2010 Arizona Revised Statutes
Title 17 - Game and Fish

Article 1 Definitions and Authority of the State
17-101 Definitions
17-102 Wildlife as state property; exceptions
17-103 Duties of county attorneys
17-104 Duties of peace officers as special game rangers
17-105 Immunity of witnesses
Article 1 Membership
17-201 Game and fish department and game and fish commission members; appointment; removal; meetings
17-202 Arizona game and fish commission appointment recommendation board
Article 2 Director and Employees
17-211 Director; selection; removal; powers and duties; employees
17-212 Director's seal; authentication of records
17-213 Prohibition on political activity
17-214 Arizona game and fish department reserve; members; powers and duties; compensation
Article 3 Powers and Duties
17-231 General powers and duties of the commission
17-232 Agreements with other states for reciprocal use of licenses
17-233 Acquisition and disposition of buffalo and buffalo meat
17-234 Open or closed seasons; bag limits; possession limits
17-235 Migratory birds
17-236 Taking birds; possession of raptors
17-237 Pollution of waters
17-238 Special licenses for field trials, for shooting preserves and for collecting or holding wildlife in captivity
17-239 Wildlife depredations; investigations; corrective measures; disposal; reports; judicial review
17-240 Disposition of wildlife; devices; unlawful devices; notice of intention to destroy; waiting period; destruction; jurisdiction of recovery actions; disposition of unclaimed property
17-241 Acquisition and disposition of lands and waters; retention of rights; disposition of proceeds
17-242 Guaranteeing irrigation district assessment; sale of land located within federal reclamation projects and irrigation districts
17-243 Sale of surplus products of federal aid projects; disposition of proceeds
17-244 Bulletin; refuge signboards; posted lands
17-245 Training courses
17-246 Ground leases; installment purchase of facilities
17-247 Terms of agreements
17-248 Certification of installment purchase agreements by the attorney general
17-249 Inmate labor
17-250 Wildlife diseases; order of director; violation; classification; rule making exemption
Article 3.1 Aquatic Invasive Species
17-255 Definition of aquatic invasive species
17-255.01 Aquatic invasive species program; powers
17-255.02 Prohibitions
17-255.03 Violations; civil penalties; classification; cost recovery
17-255.04 Applicability; no private right of action
Article 4 Fiscal Provisions
17-261 Game and fish fund
17-261.01 Game and fish revolving fund
17-262 Investment of surplus funds; earned interest
17-263 Membership dues
17-264 Budget appropriation
17-266 Construction by employees or force account
17-267 Land and water conservation and recreation development fund
17-268 Game, non-game, fish and endangered species fund
17-269 Game and fish publications revolving fund
17-270 Waterfowl conservation fund
17-271 Wildlife endowment fund
17-272 Voluntary contributions in lieu of property taxes
17-273 Firearms safety and ranges fund; uses; criteria
Article 5 Conservation Development Fund
17-281 Definitions
17-282 Conservation development fund; purposes
17-283 Issuance of bonds; negotiability; resolution; notice; tax exemption
17-284 Pledges; lien; personal liability; incontestability
17-285 Bonds as legal investments; state nonliability
17-286 Certification of bonds by attorney general
17-287 Impairment of bondholder rights; prohibition; inclusion in resolutions and indentures
17-288 Distributions from the conservation development fund
17-289 Bond proceeds fund; investment
17-290 Designation of fiscal agent and trustees; monies of the authority; fees
17-291 Additional bonds
17-292 Capital improvement fund
17-293 Unlawful interest in real property by commission member; violation; classification
17-294 Annual audit of funds
17-295 Limitation on bonding
Article 6 Arizona Game and Fish Commission Heritage Fund
17-296 Definitions
17-297 Arizona game and fish commission heritage fund
17-298 Expenditures from fund; purpose and amounts; annual report
17-298.01 Decennial performance audit
Article 7 Arizona Wildlife Conservation Fund
17-299 Arizona wildlife conservation fund
Article 1 General Regulations
17-301 Times when wildlife may be taken; exceptions; methods of taking
17-301.01 Protection from wildlife
17-302 Taking of bear or mountain lion for protection of property; report
17-303 Taking or driving wildlife from closed areas
17-304 Prohibition by landowner upon hunting; posting; exception
17-305 Carrying firearms or game‑taking devices in closed areas; exceptions; permits
17-306 Importation, transportation, release or possession of live wildlife
17-307 Possession, storage, sale and gift of the carcass or parts thereof of wildlife
17-308 Unlawful camping
17-309 Violations; classification
17-310 Agreement to appear in court
17-311 Duty to report shooting accident resulting in injury or death; duty to give assistance; authority of officers
17-312 Misuse of firearms
17-313 Disposition of fines, forfeitures and penalties; reports
17-314 Civil liability for illegally taking or wounding wildlife; recovery of damages
17-315 Wildlife theft prevention fund; authorized expenditures
17-316 Interference with rights of hunters; classification; civil action; exceptions
17-317 Possession and containment of white amur; determination of closed aquatic system
17-318 Disease assessment and treatment before importing wildlife and transporting big game
17-319 Big game killed by motor vehicle; salvage permit; violation; classification
17-320 Jaguar; protection; violation; classification; civil liability; exception
Article 2 Licenses
17-331 License or proof of purchase required; violation of child support order
17-332 Form and contents of license; duplicate licenses; period of validity
17-333 Licenses; classes; fees
17-333.01 State waterfowl stamp
17-333.02 Trapping license; education; exemption
17-333.03 State migratory bird stamp; violation
17-334 Sale of licenses
17-335 Minors; blind residents
17-335.01 Lifetime hunting and fishing licenses and trout stamps; fees
17-336 Complimentary and honorary licenses
17-337 Soldier's hunting and fishing licenses
17-337.01 Licenses for enrollees in the job corps
17-338 Remission of fees from sale of licenses or permits; noncompliance; classification
17-339 Reports and returns by license dealers; noncompliance; classification
17-340 Revocation, suspension and denial of privilege of taking wildlife; notice; violation; classification
17-341 Applying for or obtaining license or permit by fraud or misrepresentation; classification
17-342 Colorado river special use permit
17-343 Reciprocal sale of licenses and special use permits
17-344 Period of validity of special permits
17-345 Surcharges; purposes
17-346 Special big game license tags
Article 3 Trappers, Guides and Taxidermists
17-361 Trappers; licensing; restrictions; duties; reports
17-362 Guide license; violations; annual report; carrying firearms
17-363 License to practice taxidermy
17-364 Fur dealer's license; records; reports
Article 4 Transportation and Storage
17-371 Transportation, possession and sale of wildlife and wildlife parts
17-372 Shipment by common carrier
17-373 Storage; exception
Article 1 Restoration Projects
17-401 Definitions
17-402 Acceptance of federal aid acts
17-403 Restoration projects
17-404 Acquisition of lands
17-405 Acceptance of grants
17-406 Revolving fund; appropriation; purpose and reimbursement
17-407 Acquisition of lands by United States for migratory bird conservation
Article 2 Fish Hatching and Fish Culture
17-421 Right to conduct fish hatching and culture; limitations
Article 3 Wildlife Habitat Protection
17-451 Definitions
17-452 Restrictions on motor vehicle use; recommendations; agreements; rules
17-453 Notices of restrictions; posting; publication
17-454 Prohibition against vehicle travel
17-455 Exceptions
17-456 Expenditure of funds; source; functions
17-457 Enforcement of article
17-458 Violations; classification
Article 4 Wildlife Habitat Restoration and Enhancement Fund
17-471 Wildlife habitat restoration and enhancement fund; commission duties
Article 1 Adoption
17-501 Short title
17-502 Adoption and text of compact
17-503 Administration; expenses
Article 1 Outdoor Shooting Range Noise Standards
17-601 Definition of outdoor shooting range
17-602 State outdoor shooting range noise standards; preemption; measurement; definitions
17-603 Preexisting outdoor shooting ranges; noise buffering or attenuation
17-604 Nighttime outdoor shooting range operations
17-605 Noise pollution; nuisance; defense; costs
Article 2 Disclosure of Proximity to Shooting Range
17-621 Recording proximity to shooting range; definition

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