2010 Arizona Revised Statutes
Title 15 - Education

Article 1 General Provisions
15-101 Definitions
15-102 Parental involvement in the school; definition
15-103 School districts; financial mismanagement; intervention; definitions
15-104 Mental health screening; consent; form; exemption
15-105 Early graduation scholarship program; fund; program termination; definition
15-106 Identity verified fingerprints
15-107 School district overexpenditures; fiscal crisis teams; quarterly progress reports; fiscal management report; annual report; actions resulting from overexpenditures; professional development; definition
15-108 Recess policies
15-109 Biometric information; prohibition; definition
15-110 Rights of students at public educational institutions; limitations; definition
15-111 Declaration of policy
15-112 Prohibited courses and classes; enforcement
Article 2 Employee Annuity and Deferred Compensation Plans
15-121 School employees; participation in federal retirement plans and deferred compensation plans; prohibition against use of public monies; exceptions
Article 3 Teacher Exchange
15-131 Exchange teacher agreements
15-132 Certification of exchange teachers and professors
15-133 Terms of employment
15-134 Payment of salaries of exchange teachers
15-135 Deductions for retirement; preservation of rights
Article 4 Educational Records
15-141 Educational records; injunction; special action
15-142 Access to directory information relating to pupils and to school property
Article 5 Safety Requirements
15-151 Eye protective devices; definition
15-152 Pest management at schools; notice
15-153 School safety program oversight committee; membership; duties; staff; compensation; definition
15-154 Public school safety program proposal; requirements; purpose; definitions
15-154.01 Character education matching grant program; program termination
15-155 School safety program; funding
15-156 Liquid roofing systems; violation; classification; definition
Article 6 State Prohibitions
15-161 State control over private schools
Article 8 Charter Schools
15-181 Charter schools; purpose; scope
15-182 State board for charter schools; membership; terms; compensation; duties
15-183 Charter schools; application; requirements; immunity; exemptions; renewal of application; reprisal; fee; fund
15-184 Charter schools; admission requirements
15-185; Version 2 Charter schools; financing; civil penalty; transportation; definitions
15-185 Charter schools; financing; civil penalty; transportation; definitions
15-187 Charter schools; teachers; employment benefits
15-187.01 Optional inclusion of charter school employees in state health and accident coverage; payment of premiums; advance notice; minimum period of participation; definition
15-188 Charter schools stimulus fund
15-189 Charter schools; vacant buildings; list; used equipment
15-189.01 Charter schools; zoning; development fees
15-189.02 Charter schools; public bidding requirements
15-189.03 Academic credits; transfer
Article 9 Family Literacy Program
15-191 Definitions
15-191.01 Family literacy program; procedures; curriculum; eligibility plan
Article 1 State Board of Education
15-201 State board of education; members; appointment; terms
15-202 Meetings; majority required for validation; travel expenses; immunity
15-203 Powers and duties
15-204 Acceptance of gifts and grants; gifts and grants fund; use; unexpended monies
15-205 Education of Indians in state schools; contracts with department of interior
15-206 Federal grants for educational purposes; administration
15-207 Apportionment and expenditure of federal grants for educational purposes
15-208 Application by school district for apportionment of federal monies; hearing
15-209 Disbursement of apportioned federal funds
15-210 Unlawful expenditure of federal monies
15-212 Expenditure of private funds; exemption
15-213 Procurement practices of school districts and charter schools; definitions
15-213.01; Version 2 Procurement practices; guaranteed energy cost savings contracts; definitions
15-213.01 Procurement practices; guaranteed energy cost savings contracts; definitions
15-213.02 Program for school energy and water use efficiency programs; definitions
15-214 Braille literacy; definition
Article 2 Department of Education
15-231 Department of education
15-231.01 Public school information hot line; program termination
15-231.02 School safety clearinghouse; program termination
15-231.03 School safety survey report
15-232 Division of adult education; duties
15-233 Night schools for teaching English
15-234 Appropriations for adult education; eligibility; supplemental fees; definition
15-235 Division of special education; director; duties; qualifications; advisory committee; members
15-236 Cost study of special education programs; program and fiscal audits
15-237 Publications; production revolving fund
15-238; Version 2 Statewide student estimate
15-238 Statewide student estimate
15-239; Version 2 School compliance and recognition; accreditation; audits
15-239 School compliance and recognition; accreditation; audits
15-240 Issuance of subpoenas
15-241; Version 2 School accountability; schools failing to meet academic standards; failing schools tutoring fund; classification label for school districts and charter school operators
15-241; Version 3 School and school district accountability; failing schools tutoring fund; classification label for school districts and charter school operators
15-241 School accountability; schools failing to meet academic standards; failing schools tutoring fund; classification label for school districts and charter school operators
15-241.01; Version 2 School accountability; alternative operation plans
15-241.01 School accountability; alternative operation plans
15-242 Nutritional standards
15-243 Golden rule special plate fund
15-244 Office of Indian education; definition
15-245 American competitiveness project fund; technical assistance; grants
15-246 Arizona government education fund
15-247 Reporting; school district overexpenditures
15-248 Arizona national rankings; annual report
15-248.01 Task force on K‑3 accountability and assessments
15-248.02 Teacher certification fund
15-249 Department of education; contracts for evaluation of data collection, compilation and reporting and for updating of student accountability information system; reports; review; reversion
15-249.01 Data governance commission; membership; terms; duties
Article 3 Superintendent of Public Instruction
15-251 Powers and duties
15-252 Powers and duties; publications; payment of claims for printing
15-253 Legal opinions relating to school matters
15-255 Annual report; contents; definition
15-256 Waivers; federal education flexibility partnership act
15-257 Employee evaluation system
Article 4 Uniform System of Financial Records
15-271 Duties of auditor general for uniform financial records system; annual report
15-272 Duties of department of education for uniform system of financial records
Article 1 County School Superintendent
15-301 Office of county school superintendent; qualifications; travel expenses
15-302 Powers and duties
15-303 Apportionment of funds
15-304 Warrants; limitations; definition
15-306 Register of warrants
15-308 Providing educational services of an accommodation school
Article 2 Organizational Powers of School District Governing Boards
15-321 Organization; election of officers of the board; meetings; execution of warrants; exemption
15-322 Organization of the governing board of a consolidated school district
15-323 Governing board member; voting eligibility; purchases from board member
15-326 Capacity to sue and be sued and to hold and convey property
15-327 Advisory meetings of school district electors; notice; procedure; effect
15-328 Single administrative program
Article 3 Powers and Duties of School District Governing Boards
15-341 General powers and duties; immunity; delegation
15-341.01 One hundred eighty day school year; definition
15-342; Version 2 Discretionary powers
15-342; Version 3 Discretionary powers
15-342 Discretionary powers
15-342.01 School districts; roof inspection protocol
15-342.02 Dating abuse policies
15-342.03 Other discretionary powers
15-343 Employment of professional help
15-344 Administration of prescription, patent or proprietary medications by employees; civil immunity; definition
15-344.01 Diabetes management; policies and procedures; civil immunity
15-345 Chemical abuse prevention policies and procedures
15-346 Policies and procedures concerning pupils with chronic health problems; definition
15-347 Extracurricular activities; cultural tradition
15-348 Interscholastic athletics noncontact sports
15-349 Operation of motor vehicle fleet; options to conventional fuels
15-350 Investigation of immoral or unprofessional conduct; confidentiality
Article 3.1 Decentralization Process
15-351 School councils; duties; membership
15-352 Exemptions
15-353 Responsibilities of principals
15-354 Principals; supplies and materials purchases
Article 4 Establishment of Special Services
15-361 Establishment of evening and night schools; admission of students; tuition
15-362 Libraries; powers and duties; authority to contract with a county free library or other public library
15-363 School recreation centers; authority to contract with public recreation boards and agencies
15-364 Agreements and expenditure of public monies for recreational facilities on school properties; use of proceeds of bond issues
15-365 Service programs operated through the office of a county school superintendent; reports; definitions
Article 5 Provisions for Insurance Coverage
15-381 Liabilities of the governing board; payment of liabilities; immunity
15-382 Authorization to self‑insure; pooling agreements; joint agreements; trustees; liability coverage and pool requirements; definition
15-383 Insurance on school bus operator; authority of the governing board to purchase
15-384 Authorization for insurance coverage for students
15-385 Premiums of a bond or insurance for accommodation schools or federally owned buildings on Indian reservation
15-386 Insurance refund fund
15-387 Procurement of insurance; eligibility of governing board members, former board members and surviving spouse and dependents; deposit of monies
15-388 Optional inclusion of school district employees in state health and accident coverage; payment of premiums; advance notice; minimum period of participation; definition
Article 6 Joint Technological Education Districts
15-391 Definitions
15-392 Formation of district
15-393; Version 2 Joint technical education district governing board; report; definition
15-393 Joint technical education district governing board; report; definition
15-394 Preservation of years of employment
15-395 Enlarging joint district
15-395.01 Reducing the size of a joint district
15-396 Dissolution of district
Article 1 General Provisions
15-401 Qualifications of school electors; school district registers; challenge; tally lists
15-402 Voting by early ballot
15-403 Elections; notice; bond election procedure; qualifications of voters; closing of registrations; election precincts; polling places
15-404 Election officers; compensation
15-405 Opening and closing of polls
15-406 Cost of elections
15-407 School district ballot option
Article 2 School District Governing Board Elections
15-421 Governing board; members; qualifications; statement; definitions
15-422 Nominating petitions; ballots
15-423 School district precinct registers; date of preparation; contents; copies
15-424 Election of governing board members; terms; statement of contributions and expenditures
15-425 Election to determine whether membership of governing board shall increase to five members; form of ballot; reconsideration procedure if negative vote; appointment or election of new members
15-426 Tally and canvass of votes; certificate of election; oath of office
15-427 Governing board of a union high school district; qualifications; terms
15-428 Election of governing board members of a union high school district
15-429 Election of governing board members of a joint common school district
15-430 Governing board members of newly consolidated district; election of members
15-431 Alternative election procedure of governing board members
Article 3 School District Boundary Provisions and Elections
15-441 School districts; designation
15-442 Record of school district boundaries; limitation on change; notice to governing board
15-443 Formation of new common school district
15-444 Formation of union high school district; petition for establishment; election; notice
15-444.01 Common school districts within a high school district; proposed expansion or reduction; notification
15-445 Residents of unorganized territory; school district elections
15-447 Offer of instruction in high school subjects by common school districts; limitations
15-447.01 Common school districts; offer of instruction in grade nine
15-448 Formation of unified school district; board membership; budget
15-449 Formation of unified school district by common school district; petition for establishment; election; notice
15-450 Formation of a new joint unified school district; petition; report; election; notice; ballots; canvass of votes; appointment of governing board
15-451 Appointment of governing board for joint unified school districts
15-453 Authority to form joint common school districts; applicability of laws governing other school districts
15-454 Authority to form joint unified or joint high school districts; applicability of other laws governing other school districts
15-455 Formation of joint common school district; petition; election; notice; canvass
15-456 Jurisdiction of county board of supervisors and county school superintendent over joint common school district
15-457 Formation of new joint common school district by subdivision of existing school district; effect on bonded indebtedness; transfer of property
15-458 Formation of new district or districts by subdivision of existing district; division of assets
15-459 Consolidation of districts; petition; election; notice; report; ballots; canvass of votes; governing board
15-460 Change of school district boundaries
15-461; Version 2 Transporting school districts; joining existing school districts
15-461 Transporting school districts; joining existing school districts
15-463 Annexation of military reservation to high school district or union high school district; procedure; notice; hearing
15-464 Withdrawal of military reservation from school district; petition; hearing
15-465 Accommodation school; establishment on military reservation; expenses; abandonment
15-465.01 Accommodation school; military reservation; governing board
15-466 Transfer of accommodation schools
15-467 Change of union high school district to high school district
15-469 Lapsing of common school district; conditions; procedure; disposition of property of lapsed common school district
Article 4 School District Budget Override Elections
15-481 Override election; budget increases; notice; ballot; effect
15-482 Special five per cent override for programs of pupils in kindergarten programs and grades one through twelve
Article 5 Bond Elections
15-491 Elections on school property; exceptions
15-492 Bond election; pamphlet
15-493 Canvass of votes; certification of result
Article 1 General Provisions
15-501 Definitions
15-502 Employment of school district personnel; payment of wages of discharged employee
15-503 Superintendents, principals, head teachers and school psychologists; term of employment; evaluation; contract delivery; nonretention notice
15-504 Contract days for professional association activities; prohibition
15-505 Examination of persons displaying symptoms of pulmonary disease
15-506 Flag, Constitution and the Bill of Rights display; recitation of the pledge of allegiance; exemption
15-507 Abuse of teacher or school employee in school; classification
15-508 Dismissal for failure to comply with certain laws
15-510 Authorization of leaves of absence; application; preservation of rights
15-511 Use of school district or charter school resources or employees to influence elections; prohibition; civil penalty; definition
15-512 Noncertificated personnel; fingerprinting personnel; background investigations; affidavit; civil immunity; violation; classification; definition
15-513 Transportation employees; chemical abuse education; drug tests; costs; termination from employment; appeal; definition
15-514 Reports of immoral or unprofessional conduct; immunity
15-515 Duty to report violations occurring on school premises
15-516 Teacher immunity
Article 2 Duties of Teachers
15-521 Duties of teachers
Article 3 Certification and Employment of Teachers
15-531 Fees
15-531.01 Certification expiration; military service; one year extension
15-532 Examination on state and United States constitutions; exemption; intergovernmental agreement or contract for administration and evaluation
15-533 Reciprocity; proficiency examination
15-534 Fingerprinting; review and disciplinary action; violation; classification
15-534.01 Withdrawal of applications for administrative deficiencies; denial of applications for substantive deficiencies; certification time frames
15-534.02 Restrictions on applications for certification after the surrender, revocation or denial of certificate
15-534.03 Service of documents; change of address notice requirement
15-535 Sectarian instruction prohibited
15-536 Offer of contract to certificated teacher who has not been employed more than three consecutive school years; acceptance; notice to teacher of intention not to reemploy
15-537 Performance of certificated teachers; evaluation system
15-538 Preliminary notice of inadequacy of classroom performance
15-538.01 Offer of contract to certificated teacher employed more than three consecutive school years
15-539 Dismissal of certificated teacher; due process; written charges; notice; hearing on request
15-540 Suspension prior to dismissal of a certificated teacher; written charges; salary
15-541 Hearing on dismissal
15-542 Hearing costs; counsel; limitations on evidence; reinstatement
15-543 Appeal from decision of board
15-544 Limitations on reduction of salaries or personnel
15-545 Resignation restrictions; unprofessional act; penalty
15-546 Rights in employment not vested
15-547 Preservation of years of employment
15-549 Compulsory leaves of absence for criminal charges; continued salary
15-550 Unprofessional conduct; penalty
15-551 Confidentiality of pupil's name; disciplinary hearing; civil penalty
15-552 Alternative teacher development program; report; program termination
Article 4 Principals' Institute
Article 1 Curriculum
15-701 Common school; promotions; requirements; certificate; supervision of eighth grades by superintendent of high school district; high school admissions; academic credit
15-701.01 High school; graduation; requirements; community college or university courses; transfer from private schools; academic credit
15-701.02 Alternative high school graduation requirement; definition
15-702 High school equivalency diploma; fees; rules
15-703 Kindergarten programs and special departments; special teachers
15-704 Reading proficiency; definitions
15-705 Extracurricular activities; requirements
15-706 Instruction in environmental education; definition
15-707 High schools; education about organ donation
15-708 Remedial education programs; powers of the governing board; definition
15-709 Review of students in remedial education programs
15-710 Instruction in state and federal constitutions, American institutions and history of Arizona
15-711 Sex education curricula; sexual conduct with a minor
15-711.01 Instruction on stranger danger
15-712 Instruction on alcohol, tobacco, narcotic drugs, marijuana, date rape drugs and other dangerous drugs; chemical abuse prevention programs; definitions
15-712.01 Instruction on dating abuse; definitions
15-713 Training in use of bows or firearms; instruction materials; certification of instructors; cooperating agencies
15-714 Eligibility for training in use of bows or firearms
15-714.01 Arizona gun safety program course
15-715 Special academic assistance to pupils in kindergarten programs and grades one through three
15-716 Instruction on acquired immune deficiency syndrome; department assistance
15-717 American history and heritage
15-718 Instruction on skin cancer prevention
15-719 Character education program instruction; fund
15-720 Noncurriculum related clubs for grades seven and eight; definitions
15-720.01 Mathematics or science achievement grant program; criteria; report; fund; program termination
Article 2 Courses of Study and Textbooks
15-721 Common schools; course of study; textbooks; definition
15-722 High schools; course of study; textbooks; definition
15-723 Furnishing of free textbooks; subject matter materials and supplementary books
15-724 Purchase of high school textbooks, subject matter materials and supplementary books; budget; rental
15-726 Purchase of textbooks and instructional computer software by schools having four or fewer teachers; welfare institutions
15-727 Care and issue of textbooks, subject matter materials, supplementary books and instructional computer software
15-728 Purchase of books by pupils or parent
15-729 Use of monies received for lost or damaged textbooks, subject matter materials, supplementary books or instructional computer software
15-730 Access to instructional material by parents and guardians
Article 2.1 Accessibility to Textbooks and Instructional Material
15-731 Definitions
15-732 Powers and duties; state board of education; governing boards
Article 3 Assessment and Accountability
15-741 Assessment of pupils
15-741.01 Goals for excellence
15-742 Contract for purchase of tests
15-743 Test results; annual report
15-744 Exemptions
15-745 Children instructed at home; testing; prohibition
15-746 School report cards
15-747 Nationally standardized test; exemption from public record requirements; public viewing
Article 3.1 English Language Education for Children in Public Schools
15-751 Definitions
15-752 English language education
15-753 Parental waivers
15-754 Legal standing and parental enforcement
15-755 Standardized testing for monitoring education progress
15-756 Identification of English language learners
15-756.01 Arizona English language learners task force; research based models of structured English immersion for English language learners; budget requests; definitions
15-756.02 School districts and charter schools; English language learner models; adoption and implementation
15-756.03 Structured English immersion; budget request
15-756.04 Arizona structured English immersion fund
15-756.05 Reassessment and reclassification of English language learners
15-756.06 Reevaluation of former English language learners
15-756.07 Office of English language acquisition services; duties
15-756.08 Monitoring; corrective action plan
15-756.09 Teacher training
15-756.10 Reporting
15-756.11 Statewide compensatory instruction fund; reporting; definition
15-756.12 Auditor general; duties
15-756.13 School district and charter schools; responsibility to comply with state and federal law
15-757 Contracts with private vendors
Article 4 Special Education for Exceptional Children
15-761 Definitions
15-761.01 Child with a disability; reclassification
15-762 Division of special education
15-763 Plan for providing special education; definition
15-763.01 Surrogate parent; notification; appointment
15-764 Powers and duties of the school district governing board or county school superintendent
15-765 Special education in rehabilitation, corrective or other state and county supported institutions, facilities or homes
15-766 Evaluation of child for placement in special education program; due process hearing procedures
15-767 Annual goals; notification
15-769 Appropriation and apportionment; approval of program
15-771; Version 2 Preschool programs for children with disabilities; definition
15-771 Preschool programs for children with disabilities; definition
15-773 Transfer of parental rights at age of majority
15-774 Extraordinary special education needs fund; grant application; criteria
Article 4.1 Gifted Education for Gifted Children
15-779 Definitions
15-779.01 Powers and duties of the school district governing board
15-779.02 Gifted pupils; scope and sequence; annual financial report
15-779.03 Additional assistance for gifted programs
15-779.04 Powers and duties of the superintendent of public instruction
Article 5 Career and Technical Education and Vocational Education
15-781 Definitions
15-781.02 Meetings; majority required for validation; travel expenses; immunity
15-782 Career and technical education and vocational education
15-782.02 Career and technical education and vocational education programs; expanded hours; tuition
15-783 Evaluation of career and technical education and vocational education programs
15-784 Vocational education; acceptance of congressional acts; appropriation; distribution of federal monies
15-785 Career and technical education and vocational education schools; expenses; allocations from federal funds
15-786 Acceptance of gifts or grants; fund; unexpended monies
15-787 Eligibility; allocation; plan
15-788 Exemption from certain requirements; exception
15-789 Contracting and cooperative arrangements for career and technical education and vocational education; advisory committee
15-790 Primary responsibility of school districts, joint technical education districts, community college districts and universities
15-791 Arizona agricultural youth organization special plate fund
Article 6 Board Examination System
15-792 Declaration of purpose and policy
15-792.01 Definitions
15-792.02 Board examination system; private contractor; duties
15-792.03 Grand Canyon diploma
Article 7 Alternative Education Programs
15-796 Alternative education programs; contract with public body or private persons; definition
15-797 Financial provisions for pupils in alternative education programs
15-798 Governing board responsibility
Article 1 School Year and Attendance Requirements
15-801 School year; school month; holidays
15-802 School instruction; exceptions; violations; classification; definitions
15-802.01 Children instructed at home; eligibility to participate in interscholastic activities
15-803; Version 2 School attendance; exemptions; definitions
15-803 School attendance; exemptions; definitions
15-804 Attendance officer; appointment; salary
15-805 Attendance officer; powers and duties
15-806; Version 2 Excuse from school attendance
15-806 Excuse from school attendance for religious purposes
15-807 Absence from school; notification of parent or person having custody of pupil; immunity
15-808; Version 2 Arizona online instruction; reports; definitions
15-808 Arizona online instruction; reports; definitions
15-809 AIMS intervention and dropout prevention program; program termination; definitions
Article 1.1 Open School Enrollment
15-816 Definitions
15-816.01 Enrollment policies
15-816.02 Desegregation provisions
15-816.07 District and school immunity
Article 1.2 Displaced Pupils Choice Grants
15-817 Definitions
15-817.01 Displaced pupils choice grant program; nature of grants
15-817.02 Grant eligibility
15-817.03 Participation by grant schools
15-817.04 Grant value
15-817.05 Distribution of grant monies
15-817.06 Displaced pupils choice grant fund
15-817.07 Limitation on regulation of grant schools
Article 2 Admission Requirements
15-821 Admission of children; required age
15-823 Admission; residents of other school districts; nonresidents of this state; tuition
15-824 Admission of pupils of other school districts; homeless children; tuition charges; definitions
15-825 Certificate of educational convenience; issuance; effect on enrollment records
15-825.01 Certificates of educational convenience; pupils attending out‑of‑state schools
15-825.02 Certificates of educational convenience; unorganized territory
15-826 Education of children to whom school inaccessible
15-827 Presentation of withdrawal form
15-828 Birth certificate; school records; exception
15-829 Missing child; notification of school; flagging records; definitions
Article 3 Suspension and Expulsion of Pupils
15-840 Definitions
15-841 Responsibilities of pupils; expulsion; alternative education programs; community service; placement review committee
15-842 Damage to school property; suspension or expulsion of pupil; liability of parent
15-843; Version 2 Pupil disciplinary proceedings
15-843 Pupil disciplinary proceedings
15-844 Suspension and expulsion proceedings for children with disabilities
Article 4 Part-Time Schools and Year-Round School Year Operation
15-854 Year-round school year operation; powers and duties of superintendent of public instruction
15-855 School or school district operation on a year‑round school year basis; separate budget
Article 5 Four Day School Week and Alternative Kindergarten Programs
15-861; Version 2 Four day school week and alternative kindergarten programs
15-861 Four day school week and alternative kindergarten programs
Article 6 School Immunization
15-871 Definitions
15-872 Proof of immunization; noncompliance; notice to parents; civil immunity
15-873 Exemptions; nonattendance during outbreak
15-874 Records; reporting requirements
Article 7 Extended School Year for Handicapped Pupils
15-881 Extended school year services for pupils with disabilities; eligibility and service structure; definition
Article 8 Arizona Scholarships for Pupils with Disabilities
15-891 Arizona scholarships for pupils with disabilities program; definitions
15-891.01 Obligations of school districts and department of education
15-891.02 Qualified school eligibility
15-891.03 Obligations of program participants
15-891.04 Scholarship funding and payment; fund; liability; rules
15-891.05 Limitation of regulation on qualified schools
15-891.06 Program termination
Article 1 General Provisions for School District Budgets
15-901; Version 2 Definitions
15-901 Definitions
15-901.01 Inflation adjustments
15-901.02 Voluntary full-day kindergarten instruction
15-901.03 Transfers; review
15-901.04 Instructional technology systems pilot program; grant application; criteria; program termination
15-901.05 Application of school finance changes
15-902 Determination of student count
15-902.01; Version 2 Student revenue loss phasedown
15-902.01 Student revenue loss phase‑down
15-902.02 Optional two hundred day average daily membership calculation
15-902.03 Procedures for determining average daily membership
15-902.04 Optional two hundred days of instruction
15-903 Budget format; prohibited expenditures
15-904 School district annual financial report; publication; summary
15-905 School district budgets; notice; adoption; aggregate budget limit; summary; adjustments; impact aid fund; definition
15-905.01 Truth in taxation; calculation; notice and hearing; vote on tax increase
15-906 Procedure for payment of levy fund liabilities payable on June 30; lapsing of levy funds with balance for reduction of taxes
15-907 Incurring liabilities in excess of school district budget; petition; approval; procedure for expenditures
15-908 Revenue control limit for school district after consolidation
15-909 Financial provisions for accommodation schools; definition
15-910 School district budgets; excess utility costs; desegregation costs; tuition costs for bond issues; costs for registering warrants; report
15-910.01; Version 2 School district budgets; career and technical education and vocational education center expenses
15-910.01 School district budgets; career and technical education and vocational education center expenses
15-910.02 Energy and water savings accounts
15-910.04 School district budgets; actual utility costs; adjustment; definitions
15-911 Aggregate expenditure limitation; aggregate expenditures of local revenues; adjustments
15-912 Consolidation assistance
15-912.01 Unification assistance
15-913 Education program; juvenile detention centers
15-913.01 Education program; county jails
15-914 Financial and compliance audits
15-914.01 Accounting responsibility; definition
15-914.02 School district audit
15-915; Version 2 Correction of state aid or budget limit errors; definition
15-915 Correction of state aid or budget limit errors; definition
15-916 Expenditure of state grant monies not included in budget
Article 1.1 Career Ladder and Other Performance Incentive Programs
15-918 Career ladder programs; definitions
15-918.01 State career ladder advisory committee
15-918.02 Career ladder program; requirements; optional component
15-918.03 Career ladder programs; implementation phases
15-918.04 Career ladder programs
15-918.05 Career ladder programs; determination of equalization assistance payments from county and state monies
15-919 Optional performance incentive program; definition
15-919.02 Optional performance incentives program; requirements
15-919.03 Optional performance incentives programs; implementation phases
15-919.04 Optional performance incentives program; funding; limitation
15-919.05 Optional performance incentive programs; determination of equalization assistance payments from county and state monies
15-919.06 Optional performance incentive programs; unexpended and unencumbered monies; portion nonlapsing
15-920 Performance pay; budget balance carryforward; definitions
15-920.01 Arizona performance based compensation system task force; members; evaluation; reporting
Article 2 Pupil Transportation
15-921 Duties of superintendent of public instruction
15-922 Duties of the school district; definition
15-923 Contracts for transportation
Article 3 School District Revenue Limitation for Maintenance and Operation
15-941 Teacher experience index; computation; definition
15-943 Base support level
15-943.01 Maintenance and operation budget balance; definition
15-943.02 Base support level for joint technical education districts
15-943.03 Budget balance exemption
15-943.04 English learner classroom personnel bonus fund; payment of English language classroom personnel bonuses
15-944 Base revenue control limit
15-944.01 Additional expenditures exempt in whole or in part from revenue control limit
15-945 Transportation support level
15-946 Transportation revenue control limit
15-947 Revenue control limit; district support level; general budget limit; unrestricted total capital budget limit; soft capital allocation limit
15-947.01 Revenue control limit; general budget limit; total capital budget limit for joint technical education districts
15-948 Adjustment for growth in student count
15-949 Small school districts; exemption from general budget limit; budget revision
15-950 Revenue control limits for new school districts
15-951 Revenue control limit, capital outlay revenue limit, soft capital allocation, district support level and student count for a common school district not within a high school district
15-952 Additional monies for teacher compensation; definitions
15-953 Increases in the base level
15-954 Adjustment for tuition loss
Article 4 Provisions for Capital Outlay and Capital Levy
15-961 Capital outlay revenue limit; growth rate
15-962 Soft capital allocation
15-962.01 Capital outlay revenue limit and soft capital allocation for joint technical education districts; district soft capital allocation fund
15-963 Capital transportation adjustment for small school districts
15-964 Federal impact adjustment
15-965 Schools; impact aid; teacher housing
Article 5 State and Local Assistance to School Districts and Accommodation Schools
15-971 Determination of equalization assistance payments from county and state funds for school districts
15-972; Version 2 State limitation on homeowner property taxes; additional state aid to school districts; definitions
15-972 State limitation on homeowner property taxes; additional state aid to school districts; definitions
15-973 Apportionment of funds; expenditure limitation
15-973.01 Assistance for education fund
15-974 Equalization assistance for education for accommodation schools
15-975 Method of determining funds payable to a joint common school district
15-976 Assistance for school districts for children whose parents are employed by certain state institutions; expenditure limitation
15-977 Classroom site fund; definitions
15-978 Classroom site fund budget limit; school district
15-979 Instructional improvement fund
15-980 Uncollected property tax; supplemental state aid
Article 6 County Finance Responsibilities for School Districts
15-991 Annual estimate by county school superintendent of monies for ensuing year
15-991.01 Tax levy for property not located in a school district
15-992 School district tax levy; additional tax in districts ineligible for equalization assistance; definition
15-993 Tax levy for high schools
15-994 State equalization assistance property tax levy
15-995 Special district assessment for adjacent ways by school district
15-996 Duties of county treasurer relating to school district's monies
15-997 Authority of county officers as to funds, taxes and boundaries of joint common school district
15-998 Liability of treasurer for failure to keep separate account or give notice; enforcement
15-999 Preference of payment of warrants; use of balance of school fund remaining at close of fiscal year
15-1000 County school fund
15-1001 Special county school reserve fund
15-1002 Administration of county school reserve fund; uses
Article 7 Bond Issues and Bonded Indebtedness
15-1021; Version 2 Limitation on bonded indebtedness; limitation on authorization and issuance of bonds
15-1021 Limitation on bonded indebtedness; limitation on authorization and issuance of bonds
15-1022 Tax levy for bonds; administration and disposition of tax; cancellation of paid bonds
15-1023 Issuance of bonds
15-1023.01 Municipal property corporation financing prohibited; definition
15-1024 Interest on bonds; sale; disposition of proceeds; definition
15-1025 Investment and reinvestment of debt service fund
15-1027 Administration of school district debt service funds by county treasurer
15-1028 Disposition of surplus tax monies
15-1029 Rights of bondholder; additional state tax
15-1030 Cancellation of unsold bonds; notice; hearing
15-1031 Power to use outstanding bond authorizations of common school districts or high school districts
15-1032 Capital facilities; bonded indebtedness liability for unified school districts
15-1033 Certification of school district bonds by attorney general
Article 8 Student Accountability Information System
15-1041 Student accountability information system
15-1042 Timeline; student level data; definition
15-1043 Student level data; confidentiality
15-1044 Arizona e-learning task force; duties
15-1045 Education database; pupil privacy
Article 1 Revolving Funds; School Plant, Insurance Proceeds, Unemployment Compensation, Civic Center School and Permanent Teacherage Funds
15-1101 Revolving funds; purpose and manner of procuring
15-1102 Disposition of proceeds from sale or lease of school property; school plant monies; payment of bonded indebtedness; definition
15-1103 Insurance proceeds fund; disposition of proceeds
15-1104 Unemployment compensation fund
15-1105 Lease of school property; civic center school fund; reversion to school plant fund; definitions
15-1106 Permanent teacherage fund; uses; definition
15-1107 Litigation recovery fund; disposition of proceeds
15-1108 District services fund
Article 2 Student Activities and Auxiliary Operation Funds
15-1121 Student activities monies defined
15-1122 Student activities treasurer; assistant student activities treasurer; administration of student activities monies
15-1123 Record of revenues and expenditures
15-1124 Student activities revolving fund for expenses
15-1125 Auxiliary operations fund defined
15-1126 Accounting; deposit; disposition of monies
Article 3 Community School Program Fund
15-1141 Definitions
15-1142 Powers of the governing board
15-1143 Community school program fund
Article 4 School Lunch Program Fund
15-1151 Definition of school meal programs
15-1152 School meal programs; nonschool meal programs; powers of state board of education
15-1153 Federal funds; acceptance; disbursement
15-1154 Operation of school meal programs by governing boards; school meal program fund; revolving fund
15-1155 Records, reports, regulations, audits and inspections by state board of education
15-1157 Inclusion of expenses in budget of superintendent of public instruction
15-1158 Agreements for meals for persons sixty years of age or older
Article 5 Arizona Youth Farm Loan Fund
15-1171 Trust assets of Arizona rural rehabilitation corporation; transfer to state board of education
15-1172 Arizona youth farm loan fund
15-1173 Use of funds
15-1174 Powers and duties
15-1175 Liability
Article 6 Education Voucher Fund for Private Placement
15-1181 Definitions
15-1182 Special education fund; administration
15-1183 Placement; voucher application requirements
15-1184 Vouchers; requirements; budgets; prohibited uses
15-1185 School district responsibility; integration into a school
Article 7 Special Education Voucher Fund for State Institutional Placement
15-1201 Definitions
15-1202 Special education fund account; administration; expenditure limitation
15-1203 Placement; requirements
15-1204 Voucher; application; approval; requirements; budgets; prohibited uses; advances
15-1205 Voucher; evaluation; placement; definition
Article 8 Governing Board Bank Accounts
15-1221 Bank account; federal savings bonds; withholdings; vendor electronic payments; payroll direct deposit
15-1222 Bank account; employee income tax; withholdings
15-1223 Bank accounts; employee insurance; interest; accounting procedures
15-1224 Grants to teachers for instruction
15-1225 Postemployment benefits; trust accounts; actuarial report
Article 9 Career and Technical Education and Vocational Education Projects Fund
15-1231 Career and technical education and vocational education projects fund
Article 10 Academic Contests Fund
15-1241 Academic contests fund; state board of education powers and duties; distribution of monies
Article 11 State Block Grant for Early Childhood Education Program
15-1251 State block grant for early childhood education; evaluation
Article 12 E-rate
15-1261 E-rate application; fund
Article 1 General Provisions
15-1301 Definitions
15-1302 Arizona state schools for the deaf and the blind; provision of services
15-1303 School for the deaf and the blind as public corporation; tax exemption
15-1304 Land reserved for use and benefit of school; schools for the deaf and blind fund
15-1305 Arizona state schools for the deaf and the blind; classroom site fund
Article 2 Administration and Employment of Personnel
15-1321 Board of directors; members; appointment; term; compensation
15-1322 Board organization; meetings; quorum
15-1323 Board of directors; fund; powers and duties
15-1324 Reports of board of directors
15-1325 Superintendent and other personnel; appointment; compensation; term of employment; qualifications; nonretention notice
15-1326 Employment and discharge of personnel
15-1327 Limitations on reduction of salaries or personnel
15-1329 Salaries and subsistence of employees; payrolls
15-1330 Fingerprinting personnel; affidavit
15-1331 Equity study for school personnel
Article 3 Instruction and Students
15-1341 Instruction of pupils
15-1342 Admissions
15-1343 Persons entitled to education
15-1344 Authority for enrollment of children under three years of age; definition
15-1345 Overage and nonresident students; deposit
15-1346 Payment for personal expenses
Article 1 General Provisions
15-1371; Version 2 Equalization assistance for state educational system for committed youth; state education fund for committed youth
15-1371 Equalization assistance for state educational system for committed youth; state education fund for committed youth
15-1372; Version 2 Equalization assistance for state educational system for persons in the state department of corrections; fund
15-1372 Equalization assistance for state educational system for persons in the state department of corrections; fund
15-1373 State education system for committed youth; classroom site fund
Article 1 General Provisions for and Establishment of Community College Districts
15-1401 Definitions
15-1402 Community college districts; requirements
15-1403 Procedure to form a district
15-1404 Election to determine formation of district; notice; canvass
15-1405 Presentation of plan to legislature by county board of supervisors
15-1406 District board members and employees; compensation; payment of expenses for employment candidates
15-1407 Formation of new district by subdivision of existing district; division of assets
15-1408 Use of community college district resources or employees to influence elections; prohibition; civil penalty; definition
15-1409 Provisional community college districts; formation; governing board; powers and duties; issuance and sale of bonds for capital outlay
15-1410 Credit and noncredit courses
Article 2 State Board of Directors for Community Colleges
15-1427 Annual report
Article 3 Community College District Boards
15-1441 Selection of precincts; district board members; terms; qualifications; vacancies
15-1442 Nominating petitions; election; returns; results; certificate of election; statement of contributions and expenditures
15-1443 Meetings; officers; immunity
15-1444 General powers and duties of district governing boards
15-1445 Administrative powers of district governing boards
15-1446 Lease‑purchase agreements
15-1448 Employment of legal counsel; opinions of counsel
15-1449 Control of vehicles and nonpedestrian devices on community college property by district board; sanctions; compliance with emissions inspection; definition
15-1450 District board members; participation in employee benefit plan
15-1451 Optional retirement plans
15-1452 Evaluation of vocational and technological education programs
Article 4 Community College District Finance
15-1461 District budget; annual estimate; computation; notice; hearing; adoption
15-1461.01 Truth in taxation notice and hearing; roll call vote on tax increase; definition
15-1462 Special tax levy for maintenance or capital outlay of district; proration of monies
15-1463 State contribution for capital outlay for initial or additional campus
15-1464 State aid per capita distribution for capital outlay; capital outlay fund; appropriation
15-1465 Election; issuance and sale of bonds for capital outlay; disposition of proceeds; proration of expenditures by counties
15-1466 State aid; eligibility; limitations
15-1466.01 Calculation of full‑time equivalent student enrollment
15-1466.02 Record keeping requirements for full‑time equivalent student enrollment
15-1467 State aid appropriations; disbursement procedure; district fund
15-1468 Equalization aid for community college districts
15-1469 Attendance of nonresident state students; payment of cost by county of residence
15-1469.01 Payment of community college nonresident state student cost
15-1470 Community college courses; intergovernmental agreement
15-1471 Expenditure limitations; overrides
15-1472 Community college district workforce development accounts; reports
15-1473 Uniform system of accounting for community college districts; duties of auditor general
15-1474 Community college bookstore revenue; expenditure limitation; penalty
Article 5 Issuance of Bonds for Revenue Producing Buildings
15-1481 Definitions
15-1482 Powers
15-1483 Issuance of bonds
15-1484 Powers to secure bonds
15-1485 Monies of institution
15-1486 Validity of bonds
15-1487 Prohibitions against obligating the state of Arizona
15-1488 Bonds obligations issued for and on behalf of institutions
15-1489 Certification of bonds by attorney general
15-1490 Excision of unconstitutional or ineffective parts of article
15-1491 Supplemental nature of article; construction and purpose
Article 1 Universities and Colleges
15-1601 State universities; location; faculty powers
15-1606 Correspondence and extension courses
Article 2 Arizona Board of Regents
15-1621 Members; appointment; terms; oath; immunity
15-1622 Officers; organization; quorum
15-1623 Compensation of members
15-1624 Meetings of board advisory committees; student records; executive session
15-1625 General powers of board as body corporate
15-1626 General administrative powers and duties of board
15-1627 Control of vehicles and nonpedestrian devices on university property; sanctions; compliance with emissions inspection; definition
15-1628 Powers and procedures pertaining to optional retirement programs
15-1629 Annual report
15-1630 Abortion at educational facility prohibited; exception
15-1631 State museum
15-1632 University property of expelled students; classification
15-1633 Use of university resources or employees to influence elections; prohibition; civil penalty; definition
15-1634 Intergovernmental agreements; special assessments
15-1635 University research development purposes; product development; corporations
15-1635.01 Transfer of technology developed by universities; patent policies; officer or employee interest in private entity
15-1636 Lease of real property and improvements in research park; prohibited and permitted uses
15-1637 Lease of property for health care institution; requirements; conditions; reports; directors, members and officers of nonprofit corporation; definition
15-1638 Disclosure of records and other matters; exception; definition
15-1639 University recruitment and retention program for economically disadvantaged, minority and underrepresented student populations
15-1640 Public records exemption; intellectual property; historical records; donor records
15-1641 Collegiate special plate funds; purpose
15-1642 Financial aid trust fund; aid to students with verifiable financial need; endowment
15-1643 Arizona area health education system; centers; governing boards; duties
15-1644 Statewide commission; membership; qualifications; duties; compensation; staffing
15-1645 Health professions field scholarships; purpose; amount; repayment; definition
15-1646 Board of regents and university scholarships; notification requirements
15-1647 Distribution of licensing and patent income; Arizona state university; report
15-1648 Technology and research initiative fund; purpose
15-1649 Fingerprinting academic and nonacademic personnel; civil immunity; definitions
15-1650 Annual financial aid report
15-1650.01 Task force for retraining disabled military veterans
Article 3 Teacher Training Schools
15-1651 Teacher training schools
15-1652 Management and expenses
15-1653 Authority to prescribe rules governing admission and attendance
15-1654 Qualifications for admission to teacher training program
Article 4 Financial Provisions
15-1661 Annual appropriation; enrollment audit; expenditure; balance; salaries
15-1662 Universities; funds and accounts
15-1663 Expenditure of land funds; eminent scholars matching grant fund
15-1664 Expenditure of monies
15-1665 Acceptance of federal and other monies
15-1666 Federal monies; deposit and expenditure
15-1667 Federal aid to experiment stations
15-1668 Deposits of universities monies to be secured; exception
15-1669 Payment of salaries; sick leave
15-1670 Appropriation for university research infrastructure facilities; definition
Article 5 Issuance of Bonds
15-1681 Definitions
15-1682 Powers
15-1682.01 Lease-purchase agreements
15-1682.02 Indirect and third party financing; review; reporting
15-1682.03 University capital improvement lease-to-own and bond fund; lease-to-own and bond capital improvement agreements
15-1683 Issuance of bonds
15-1684 Refunding bonds
15-1685 Security of bonds
15-1686 Effect on bonds authorized but unissued
15-1687 Enforcement of contract
15-1688 Monies of the board
15-1689 Validity of bonds
15-1690 Prohibitions against obligating state of Arizona
15-1691 Bonds; obligations of board
15-1692 Certification of bonds by attorney general
15-1693 Bonds as legal investments
15-1694 Excision of unconstitutional and ineffective parts of article
15-1695 Supplemental nature of article; construction and purpose
Article 7 Medical Student Loans
15-1721 Definitions
15-1722 Board of medical student loans; members; terms; officers; compensation
15-1723 Medical student loans; amount; qualifications; requirements
15-1724 Medical student loans; interest; obligations; penalty; authority of attorney general
15-1725 Medical student loan fund
Article 8 Compact for Western Regional Cooperation in Higher Education
15-1741 Definitions
15-1742 Authority of governor to enter compact; terms of compact
15-1743 Authorizing agreements for education of Arizona students outside compact area; limitations
15-1744 Processing and certification of students
15-1745 Contract with student certified by board
15-1746 Collections revolving fund; expenditures; employment of legal counsel; exemption from lapsing
Article 9 Medical Programs
15-1751 Positions at the university of Arizona
15-1753 Primary care disciplines; definition
15-1754 Rural health professions program; definition
15-1755 Clinical rotations
Article 10 Uniform Athlete Agents Act
15-1761 Short title
15-1762 Definitions
15-1763 Service of process; subpoenas
15-1764 Athlete agents; registration; void contracts
15-1765 Registration as athlete agent; form; requirements
15-1766 Certificate of registration; issuance or denial; renewal
15-1767 Suspension, revocation or refusal to renew registration
15-1768 Temporary registration
15-1769 Registration and renewal fees
15-1770 Required form of contract
15-1771 Notice to educational institution
15-1772 Student athlete's right to cancel contract
15-1773 Required records
15-1774 Prohibited conduct; violation; classification
15-1775 Civil remedies
15-1776 Administrative penalties
Article 11 Mathematics, Science and Special Education Teacher Student Loan Program
15-1781; Version 2 Definitions
15-1781 Definition of board
15-1782; Version 2 Mathematics, science and special education teacher student loans; requirements; report
15-1782 Mathematics, science, special education and elementary education teacher student loans; requirements; report
15-1783; Version 2 Mathematics, science and special education teacher student loans; interest; obligations; repayment; authority of attorney general
15-1783 Mathematics, science, special education and elementary education teacher student loans; interest; obligations; repayment; authority of attorney general
15-1784; Version 2 Mathematics, science and special education teacher student loan fund
15-1784 Mathematics, science and special education teacher student loan fund
15-1785 Program termination
Article 1 Classification of Students for Tuition Purposes
15-1801 Definitions
15-1802 In‑state student status
15-1802.01 County residency status; community college districts
15-1803 Alien in‑state student status
15-1804 Presumptions relating to student status; definition
15-1805 Student status guidelines
15-1805.01 Admissions; enrollments; community colleges
15-1806 Testimony concerning student status; designation of persons to administer oaths
15-1807 Concurrent enrollment; nonresident tuition
15-1808 Tuition waiver for child or spouse of peace officer, correctional officer, fire fighter, emergency paramedic, national guard member or member of the United States armed forces killed in the line of duty; disabled national guard member; disabled United States armed forces member; definitions
Article 2 Admission of Students
15-1821 Special admission of students under age eighteen; enrollment information; reports
15-1821.01 Dual enrollment information
15-1822 Report; academic performance of high school graduates
15-1823 Identification numbers; social security numbers
15-1824 Transfer articulation; course numbering; reports
15-1825 Prohibited financial assistance; report
Article 3 Vocational Programs
15-1831 Information on persons who have completed vocational programs; definitions
Article 4 Selective Service Registration and Student Loan Repayment
15-1841 Selective service registration; applicability
Article 5 Commission for Postsecondary Education
15-1851; Version 2 Commission for postsecondary education; purpose; report; members; terms; powers and duties; compensation; quorum; immunity; definition
15-1851 Commission for postsecondary education; purpose; report; members; terms; powers and duties; compensation; quorum; personal liability; definition
15-1852 Additional powers and duties
15-1853 Funding; federal monies; postsecondary education fund; report
15-1854 Private postsecondary education student financial assistance program; fund; definition
15-1855 Postsecondary education grant program; fund; program termination; definition
Article 7 College Savings Plan
15-1871 Definitions
15-1872 Family college savings program oversight committee; membership; powers and duties
15-1873 Commission for postsecondary education; powers and duties; family college savings program trust fund
15-1874 Use of contractor as account depository and manager
15-1875 Program requirements
15-1876 Higher education expenses; exemption from taxation
15-1877 Scholarships and financial aid provisions
15-1878 Limitations of article
15-1879 Annual report
Article 8 Fingerprinting of Students
15-1881 Postsecondary health sciences programs; definitions
Article 9 College Course Materials Information
15-1891 College course materials; information; definitions
Article 10 Voting Information for Postsecondary Students
15-1895 Voting information; postsecondary students
Article 1 Compact for Education
15-1901 Authority of governor to enter compact; terms of compact for education
Article 2 Interstate Compact on Educational Opportunity for Military Children
15-1911 Authority to enter compact; terms of interstate compact on educational opportunity for military children
Article 1 School Facilities Board
15-2001 School facilities board; conflict of interest
15-2002 Powers and duties; executive director; staffing; report
15-2003 Capital reserve fund
15-2004 School facilities board lease‑to‑own; fund; expiration
15-2005 Local lease‑to‑own by school districts; expiration
15-2006 Lease‑to‑own amount; expiration
Article 2 Building Adequacy Standards
15-2011 Minimum school facility adequacy requirements; definition
Article 3 Deficiencies Correction
15-2022 Emergency deficiencies correction fund; definition
Article 4 Building Renewal
15-2031 Building renewal fund; definitions
15-2032 School facilities board building renewal grant fund; definitions
Article 5 New School Facilities
15-2041 New school facilities fund; capital plan; report
Article 6 State School Facilities Revenue Bonds
15-2051 Authorization of state school facilities revenue bonds
15-2052 Issuance and sale of revenue bonds
15-2053 School facilities revenue bond proceeds fund; use for new school facilities
15-2054 School facilities revenue bond debt service fund
15-2055 Securing principal and interest
15-2056 Lien of pledge
15-2057 Bond purchase; cancellation
15-2059 Payment of revenue bonds
15-2060 Investment of monies in school facilities revenue bond proceeds fund
15-2061 Investment of monies in the school facilities revenue bond debt service fund
15-2062 Authorized investments of fund monies
15-2063 Audit
15-2064 Characteristics of bonds; negotiable; exemption from taxation; obligation; legal investments
15-2065 Effect of changing circumstances on bonds; agreement of state
15-2066 Validity of bonds; certification by attorney general
Article 7 State School Improvement Revenue Bonds
15-2081 Authorization of state school improvement revenue bonds; expiration
15-2082 Issuance and sale of school improvement revenue bonds
15-2083 School improvement revenue bond proceeds fund; use for school improvements
15-2084 School improvement revenue bond debt service fund
15-2085 Securing principal and interest
15-2086 Lien of pledge
15-2087 Bond purchase; cancellation
15-2088 Payment of revenue bonds
15-2089 Investment of monies in school improvement revenue bond proceeds fund
15-2090 Investment of monies in the school improvement revenue bond debt service fund
15-2091 Authorized investments of fund monies
15-2092 Audit
15-2093 Characteristics of bonds; negotiable; exemption from taxation; obligation; legal investments
15-2094 Effect of changing circumstances on bonds; agreement of state
15-2095 Validity of bonds; certification by attorney general
Article 8 Impact Aid Revenue Bonds
15-2101 Definition
15-2102 Authorization of school district impact aid revenue bonds
15-2103 Issuance and sale of impact aid revenue bonds
15-2104 Impact aid revenue bond building and debt service funds
15-2105 Securing principal and interest
15-2106 Cancellation of unsold impact aid revenue bonds
15-2107 Payment of impact aid revenue bonds; use of surplus monies
15-2108 Investment of monies in impact aid revenue bond building fund
15-2109 Investment of monies in impact aid revenue bond debt service fund
15-2110 Authorized investments of fund monies
15-2111 Audit
15-2112 Lien of pledge
15-2113 Characteristics of bonds; negotiable; exemption from taxation; obligation; legal investments
15-2114 Effect of changing circumstances on bonds; agreement of state
15-2115 Validity of bonds; certification by attorney general
Article 9 Indoor Air Quality in Schools
15-2131 Definitions
15-2132 Indoor air quality requirements
Article 1 General Provisions
15-2301 Hazing prevention policies; definitions

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