industrial insureds
Article 5 Unauthorized Insurers
20-401 Definitions
20-401.01 Unlawful transaction of insurance business; exemptions
20-401.02 Violation; cease and desist orders; injunctive relief
20-401.03 Service of process in an action by the director of insurance
20-401.04 Action by attorney general to enforce order or decision of court or director; foreign decrees
20-401.05 Certificate of exemption; definitions
20-401.06 Unauthorized transactions; classification
20-401.07 Premium receipts tax on industrial insureds contracting with unauthorized insurer; definitions
20-402 Validity of contracts
20-403 Service of process in an action by someone other than the director of insurance
20-404 Exemptions
20-405 Prerequisites for participating in court action
20-406 Attorneys' fees in action against insurer
20-407 Surplus lines; brokers
20-408 Report of broker; civil penalty
20-409 Recognized surplus lines
20-410 Validity of surplus lines insurance; disclosure; policy fees
20-411 Licensing of surplus lines broker; examination
20-411.01 Licensing of Mexican insurance surplus lines broker
20-411.02 Nonresident surplus lines broker; remittance of tax on insurance procured out of state
20-412 Acceptance of surplus lines business by broker
20-413 Placing of surplus lines coverage; endorsement by broker; list of unauthorized insurers; removal from list; definition
20-414 Records of surplus lines brokers
20-415 Statement of surplus lines insurance business transacted by broker; reporting periods
20-416 Tax on surplus lines
20-417 Failure to remit tax; civil penalty
20-418 Denial, revocation or suspension of license; civil penalty
20-419 Legal process against surplus lines insurer
20-420 Exemptions from surplus lines provisions
20-421 Access of director to records of person insured by unauthorized insurer
20-422 Alien insurance for coverage in Mexico
Article 6 Unfair Practices and Frauds
20-441 Purpose of article; definition
20-442 Unfair trade practices prohibited
20-443 Misrepresentations and false advertising of policies; false disclosure of compensation
20-443.01 Misrepresentation in sale of insurance; violation; classification
20-443.02 Stranger originated life insurance
20-444 False or deceptive advertising of insurance or status as insurer
20-445 Defamation
20-446 Acts tending to result in unreasonable restraint or monopoly of insurance business
20-447 False financial statements or records
20-448 Unfair discrimination; definitions
20-448.01 Required insurance procedures relating to HIV information; confidentiality; violations; penalties; definitions
20-448.02 Genetic testing; informed consent; definitions
20-449 Rebates on life or disability insurance
20-450 Practices not prohibited as discrimination or rebates in life and disability insurance; wellness programs
20-451 Rebates on other than life or disability insurance
20-452 Prohibited inducements
20-452.01 Designation of particular insurer or person transacting insurance prohibited
20-452.02 Exceptions
20-452.03 Evidence of nonviolation
20-452.04 Investigation by director of alleged violations
20-453 Programs for purchase by policyholders of securities of insurance companies
20-454 Programs for purchase by policyholders of securities of companies not engaged in insurance
20-455 Interlocking ownership or management; multiple directorship
20-456 Cease and desist order for defined or prohibited practices; civil penalty
20-457 Premature disposal of premium notes prohibited
20-458 Fraudulent statement in application; classification
20-459 Deferred dividends; life
20-460 Free choice of insurance producer
20-461 Unfair claim settlement practices
20-462 Timely payment of claims
20-463 Fraud; injunction; penalties; restitution; definitions
20-463.01 Unlawful practices; auto glass repair; policyholders; insurers
20-464 Prohibiting payment for services to persons other than the assignee
20-465 Fees; deposits
20-466 Fraud unit; peace officer status; powers; information sharing duty of insurers
20-466.01 Fraud; classification
20-466.02 Injunction; restitution; civil penalties; costs
20-466.03 Notice of penalty for false or fraudulent claims; claim forms
20-466.04 Referrals to other licensing agencies; definition
20-467 Return premiums; penalties
20-468 Motor vehicle loss; policyholder choice of repair facility
20-469 Motor vehicle loss; choice of glass repair facility
Article 7 Insurance on Collateral Security
20-471 Definition of insurance service charge; limit; prohibited use
20-472 Service charges in connection with insurance on collateral security prohibited when change of ownership
20-473 Obligation of mortgagee to furnish mortgagor copies of insurance policy
20-474 Service charges in connection with insurance on collateral security prohibited when mortgagee procures insurance
20-475 Reasonable requirements of security holder are valid
20-475.01 Insurance on mortgaged property; disclosure of expiration date prohibited; exception
20-476 Violation; classification
Article 8 Insurance Holding Company Systems
20-481 Definitions
20-481.01 Investment limitations; exemptions
20-481.02 Tender offers; required statements; disclosures; approval or disapproval by director
20-481.03 Contents of statement
20-481.04 Statement filed by partnership, corporation or other group
20-481.05 Material change of fact; filing amended statement; time
20-481.06 Use of other statements
20-481.07 Approval and issues; notice; hearings
20-481.08 Appointment of director as agent for service of process; forwarding of process; consent to jurisdiction
20-481.09 Registration of insurers; deadline
20-481.10 Form and content of registration statement; disclosure of information
20-481.11 Exemption for nonmaterial items
20-481.12 Standards
20-481.13 Material changes; amended statement; time; reporting of dividends
20-481.14 Termination of registration
20-481.15 Consolidated registration by affiliates
20-481.16 Alternative registration for an affiliate
20-481.17 Exemption by director
20-481.18 Disclaimer of affiliation or control; contents; effect on duty to register
20-481.19 Extraordinary dividend or distribution; time; notice; definition; approval by director
20-481.20 Examination of registered insurers; powers; limits; expense
20-481.21 Confidential records; consent to release; release without consent; information sharing
20-481.22 Power to make rules
20-481.23 Violations
20-481.24 Adequacy of surplus
20-481.25 Acquisitions involving insurers not otherwise covered; anticompetitive considerations; civil penalty; definitions
20-481.26 Penalties; cease and desist order; violations; classification
20-481.27 Recovery; liability
20-481.28 Insurer's license; revocation; suspension; nonrenewal
20-481.29 Injunctions; prohibitions against voting securities; sequestration of voting securities
20-481.30 Judicial review; special action
Article 9 Insurance Administrators
20-485 Definitions; scope
20-485.01 Written agreement; provisions; maintenance of records
20-485.02 Administrator as intermediary between insurer and insured; right of action preserved
20-485.03 Maintenance of records; access; confidentiality; information sharing; examination
20-485.04 Advertising; approval
20-485.05 Inclusion of underwriting standards
20-485.06 Charges or premiums collected held in fiduciary capacity; establishment of account; disbursements
20-485.07 Payment of claims on behalf of insurer
20-485.08 Delivery of written communications
20-485.09 Adjustment or settlement of claims; compensation
20-485.10 Deposit or surety bond of administrators; amount; purpose
20-485.11 Notice to insureds; statement of charge or premium for coverage; conflict of interest prohibited
20-485.12 Certificate of registration; fees; expiration; revocation; civil penalties; violation; classification; injunctive relief; exemption
Article 10 Reinsurance Intermediaries
20-486 Definitions; director's list
20-486.01 Licensure of reinsurance intermediaries
20-486.02 Required contract provisions; reinsurance intermediary brokers
20-486.03 Books and records; reinsurance intermediary brokers
20-486.04 Duties of insurers utilizing the services of a reinsurance intermediary broker
20-486.05 Required contract provisions; reinsurance intermediary managers
20-486.06 Books and records; reinsurance intermediary managers
20-486.07 Prohibited acts; reinsurance intermediary managers
20-486.08 Duties of reinsurers utilizing the services of a reinsurance intermediary manager
20-486.09 Examination authority
20-486.10 Penalties and liabilities
20-486.11 Adoption of rules
Article 11 Producer Controlled Property and Casualty Insurance
20-487 Definitions
20-487.01 Applicability
20-487.02 Minimum standards
20-487.03 Disclosure
20-487.04 Penalties
Article 12 Risk-Based Capital for Insurers
20-488 Definitions
20-488.01 Risk‑based capital reports
20-488.02 Company action level event
20-488.03 Regulatory action level event
20-488.04 Authorized control level event
20-488.05 Mandatory control level event
20-488.06 Hearings
20-488.07 Confidentiality; information sharing
20-488.08 Supplemental provisions; rules; exemption
20-488.09 Foreign insurers
20-488.10 Notice
20-488.11 Immunity
Article 13 Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act
20-489 Violent crime control and law enforcement act; insurance business; rules
Article 14 Enforcement of Insurance Policies Affecting Certain Holocaust Victims
20-490 Definitions
20-490.01 Suspension of limitations period
20-490.02 Enforcement; civil penalty
Article 1 Assets and Liabilities
20-501 Eligible assets
20-502 Assets as deductions from liabilities
20-503 Assets not allowed as deductions from liabilities
20-504 Reporting assets not allowed
20-505 Liabilities
20-506 Unearned premium reserve
20-507 Unearned premium reserve for marine insurance
20-508 Reserves for disability insurance
20-509 Increase of inadequate reserves
20-510 Standard valuation law; definition
20-511 Valuation of bonds; limitation
20-512 Valuation of other securities
20-512.01 Valuation of joint ventures, partnerships and limited liability companies
20-513 Valuation of real and personal property
20-514 Valuation of purchase money mortgages
20-515 Valuation of assets held in separate accounts
20-516 Reserve standards
20-517 Report of acquisitions and dispositions
20-518 Acquisitions and dispositions of assets
20-519 Nonrenewals, cancellations or revisions of ceded reinsurance agreements
Article 2 Investments
20-531 Scope of article
20-532 Eligible investments
20-533 Qualification of securities or property as eligible investments
20-534 Approval of investment
20-535 Limitation on percentage of assets invested with single person; exception
20-536 Investments; type; limitations
20-536.01 Separate accounts
20-537 Investment of funds in United States obligations; accounting
20-538 Securities of states, territories, counties, municipalities, school districts, political subdivisions, public districts or civil divisions thereof
20-539 Federally guaranteed loans
20-540 Governmental revenue bonds and obligations; limitation; definitions
20-541 Improvement district obligations
20-543 Acceptances and bills of exchange
20-544 Corporate obligations
20-545 Preferred, guaranteed or preference stock
20-546 Common stocks
20-547 Equipment trust certificates
20-548 Obligations of receivers or trustees
20-549 Investments not otherwise authorized; limitations; appraisal; cost
20-550 Policy loans
20-551 Investments or deposits in financial institutions
20-552 Foreign securities
20-553 Mortgages on real estate; definitions
20-554 Purchase money mortgages
20-555 Security agreements; definition
20-556 Real property
20-557 Second mortgages
20-558 Investment company or trust; mutual funds
20-559 Investments of foreign and alien insurers
20-561 Collateral loans
20-562 Insurer investments; partnerships; limited liability companies; limitations
Article 3 Administration of Deposits
20-581 Deposits of insurers
20-582 Purpose of deposits
20-583 Assets eligible for deposit
20-584 Trust companies as depositaries
20-585 Responsibility of state for safekeeping of deposits
20-586 Rights of insurer during solvency
20-587 Excess deposits
20-588 Release of deposits
20-589 Levy upon deposits prohibited; exception
Article 4 Rehabilitation and Liquidation
20-611 Definitions
20-612 Delinquency proceedings; jurisdiction; venue; nature of remedy; appeal
20-613 Commencement of delinquency proceedings
20-614 Injunctions
20-615 Grounds for rehabilitation of domestic insurers
20-616 Grounds for liquidation
20-617 Grounds for conservation of foreign insurers
20-618 Grounds for conservation of alien insurers
20-619 Grounds for ancillary liquidation of foreign insurers
20-620 Order of rehabilitation; termination
20-621 Order of liquidation of domestic insurers
20-622 Order of liquidation of alien insurers
20-623 Order of conservation or ancillary liquidation of foreign or alien insurers
20-623.01 Conduct of all delinquency proceedings
20-624 Conduct of delinquency proceedings against domestic and alien insurers
20-625 Conduct of delinquency proceedings against foreign insurers
20-626 Claims of nonresidents against domestic insurers
20-627 Claims against foreign insurers
20-628 Proof of claims; notice; hearing
20-629 Priority of distribution; definition
20-630 Attachment and garnishment of assets
20-631 Uniform insurers liquidation act
20-632 Deposit of monies collected
20-634 Borrowing on pledge of assets
20-635 Rights and liabilities fixed as of date liquidation order filed
20-636 Voidable transfers
20-638 Offsets
20-639 Allowance of certain claims
20-640 Time to file claims
20-641 Report for assessment
20-642 Levy of assessment
20-643 Order to pay assessment
20-644 Publication and service of assessment order
20-645 Judgment upon assessment
20-646 Cooperation with Arizona property and casualty insurance guaranty fund and life and disability insurance guaranty fund
20-647 Giving guaranty fund or association immediate access to assets
20-648 Receivership liquidation fund; purpose; deposit; expenses of receivership; deputy receiver; powers and duties
20-649 Extension of time
20-650 Recovery of shareholder liability
Article 5 Separate Accounts
20-651 Establishment of separate accounts; income, gains and losses; variable benefits; requirements; reserves
Article 6 Administration of Insolvency
20-661 Definitions
20-662 Insurance guaranty fund
20-663 Guaranty fund board; composition; compensation
20-664 Powers and duties of the board
20-665 Plan of operation
20-666 Assessments; notification; exemptions; setoffs; refunds
20-667 Obligations of the fund
20-668 Powers and duties of the director
20-669 Examination of member insurer; costs; release of report
20-670 Meetings; information; subpoena power; confidentiality
20-671 Special meetings closed
20-672 Effect of paid claims
20-673 Nonduplication of recovery; exhausting all other applicable coverages; rights of fund and member insurer; definition
20-674 Premium tax offset
20-675 Immunity and indemnification
20-676 Stay of proceedings
20-677 Interest
20-678 Examination of the fund; annual report
20-679 Limitation on filing of creditor's claims
20-680 Exempt types of insurance
Article 7 Administration of Life and Disability Insurance Insolvencies
20-681 Definitions
20-682 Scope of article
20-683 Life and disability insurance guaranty fund
20-684 Guaranty fund board; meetings; definition
20-685 Powers and duties of the board
20-686 Assessments
20-687 Plan of operation
20-688 Duties and powers of the director
20-689 Prevention of impairments
20-690 Financial provisions; definition
20-691 Examination of the fund; annual report
20-692 Premium tax offset
20-693 Immunity
20-694 Stay of proceedings; reopening default judgments
20-695 Statute of limitations
Article 8 Life and Health Actuarial Opinion and Memorandum Requirements
20-696 Scope of article
20-696.01 Definitions
20-696.02 General requirements; statement of actuarial opinion; qualified actuary; appointed actuary; analysis
20-696.03 Statement of actuarial opinion based on an asset adequacy analysis
20-696.04 Description of actuarial memorandum including an asset adequacy analysis and regulatory asset adequacy issues summary
Article 9 Property and Casualty Actuarial Opinion Requirements
20-697 Property and casualty actuarial opinions; limitation of liability
20-697.01 Confidentiality; sharing of information
Article 10 Audited Financial Reports
20-698 Annual audited financial reports
20-698.01 Rule making; exemption from rule making procedures
Article 1 Domestic Stock and Mutual Insurers
20-701 Scope of article
20-702 "Mutual" insurer defined
20-703 "Stock" insurer defined
20-704 Applicability of general corporation laws
20-705 Articles of incorporation
20-706 Filing, recording and publication of articles; appointment of agent to receive process; issuance of certificate
20-707 Amendment of articles
20-708 Limited stock insurers
20-709 Formation of mutual insurer; applications for insurance
20-710 Formation of mutuals; trust deposit of premiums; issuance of policies
20-711 Initial qualification of domestic mutual insurers
20-712 Additional kinds of insurance authorized to be issued by mutual insurer
20-713 Bylaws of mutual insurer
20-714 Quorum of members of mutual insurer
20-715 Membership in mutual insurer
20-716 Rights of mutual insurer member
20-717 Contingent liability of mutual insurer members
20-718 Enforcement of contingent liability
20-719 Issuance of nonassessable policies by mutual insurers
20-720 Revocation of authority to issue nonassessable policies
20-721 Participating policies
20-722 Stock dividends
20-723 Dividends to mutual policyholders
20-724 Illegal dividends; classification
20-725 Borrowed surplus
20-726 Prohibited interests of officers and directors in certain transactions
20-726.01 Insider trading by officers, directors and principal stockholders
20-727 Management and exclusive agency contracts
20-728 Impairment of capital or assets
20-729 Conversion of stock insurer to mutual insurer
20-730 Conversion of mutual insurer to stock insurer
20-731 Merger or consolidation of stock insurers; hearings; notice
20-732 Acceptance of reinsurance by stock insurers; definition
20-733 Merger or consolidation of mutual insurers
20-734 Acceptance of reinsurance by mutual insurers
20-735 Distribution of assets of mutual insurer upon liquidation
20-736 Transfer of direct obligations; assignment; notice; findings; approval; applicability
Article 2 Reciprocal Insurers
20-761 "Reciprocal" insurance defined
20-762 "Reciprocal insurer" defined
20-763 Scope of article
20-764 Compliance by existing insurers
20-765 Powers of reciprocal insurers
20-766 Name of insurer; designation by name as party in action
20-767 Attorney‑in‑fact of reciprocal insurers
20-768 Required surplus funds
20-769 Organization of reciprocal insurer
20-770 Certificate of authority
20-771 Power of attorney
20-772 Modifications of agreement
20-773 Bond of attorney
20-774 Deposit in lieu of bond of attorney
20-775 Action on bond
20-776 Service of legal process; liabilities under judgment on such service
20-777 Annual statement
20-778 Contributions to insurer
20-779 Financial condition; determination
20-780 Subscribers
20-781 Subscribers' advisory committee
20-782 Subscriber's liability
20-783 Liability of subscriber on judgment against insurer
20-784 Assessments
20-785 Time limit for assessment
20-786 Limitation on liability
20-787 Nonassessable policies
20-788 Distribution of savings
20-789 Subscriber's share in assets
20-790 Merger or conversion
20-791 Impaired reciprocal insurers
20-792 Ownership of real property
Article 3 Hospital, Medical, Dental and Optometric Service Corporations
20-821 Scope of article; rules; authority of director
20-822 Definitions
20-823 Incorporation of hospital, medical, dental and optometric service corporations
20-824 Application for certificate; fee
20-825 Certificate of authority; requirements
20-825.01 Minimum capital or surplus required; application
20-826 Subscription contracts; definitions
20-826.01 Hospital or medical service corporations; clinical trials; cancer; definitions
20-826.02 Subscription contracts; varying copayments and deductibles allowed
20-826.03 Eosinophilic gastrointestinal disorder; formula
20-826.04 Subscription contracts; autism spectrum disorder; coverage; exceptions; definitions
20-827 Participating health care professionals; definition
20-828 Deposit for protection of members
20-829 Directors
20-830 Expenses and investments
20-831 Annual statement; examination
20-832 Limitation on salaries
20-833 Relationship of health care professional and patient; financial incentives; definition
20-834 Dissolution; unfair practices
20-835 Judicial review of decisions of director
20-836 Limitation on liability
20-837 Tax exemption; exceptions
20-838 Subscribers and employees exempt from corporate indebtedness
20-839 Exemption of certain hospital plans
20-840 Continuation of existing certificates, licenses and rights
20-841 Prohibiting denial of certain contract benefits
20-841.01 Prohibiting denial of chiropractic contract benefits; direct reimbursement
20-841.02 Prohibiting denial of psychologist contract benefits
20-841.03 Prohibiting denial of contract benefits; nurses; reimbursement
20-841.04 Standing referrals to network health care professionals; definition
20-841.05 Prescription drug formulary; definitions
20-841.06 Continuity of care; definition
20-841.07 Medical supplies
20-841.08 Prohibiting denial of occupational or physical therapist contract benefits
20-842 Prohibition against excluding coverage because of previous tests for a condition
20-843 Eligibility; prohibiting cancellation because of eligibility for certain benefits
20-844 Right to open enrollment period; subscribers; definition
20-845 Suspension or revocation of certificate of authority; civil penalties
20-846 Individual health insurance policies; mandatory coverage exemption; definitions
20-847 Contracts; dentists; covered services; definition
Article 4 Fraternal Benefit Societies
20-861 Definitions
20-862 Lodge system
20-863 Representative form of government
20-864 Purposes and powers
20-865 Qualifications for membership
20-866 Location of office; publications; grievance procedure
20-867 Exemption from liability
20-868 Waiver
20-869 Organization
20-870 Amendment to society laws
20-871 Authority to maintain institutions
20-872 Reinsurance
20-873 Consolidation or merger
20-874 Conversion of fraternal benefit society to mutual life insurance company
20-875 Benefits
20-876 Beneficiaries
20-877 Benefits not attachable
20-878 Benefit contract
20-879 Nonforfeiture benefits, cash surrender value, certificate loans and other options
20-880 Investments
20-881 Funds
20-882 Applicable insurance provisions
20-883 Tax exemption; exception
20-884 Valuation
20-885 Reports
20-886 Certificate of authority; termination
20-887 Examination of societies; limitation on disclosure
20-888 Admission of foreign or alien societies
20-889 Injunction; delinquency or dissolution proceedings
20-890 Licensing of insurance producers
20-891 Unfair acts and practices
20-892 Violation; classification
20-893 Exemption of societies from insurance laws
Article 7 Prepaid Dental Plan Organizations
20-1001 Definitions
20-1002 Establishment of prepaid dental plan organizations
20-1003 Application for certificate of authority
20-1004 Issuance of certificate of authority
20-1005 Deposit requirement; exception
20-1006 Reserve requirement; exception
20-1006.01 Risk-based capital requirements; minimum capital and surplus
20-1007 Membership coverage by prepaid dental plan organizations
20-1008 Examination of prepaid dental plan organization
20-1009 Annual report to director
20-1010 Taxes
20-1011 Operational expenses
20-1012 Prohibited practices
20-1013 Regulation of agents
20-1014 Examination
20-1015 Suspension or revocation of certificate of authority; civil penalties
20-1016 Rehabilitation, liquidation or conservation of prepaid dental plan organization
20-1018 Advertising matter or sales materials
20-1019 Order of benefit determination for dental care
Article 8 Lloyd's Associations
20-1021 Lloyd's association defined
20-1022 Forms of insurance authorized
20-1023 "Attorney" defined; office
20-1024 Application for license; contents
20-1025 Surplus required
20-1026 Reserves for liabilities and losses
20-1027 Liability of underwriters; limitation
20-1028 Liability of additional or substituted underwriters; authority of deputy, substitute or successor attorney
20-1029 Division of profits
20-1030 Actions on policies or insurance contracts; process; judgments; costs
20-1031 Deposit required of Lloyd's association
20-1032 Revocation of license
20-1033 Laws applicable to Lloyd's association
Article 9 Health Care Services Organizations
20-1051 Definitions
20-1052 Establishment of health care services organizations
20-1052.01 Establishment of provider sponsored health care services organizations; rules; limitations
20-1053 Application for certificate of authority
20-1054 Issuance of certificate of authority
20-1055 Deposit requirement
20-1056 Reserve requirement; exception
20-1057 Evidence of coverage by health care services organizations; renewability; definitions
20-1057.01 Standing referrals to network health care professionals; definition
20-1057.02 Prescription drug formulary; definitions
20-1057.03 Chiropractic care; definitions
20-1057.04 Continuity of care; definition
20-1057.05 Medical supplies
20-1057.06 Prior authorization
20-1057.07 Health care services organizations; clinical trials; cancer; definitions
20-1057.08 Prescription contraceptive drugs and devices; definition
20-1057.09 Health care services organizations; varying copayments and deductibles allowed
20-1057.10 Eosinophilic gastrointestinal disorder; formula
20-1057.11 Health care services organizations; autism spectrum disorder; coverage; exceptions; definitions
20-1057.12 Contracts; dentists; covered services; definition
20-1058 Examination of health care services organizations
20-1059 Annual report to director
20-1059.01 Admitted assets; health care delivery assets
20-1060 Taxes; exemption
20-1061 Prohibited practices; definition
20-1062 Regulation of agents
20-1063 Powers of insurers and hospital and medical service corporations
20-1064 Examination
20-1065 Suspension or revocation of certificate of authority; civil penalties
20-1066 Rehabilitation, liquidation or conservation of health maintenance organization
20-1068 Statutory construction and relationship to other laws
20-1069 Contingency for insolvency; plan; contents; definition
20-1069.01 Right to open enrollment period; enrollees; definitions
20-1070 Acquisitions and mergers
20-1071 Prohibition against excluding coverage because of previous tests for a condition
20-1072 Nonliability of enrollees for provider or hospital charges; penalty
20-1073 Eligibility; prohibiting cancellation because of eligibility for certain benefits
20-1074 Contract termination; duty to report; provision for continued services during insolvency; definitions
20-1075 Transactions with affiliates
20-1076 Health care plans; disclosure form; enrollee notification
20-1077 Use of freestanding urgent care centers; policies
20-1078 Rules
20-1079 Individual health insurance policies; mandatory coverage exemption; definitions
Article 10 Domestic Life and Disability Reinsurer
20-1081 Domestic life and disability reinsurer
20-1082 Definitions
20-1083 Law applicable to domestic life and disability reinsurers
20-1084 Articles of incorporation
20-1085 Capital
20-1086 Surplus
20-1087 Deposits
20-1088 Limit of risk
20-1089 Certificates of authority
20-1090 Reorganization; limitation
20-1091 Transfers to this article
20-1092 Control of assets; definition
20-1093 Reciprocity
20-1094 Approval of reinsurance agreements
20-1094.01 Reserve requirements
Article 11 Service Companies
20-1095 Definitions
20-1095.01 Service companies; permits; rules and regulations; application of laws
20-1095.02 Exemptions; definition
20-1095.03 Qualifications for permit
20-1095.04 Filing of cash, alternatives to cash or surety bond
20-1095.05 Contracts not in compliance; validity
20-1095.06 Approval of motor vehicle service contract program; requirements for approval
20-1095.07 Notification to director of intent to sell contract; sale of unapproved contract; violation; classification
20-1095.08 Nonrenewal, revocation or suspension of permit
20-1095.09 Unfair trade practices; violation of article; cease and desist order
20-1095.10 Scope and limitations of article
Article 12 Mechanical Reimbursement Reinsurers
20-1096 Definitions
20-1096.01 Formation of mechanical reimbursement reinsurer; articles of incorporation
20-1096.02 Capital
20-1096.03 Surplus
20-1096.04 Qualifications
20-1096.05 Annual reports; renewal of certificate of authority
20-1096.06 Filing of cash or alternatives to cash
20-1096.07 Reserves
20-1096.08 Nonrenewal, revocation or suspension of certificate of authority
20-1096.09 Cease and desist order; violation of article
20-1096.10 Rules and regulations
20-1096.11 Scope and limitations of article
Article 13 Prepaid Legal Insurance
20-1097 Definitions
20-1097.01 Exceptions
20-1097.02 Certificate of authority; requirements; issuance
20-1097.03 Deposit required
20-1097.04 Prepaid legal insurance contract provisions
20-1097.05 Prepaid legal insurance contracts; rates
20-1097.06 Contracts for underwriting
20-1097.07 Fees and taxes
20-1097.08 Advertising and solicitation of legal services
20-1097.09 Liability of corporation; civil penalty
20-1097.10 Capital, surplus and reserve requirements
20-1097.11 Assets; valuation; reporting
20-1097.12 Annual statement and information; penalty
20-1097.13 Suspension or revocation of authorization or registration; appeal; civil penalty; rules
Article 14 Captive Insurers
20-1098 Definitions
20-1098.01 Licensing; authority
20-1098.02 Names of companies
20-1098.03 Minimum capital and surplus; letter of credit; borrowed surplus
20-1098.04 Formation of captive insurers; redomestication
20-1098.05 Protected cell captive insurers
20-1098.06 Protected cell captive insurers; sponsors; participants
20-1098.07 Annual report
20-1098.08 Examinations
20-1098.09 Grounds and procedures for license suspension or revocation
20-1098.10 Legal investments
20-1098.11 Reinsurance
20-1098.12 Rating organization; exemption
20-1098.13 Associations; benefits; prohibitions
20-1098.14 Rules
20-1098.15 Applicability
20-1098.16 Captive manager
20-1098.17 Effect of fees payment
20-1098.18 Captive insurance regulatory and supervision fund; purpose
20-1098.19 Establishment of branch captive insurer
20-1098.20 Security for branch business and branch operations
20-1098.21 Branch captive insurer reports
20-1098.22 Change in plan of operations
20-1098.23 Confidentiality of information; exceptions
Article 15 Vehicle Protection Products
20-1099 Definitions
20-1099.01 Vehicle protection products; exemption from insurance code
20-1099.02 Exemption from insurance code; requirements
Article 1 In General
20-1101 Scope of article
20-1102 "Policy" defined
20-1103 "Premium" defined
20-1104 Insurable interest with respect to personal insurance; definition
20-1105 Insurable interest with respect to property insurance
20-1106 Capacity to contract for insurance; minors
20-1107 Application for insurance
20-1108 Admissibility of application as evidence
20-1109 Statements as representation; effect of misrepresentation upon policy
20-1110 Approval of forms
20-1110.01 Rules and regulations; form and readability of policies
20-1111 Grounds for disapproval of forms
20-1112 Standard provisions
20-1113 Contents of policy
20-1114 Incorporation of charter or bylaw into policy
20-1115 Void policy restrictions
20-1116 Execution of policies
20-1117 Underwriters' and combination policies
20-1118 Validity of noncomplying forms
20-1119 Construction of policies
20-1120 Binders
20-1121 Renewal of policy by certificate or endorsement
20-1122 Assignment of policies
20-1123 Annulment of liability policies
20-1123.01 Motor vehicle liability insurance; primary and excess coverage
20-1124 Discharge of insurer by payment under policy
20-1125 Discharge of payor by payment of benefits under employee benefit plan or life insurance policy
20-1127 Simultaneous deaths
20-1128 Rights of spouse in life or disability policy
20-1129 Furnishing of proof of loss forms by insurer
20-1130 Administration of claim against insurer not deemed waiver of defense
20-1131 Exemption of life insurance proceeds and cash values from creditors
20-1132 Exemption of group life insurance proceeds from creditors; exception
20-1133 Medicare supplement insurance; applicability
20-1134 Coordination of benefits
20-1135 Prohibition against excluding coverage because of previous tests for a condition
20-1136 Accelerated payments of certain benefits in life insurance policies
20-1137 Limited benefit coverage; prohibited practice; definition
Article 1 Life Insurance and Annuities
20-1201 Scope of article
20-1202 Standard provisions required in life insurance policies
20-1203 Grace period
20-1204 Incontestability
20-1205 Application and policy as entire contract; statements in application as representations; information
20-1206 Misstatement of age
20-1207 Dividends
20-1208 Policy loan on old policies
20-1209 Policy loan on new policies
20-1209.01 Maximum rate of interest on policy loans; definitions
20-1210 Nonforfeiture options in old policies
20-1212 Table of installments
20-1213 Reinstatement
20-1214 Payment of premiums
20-1215 Payment of claims
20-1216 Policy title
20-1217 Excluded or restricted coverage
20-1218 Standard provisions required in annuity and pure endowment contracts
20-1219 Grace period in annuities
20-1220 Incontestability in annuities
20-1221 Application and contract as entire contract in annuities
20-1222 Misstatement of age in annuities
20-1223 Dividends on annuities
20-1224 Reinstatement of annuities
20-1225 Standard provisions required in reversionary annuities
20-1226 Limitation of liability
20-1227 Incontestability after reinstatement
20-1228 Policy settlements
20-1229 Authorized deductions from insurance proceeds
20-1230 Prohibition of dual or multiple pay policies
20-1231 Standard nonforfeiture law for life insurance
20-1231.01 Standard nonforfeiture law for life insurance; table for calculating adjusted premiums
20-1232 Standard nonforfeiture law for individual deferred annuities
20-1233 Free look; annuity contracts
Article 1.1 Replacement of Life Insurance Policies and Annuity Contracts
20-1241 Definitions
20-1241.01 Scope of article
20-1241.02 Policy summary requirements
20-1241.03 Duties of insurance producers
20-1241.04 Duties of insurers that use insurance producers
20-1241.05 Duties of replacing insurers that use insurance producers
20-1241.06 Duties of existing insurer
20-1241.07 Duties of insurers with respect to direct response solicitations
20-1241.08 Violations; penalties; intent
20-1241.09 Rules; exemption from rule making procedures
Article 1.2 Annuity Disclosure
20-1242 Definitions
20-1242.01 Applicability and scope
20-1242.02 Standards for the disclosure document and buyer's guide
20-1242.03 Report to contract owners
20-1242.04 Penalties
20-1242.05 Rules; exemption from rule making procedures
Article 1.3 Protection in Annuity Transactions
20-1243 Definitions
20-1243.01 Scope and limitation of article
20-1243.02 Exemptions
20-1243.03 Duties of insurers and insurance producers
20-1243.04 Standards for supervision
20-1243.05 Mitigation of responsibility; director orders
20-1243.06 Record keeping
Article 2 Group Life Insurance and Group Annuity Contracts
20-1251 Requirements for group contracts
20-1251.01 Credit union groups
20-1252 Employee groups
20-1253 Debtor groups
20-1254 Labor union groups
20-1255 Trustee groups
20-1256 Association groups
20-1257 Coverage of dependents; definition
20-1258 Standard provisions required in group life insurance policies
20-1259 Grace period
20-1260 Incontestability
20-1261 Attachment of application to policy; statements of persons insured as representations
20-1262 Right to require evidence of individual insurability
20-1263 Misstatement of age
20-1264 Beneficiary
20-1265 Individual certificates
20-1266 Conversion on termination of eligibility
20-1267 Conversion on termination of policy
20-1268 Death pending conversion
20-1269 Notice of conversion right
20-1270 Standard provisions required in group annuity contracts
20-1271 Grace period in group annuity contracts
20-1272 Documents constituting entire group annuity contract
20-1273 Misstatements in group annuity contracts
20-1274 Nonforfeiture benefits in group annuity contract
20-1275 Group annuity contract certificates
20-1276 "Employee life insurance" defined
20-1277 Assignability of group life insurance
Article 3 Industrial Life Insurance
20-1301 Scope of article
20-1302 Required provisions
20-1303 Grace period
20-1304 Application and policy as entire contract; statements of applicant as representations
20-1305 Incontestability
20-1306 Misstatement of age
20-1307 Dividends
20-1308 Nonforfeiture benefits
20-1309 Reinstatement
20-1310 Settlement
20-1311 Authority to alter contract
20-1312 Beneficiary; change of beneficiary; payment
20-1313 Direct payment of premiums
20-1314 Conversion of weekly premium policies
20-1315 Conversion of monthly premium policies
20-1316 Title of policy
20-1317 Provisions inapplicable to single premium or term policies
20-1318 Prohibited provisions
Article 4 Disability Insurance
20-1341 Scope of article
20-1342 Scope and format of policy; definitions
20-1342.01 Handicapped children
20-1342.02 Disapproval of disability policy form
20-1342.03 Disability insurance; clinical trials; cancer; definitions
20-1342.04 Disability insurance policies; varying copayments and deductibles allowed
20-1342.05 Eosinophilic gastrointestinal disorder; formula
20-1342.06 Contracts; dentists; covered services; definition
20-1343 Policies issued for delivery in another state
20-1344 Policy provisions required; omissions; substitutions
20-1345 Policy and attachments as entire contract; changes in policy
20-1346 Time limit on defenses
20-1347 Grace period
20-1348 Reinstatement
20-1349 Notice of claim
20-1350 Claim forms
20-1351 Proofs of loss
20-1352 Time for payment of claims
20-1353 Payment of claims
20-1354 Physical examination; autopsy
20-1355 Legal actions
20-1356 Change of beneficiary
20-1357 Optional policy provisions
20-1358 Change of occupation
20-1359 Misstatement of age
20-1360 Other insurance in this insurer
20-1361 Insurance with other insurers; provision of service or expense incurred basis
20-1362 Insurance with other insurers
20-1363 Relation of earnings to insurance
20-1364 Unpaid premium
20-1365 Cancellation
20-1366 Conformity with statutes
20-1367 Illegal occupation
20-1368 Intoxicants and narcotics
20-1369 Arrangement of provisions in policy
20-1370 Third party ownership
20-1371 Policy provision requirements of other jurisdictions
20-1372 Effect of policy containing nonconforming provisions
20-1373 Age limit
20-1374 Effective date of provisions; moratorium
20-1375 Franchise disability insurance law
20-1376 Prohibiting denial of certain contract benefits
20-1376.01 Prohibiting denial of chiropractic contract benefits; direct reimbursement
20-1376.02 Prohibiting denial of psychologist contract benefits
20-1376.03 Prohibiting denial of contract benefits; nurses; reimbursement
20-1376.04 Prohibiting denial of occupational or physical therapist contract benefits
20-1377 Continuation of coverage under individual policies; requirements; exceptions; renewability
20-1378 Eligibility; prohibiting cancellation because of eligibility for certain benefits
20-1379 Guaranteed availability of individual health insurance coverage; prior group coverage; definitions
20-1380 Guaranteed renewability of individual health coverage
20-1381 Suspension of health care insurer obligation to issue coverage on a guaranteed issuance basis to eligible individuals
20-1382 Health care insurers; reporting requirements
20-1383 Individual health insurance policies; mandatory coverage exemption; definitions
Article 5 Group and Blanket Disability Insurance
20-1401 Eligible groups
20-1401.01 Group disability insurers; notice; copies
20-1402 Provisions of group disability policies; definitions
20-1402.01 Group disability insurance; clinical trials; cancer; definitions
20-1402.02 Eosinophilic gastrointestinal disorder; formula
20-1402.03 Group disability insurers; autism spectrum disorder; coverage; exceptions; definitions
20-1402.04 Contracts; dentists; covered services; definition
20-1403 Direct payment of hospital and medical services
20-1404 Blanket disability insurance; definitions
20-1404.01 Blanket disability insurance; clinical trials; cancer; definitions
20-1404.02 Eosinophilic gastrointestinal disorder; formula
20-1404.03 Blanket disability insurers; autism spectrum disorder; coverage; exceptions; definitions
20-1404.04 Contracts; dentists; covered services; definition
20-1405 Provisions of group and blanket disability policy
20-1406 Prohibiting denial of certain contract benefits
20-1406.01 Prohibiting denial of chiropractic contract benefits; direct reimbursement
20-1406.02 Prohibiting denial of psychologist contract benefits
20-1406.03 Prohibiting denial of contract benefits; nursing; reimbursement
20-1406.04 Prohibiting denial of occupational or physical therapist contract benefits
20-1407 Handicapped children
20-1408 Right to obtain individual policy; requirements; exceptions; definition
20-1409 Right to open enrollment period; insureds; definition
20-1410 Mail order prescription drugs; prohibition
20-1411 Eligibility; prohibiting cancellation because of eligibility for certain benefits
20-1412 Group and blanket disability insurance policies or contracts; varying copayments and deductibles allowed
Article 7 Property Insurance
20-1501 Scope of article
20-1502 "Fire insurance" defined
20-1503 Arizona standard fire policy
20-1504 Variations from standard policy format and page numbers
20-1505 Policy description of insurer
20-1506 Provisions required by charter or laws of other states
20-1507 Riders; endorsements; additional perils
20-1508 Designation as standard policy; producer's name
20-1509 Loss or damage caused by nuclear reaction, or nuclear radiation or radio‑active contamination not covered by Arizona standard fire policy
Article 8 Surety Insurance
20-1531 Sole surety on official bonds
20-1532 Venue of actions against surety insurers
20-1533 Surety companies; arrest bond certificates issued by motor clubs; definition
20-1534 Guaranteed arrest bond certificate; cash bail or other bond; forfeiture
Article 8.1 Mortgage Guaranty Insurance
20-1541 Definitions
20-1542 Capital and surplus
20-1543 Limitation on geographic concentration
20-1544 Limitation on advertising
20-1545 Limitation on investment
20-1546 Limitation on coverage
20-1547 Mortgage guaranty insurance as monoline
20-1548 Underwriting discrimination
20-1549 Policy forms and premium rates filed
20-1550 Minimum policyholder position; definitions
20-1551 Rebates, commissions and charges
20-1552 Compensating balances prohibited
20-1553 Conflict of interest
20-1554 Unearned premium reserve
20-1555 Loss reserve
20-1556 Contingency reserve
20-1556.01 Premium deficiency reserve
20-1557 Reinsurance
20-1558 Miscellaneous reserves
20-1559 Mortgage guaranty insurers; dividend payment
20-1560 Examinations; rules
Article 9 Title Insurers
20-1561 Law governing title insurers
20-1562 Definitions
20-1563 Qualifications
20-1564 Investments
20-1565 Additional powers
20-1566 Taxation of title insurers
20-1567 Determination of insurability required
20-1568 Unearned premium reserve
20-1569 Amount of unearned premium reserve; release
20-1570 Maintenance of the unearned premium reserve
20-1571 Use of the unearned premium reserve on liquidation, dissolution or insolvency
20-1572 Reserve for unpaid losses and loss expense
20-1573 Net retained liability
20-1574 Power to reinsure
20-1575 Foreign title insurers; resident agent required
20-1576 Mergers and consolidations of title insurers
20-1577 Corporate acquisitions other than by merger or consolidation
20-1578 Purchase or acquisition of controlling stock
20-1580 Title insurance agents to be licensed
20-1581 Title insurance agents; books; records; revocation of license
20-1582 Title insurance agents; replies to inquiries by director
20-1583 Title insurance agents; certain names prohibited
20-1584 Commissions; right to pay
20-1585 Commissions; other considerations prohibited
20-1586 Rebates or reduced fees
20-1587 Personal or controlled insurance
20-1588 Examination of records; order; notice
20-1589 Violations; classification
20-1590 Permitted division of fees
20-1591 Forms of policies and other contracts of title insurance; approval or disapproval
20-1592 Records
20-1593 Joint examination; department of financial institutions; powers and duties
Article 10 Consumer Credit Insurance
20-1602 Scope and repeal
20-1603 Definitions
20-1604 Types of consumer credit insurance
20-1605 Maximum amount of credit life insurance
20-1606 Maximum amount of credit disability insurance and credit unemployment insurance
20-1606.01 Credit unemployment insurance; provisions
20-1607 Term of insurance
20-1608 Policy provisions and disclosures
20-1609 Filing, approval and disapproval of forms
20-1610 Premiums for consumer credit insurance; approval or disapproval of rates
20-1611 Refunds
20-1612 Authorization for issuance of policies
20-1613 Reporting and settlement of claims
20-1614 Debtor's option in satisfying security
20-1615 Rules
20-1616 Cease and desist order; hearing
20-1616.01 Penalties
Article 10.1 Credit Property Insurance
20-1621 Scope of article
20-1621.01 Definitions
20-1621.02 Amount; term; coverage; prohibited practices
20-1621.03 Disclosure to debtors; provisions of policies; certificates of insurance
20-1621.04 Rates and forms; filing; approval; withdrawal of approval
20-1621.05 Reasonableness of benefits in relation to premium charged
20-1621.06 Experience reports
20-1621.07 Cancellation and refund of unearned premium
20-1621.08 Claims
20-1621.09 Cease and desist order; hearing
20-1621.10 Rules
20-1621.11 Penalties
Article 11 Cancellation or Non-Renewal of Automobile Insurance
20-1631 Definition of motor vehicle; cancellation of or failure to renew coverage; limitations; limitation of liability; exceptions; insurance producers
20-1632 Cancellation, nonrenewal and reduction of limits for reasons other than nonpayment of premium; notices to insured; refund of unearned premium
20-1632.01 Cancellation or nonrenewal for nonpayment of premium; grace period; notice of cancellation; discrimination; definition
20-1633 Objections; investigation; determination
20-1634 Immunity
Article 12 Cancellation or Nonrenewal of Insurance
20-1651 Application; types of risks
20-1652 Grounds for valid notice of cancellation; inquiries; definitions
20-1653 Mailing of notice of cancellation or nonrenewal to insured; statement of grounds and facts on which cancellation or nonrenewal is based
20-1654 Mailing or delivery of notice of intention not to renew to insured; time; term of policy
20-1655 Liability of insurer and representatives for statements in notice of cancellation, other communication or evidence given in court relating to cancellation
20-1656 Proof of mailing as proof of notice
Article 13 Mass Marketed Life or Health Insurance
20-1661 Definitions
20-1662 Requirements to transact mass marketed insurance
20-1663 Unreasonable mass marketed insurance prohibited; hearing; findings; rules
Article 14 Cancellation or Nonrenewal of Commercial Insurance
20-1671 Scope of article
20-1672 Definitions
20-1673 Grounds for valid cancellation
20-1674 Notice of cancellation
20-1675 Liability of insurer and representatives for statements in notice of cancellation, other communication or evidence given in court relating to cancellation
20-1676 Notice of nonrenewal
20-1677 Notice of premium or coverage changes
20-1678 Proof of notice
20-1679 Application and effective date
Article 15 Long-Term Care Insurance
20-1691 Definitions
20-1691.01 Applicability and scope
20-1691.02 Adoption of rules
20-1691.03 Limitations of long‑term care insurance policies
20-1691.04 Requirements for certain group coverage
20-1691.05 Prior institutionalization
20-1691.06 Outline of coverage; certificate
20-1691.07 Right to return
20-1691.08 Rate and form review; disapproval
20-1691.09 Penalties
20-1691.10 Contestable periods
20-1691.11 Nonforfeiture benefits
20-1691.12 Insurance producer training course requirements
Article 16 Adopted Child Coverage
20-1692 Definitions
20-1692.01 Requirements for coverage
20-1692.02 Eligibility under title XIX of the social security act
20-1692.03 Coverage of children
Article 2 Health Care Insurers
20-1721 Health care insurers; policy limits; eligibility; rates; applicability to other insurers; restrictions
20-1722 Deposit; surplus requirements
20-1723 Exemption from mandatory participation in certain plans and associations
20-1724 Sale of professional liability insurance coverage for licensed health care providers by insurers other than by health care insurance companies; requirements; exemptions
Article 3 Insurance Review Committees
20-1731 Immunity for serving on or furnishing information to insurance review committees
Article 4 Reporting Requirements
20-1741 Annual statement to include certain claims and premium information
20-1742 Insurers to report malpractice claims and actions; definition
Article 1 General Provisions
20-1801 Definitions
20-1802 Permit required; application; definition
20-1803 Issuance of permit
20-1804 Entrance fee escrow
20-1805 Recording of lien by director
20-1806 Reserve fund escrow
20-1807 Annual report; civil penalty
20-1808 Ratio of assets to liabilities; report; rehabilitation of provider
20-1809 Examination
20-1810 Rules and regulations
20-1811 Violation; classification
20-1812 Disclosure statement; contents
Article 1 General Provisions
20-1901 Definitions
20-1902 Disclosure of information
20-1903 Immunity from liability for disclosure of information
20-1904 Confidentiality of information
20-1905 Authorized agency as witness
20-1906 Violation; classification
20-1907 Application of chapter
Article 1 General Provisions
20-2101 Scope
20-2102 Definitions
20-2103 Pretext interviews; exception
20-2104 Notice of insurance information practices
20-2105 Marketing and research surveys; disclosure of questions
20-2106 Content of disclosure authorization forms
20-2107 Investigative consumer reports
20-2108 Access to recorded personal information
20-2109 Correction, amendment or deletion of recorded personal information
20-2110 Reasons for adverse underwriting decisions
20-2111 Information concerning previous adverse underwriting decisions
20-2112 Previous adverse underwriting decisions
20-2113 Disclosure limitations and conditions
20-2113.01 Consumer reporting agency; sale of information obtained by insurance inquiry prohibited; exceptions
20-2114 Director; powers
20-2115 Service of process; insurance support organizations
20-2116 Cease and desist order and reports
20-2117 Civil penalty
20-2118 Individual remedies
20-2119 Immunity
20-2120 No limitation of common law right
20-2121 Enforcement of privacy provisions of Gramm Leach Bliley act
20-2122 Partial exemption for health insurers subject to HIPAA
Article 1 General Provisions
20-2201 Voluntary plans; assessments; fund
20-2202 Joint underwriting association; establishment
20-2203 Powers of the joint underwriting association
20-2204 Directors; election; appointment
20-2205 Plan of operation; contents
20-2206 Approval of plan of operation
20-2207 Amendments to the plan of operation
20-2208 Policies issued by the association; claims‑made basis
20-2209 Claims‑made policy; cancellation
20-2210 Occurrence riders; premiums; assessments
20-2211 Rates; actuary
20-2212 Deficits; equitable assessments; premium tax credits
20-2213 Initial assessment; temporary contribution by members
20-2214 Member participation in writings, expenses, servicing allowance, management fees and losses
20-2215 Appeal by applicants to the association; order
20-2216 Annual filing; contents
20-2217 Annual examination by the director
20-2218 Costs; charge to the association
20-2219 Liability of the association
20-2220 Prohibition from membership in Arizona guaranty fund
20-2221 Dissolution
Article 1 Accountable Health Plans
20-2301 Definitions; late enrollee coverage
20-2302 Scope of article
20-2303 Approval as accountable health plan; definition
20-2304 Availability of insurance; premium tax exemption
20-2305 Accountable health plan uniform employee health status questionnaire; committee; definition
20-2306 Use of uniform employee health status questionnaire
20-2307 Eligibility; annual open enrollment period
20-2308 Portability
20-2309 Renewability
20-2310 Discrimination prohibited; preexisting conditions; wellness programs
20-2311 Premium rates and rating practices
20-2313 Marketing practices
20-2318 Mandatory coverage prohibited
20-2320 Exchange of information
20-2321 Maternity benefits; adoption; coverage
20-2322 Mental health services and benefits; definitions
20-2323 Disclosure of information
20-2324 Bona fide associations; definition
20-2325 Diabetes; equipment; supplies
20-2326 Drugs; cancer treatment; definitions
20-2327 Metabolic disorders; medical foods; definitions
20-2328 Accountable health plans; clinical trials; cancer; definitions
20-2329 Prescription contraceptive drugs and devices; definition
20-2330 Participation in healthcare group
20-2331 Accountable health plans; varying copayments and deductibles allowed
20-2332 Eosinophilic gastrointestinal disorder; formula
Article 2 Uninsured Small Business Health Insurance Plans
20-2341 Uninsured small business health insurance plans; mandatory coverage exemption; definitions
Article 1 General Provisions
20-2401 Definitions
20-2402 Risk retention groups chartered and licensed in this state
20-2403 Risk retention groups not chartered and licensed in this state
20-2404 Compulsory associations
20-2405 Countersignatures not required
20-2406 Purchasing groups; exemption from certain laws relating to the group purchase of insurance
20-2407 Notice and registration requirements of purchasing groups
20-2408 Restrictions on insurance purchased by purchasing groups
20-2409 Administrative and procedural authority regarding risk retention groups and purchasing groups
20-2410 Penalties
20-2411 Duty of insurance producer to obtain license
20-2412 Binding effect of orders issued in United States district court
20-2413 Rules
Article 1 General Provisions
20-2501 Definitions; scope
20-2502 Utilization review activities; exemptions
20-2503 Utilization review standards; applicability; definition
20-2504 Utilization review agents; certification; rules
20-2505 Application for certification
20-2506 Certification; responsibilities of department; cost recovery
20-2507 Certificates; renewal
20-2508 Denial, suspension or revocation of certificates; hearing; civil penalties
20-2509 Confidentiality
20-2510 Health care insurers requirements; medical directors
20-2511 Violation; injunctive relief
Article 2 Health Care Appeals
20-2530 Definitions
20-2531 Applicability; requirements
20-2532 Utilization review standards and criteria; requirements
20-2533 Denial; levels of review; disclosure; additional time after service by mail; review process
20-2534 Expedited medical review; expedited appeal
20-2535 Informal reconsideration
20-2536 Formal appeal
20-2537 External independent review; expedited external independent review
20-2538 Independent review organizations
20-2539 Rules
20-2540 Health care appeals fund
20-2541 Health care insurer fee
Article 1 Variable Life Insurance
20-2601 Definitions
20-2602 Requirements applicable to insurers issuing variable life insurance
20-2603 Reports
20-2604 Variable life insurance policy and filing requirements
20-2605 Reserve liabilities for variable life insurance
20-2606 Separate accounts
20-2607 Information to applicants
20-2608 Variable life insurance policy application requirements
20-2609 Policyholder reports
20-2610 Foreign companies; compliance with laws of domiciliary state
Article 2 Variable Annuities
20-2631 Definitions
20-2632 Qualifications to issue variable annuities
20-2633 Separate account; annuities
20-2634 Filing of contracts; approval
20-2635 Variable annuity contracts
20-2636 Nonforfeiture benefits; exceptions; definition
20-2637 Reports
20-2638 Foreign companies
Article 3 Agent Qualifications
20-2661 Scope of article; definitions
20-2662 Insurance producer qualifications; reports
Article 1 General Provisions
20-2801 Definitions
20-2802 Scope of chapter
20-2803 Emergency services access; prior authorization; requirements
20-2804 Utilization review; medically necessary emergency services
Article 1 General Provisions
20-2901 Definitions
20-2902 Continuing education requirements; nonresident license in another state; nonresident license in this state
20-2903 Record keeping
20-2904 Continuing education; contractor requirements; automatic approval
20-2905 Continuing education review committee
Article 1 General Provisions
Article 1 General Provisions
20-3101 Definitions
20-3102 Timely payment of health care providers' claims; grievances
Article 1 General Provisions
20-3151 Definitions
20-3152 Exemptions; waiver
20-3153 Health care insurer liability
20-3154 Health care appeals; admissibility
20-3155 Notice of intent to file suit

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