2010 Arizona Revised Statutes
Title 11 - Counties

Article 1 Boundaries and County Seats
11-101 Division of state into counties
11-102 Definitions
11-103 Apache county
11-104 Cochise county
11-105 Coconino county
11-106 Gila county
11-107 Graham county
11-108 Greenlee county
11-109 Maricopa county
11-110 Mohave county
11-111 Navajo county
11-112 Pima county
11-113 Pinal county
11-114 Santa Cruz county
11-115 Yavapai county
11-116 Yuma county
11-117 La Paz county
Article 2 Boundary Disputes
11-121 Action to determine boundary
11-122 Survey of boundary
11-123 Judgment
Article 3 Formation of Counties
11-131 Definitions
11-132 Methods of formation; requirements
11-133 Petition; contents
11-134 Notice of intention to circulate petitions
11-135 Filing of petition; review; certification of results
11-136 County formation commission
11-137 Election on formation of new counties
11-138 Report by campaign committees
11-139 Compliance with federal law
11-140 Election of county officers
11-141 Determination of names and county seats of new counties
11-142 Organization of new county; powers and duties of county officers pending organization
11-143 Distribution board
11-144 Resolution of disputes; appeals; termination of commission
11-145 Payment of costs of county formation
Article 4 Change of County Seat
11-171 Petition for change of county seat
11-172 Hearing on petition; notice
11-173 Review of petition; order for election
11-174 Form of ballot
11-175 Petition to place city or town on ballot; designation of site for courthouse required
11-176 Canvass of votes; determination of election result
11-177 Special election to determine new location
11-178 Limitation on change of county seat
Article 1 Preliminary Provisions
11-201 Powers of county
11-202 County as corporate body; name
Article 2 General Provisions
11-211 Membership; qualifications; term
11-212 Supervisorial districts
11-213 Election; vacancies
11-214 Regular and special meetings
11-215 Boards of supervisors; duty station; travel policy
11-216 Chairman; quorum; public sessions
11-217 Minutes of proceedings
11-218 Subpoena of witnesses; production of books and papers
11-219 Authority to require services of sheriff
11-220 Administration of oaths by board or clerk
11-221 Custody and inspection of records
11-222 Pecuniary interest as bar to vote of supervisor
11-223 Misconduct by supervisor; penalty
Article 3 Clerk of Board
11-241 Appointment; duties
Article 4 Powers and Duties
11-251; Version 2 Powers of board
11-251 Powers of board
11-251.01 Conveyance to nonprofit housing corporation
11-251.02 Additional powers of the board
11-251.03 Records center; contents; open to inspection
11-251.04 Authority to set rates for private towing carrier; definition; violation; classification
11-251.05 Ordinances
11-251.06 Reimbursement for county services to special districts
11-251.07 Report of special taxing districts in the county
11-251.08 County fee for service authority; alternate fee schedule; fee limits; adoption procedures
11-251.09 Enforcement of water conservation plumbing requirements
11-251.10 Conveyance or lease; affordable housing; agreement; recording
11-251.11 Appointed county officers; severance pay
11-251.12 County islands; fire and emergency services protection; intergovernmental agreement with municipalities; definition
11-251.13 Proposed county taxes and fees; notification required; exception
11-252 Membership in organizations
11-253 Reports and bonds of county officers
11-254 Contribution for economic development
11-254.01 County purchasing procedures; purchases to be based on competitive bids; content and issuance of invitations and specifications; basis of awards and rejection of bids; professional services; buildings
11-254.02 Contribution for sports economic development and stadium development; limitation; definition
11-254.03 Board powers; hospitals
11-254.04 Expenditures for economic development; definition
11-254.05 Purchase or lease of development rights; definition
11-254.06; Version 2 County infill incentive districts
11-254.06 County infill incentive districts
11-254.07; Version 2 Renewable energy incentive districts; definition
11-254.07 Renewable energy incentive districts; definition
11-255 Annual contract for advertising and printing
11-256 Lease or sublease of county lands and buildings; exceptions
11-256.01 Lease or sublease of county lands and buildings to governmental entity, county fair association or nonprofit corporation; exception
11-256.02 Lease, sublease or sale of county hospital property to hospital district; exception
11-256.03 Conveyance of property for health care institution to nonprofit corporation; powers and duties of county and nonprofit corporation; reports; definitions
11-256.04 Home equity conversion program; authorization; use of proceeds
11-257 Flood water control works; tax levy
11-258 County fair fund; district fairs; operation of fair by corporation; county and state appropriations
11-259 County immigration commissioner
11-260 Payment of outstanding taxes, penalties and interest on acquiring property
11-261 Authority to procure liability and errors and omissions insurance covering officers, agents and employees
11-262 Contribution to arts organizations
11-263 Authorization to procure insurance for county employees and dependents; expenditure of public funds; employee payments; retired county employees; group health and accident coverage
11-264 Authority to operate a sewage system; liens; sewage system user fees
11-264.01 Additional bonding authority; security for payment; definition
11-264.02 Bonds; legal investments
11-264.03 Exemptions
11-264.04 Security for payment
11-264.05 Issuance of bonds
11-264.06 Acquisition of sewerage system from municipality; retirement of related bonds of municipality
11-265 Authority to provide allowances
11-266 Immunity from personal liability
11-267 Services to the disabled and aged
11-268 Removal of rubbish, trash, weeds, filth, debris and dilapidated buildings; violation; classification; removal by county; costs assessed; collection; priority of lien; definition
11-269 Recycling and waste reduction
11-269.01 Compensation for loss of property value
11-269.02 Public facilities; voter approval; exemptions
11-269.03 Acceleration agreements; loan repayment agreements
11-269.04 Condemnation actions; interest
11-269.05 Vehicle refueling apparatus
11-269.06 County assessor's property information storage and retrieval conversion and maintenance fund; purpose; special recording surcharge; definition
11-269.07 Annexation to city or town; small county islands
11-269.08 Work centers; aliens; prohibition
11-269.09 Federal and state regulations; local coordination; standing; definitions
Article 5 Public Buildings
11-271 Authority to erect county buildings; bond issue; limitation
11-272 Bonds; interest limitation; form
11-273 Sale of bonds; disposition of proceeds
11-274 Bond register
11-275 Tax levy to pay bonds and interest; debt service fund
11-276 Redemption of bonds; notice; effect of failure to present bonds
Article 6 Industrial Pursuits
11-281 Bond election; industrial pursuits fund
11-282 Construction of industrial plant; bidding; bond
11-283 Industrial plant employees; salaries
11-284 Sale of industrial products
Article 7 Medical Facilities and Care of Indigents
11-291 Hospitalization and medical care of the sick
11-292 Medical care; definition
11-293 Long-term care; counties; duties; requirements for payment; home health care
11-293.01 Adult foster care program for the indigent sick; specifications
11-294 Bond of contractor; contents of contract
11-295 Use of county hospital and equipment by contractor; inventory of equipment
11-296 Record of indigent care
11-297 Seriously mentally ill; county responsibility; definition
11-299 Contagious cases
11-300 Tobacco settlement agreement; decreased payments; county contribution
11-301 Discharge of patient capable of self-support; violation; classification
11-302 County tuberculosis sanitarium; admission of patients
11-303 Disposition of body of deceased indigent
Article 7.1 Health Care
11-306 Authority to construct, acquire, lease or sell health care institutions
11-307 Issuance of bonds; negotiability; investment; definition
11-309 Hospital enterprise; accounting; fund; administration; budget
Article 8 Burial of Indigent Veterans
11-311 Appointment of veteran to supervise burial
Article 9 Building Permits
11-321 Building permits; issuance; distribution of copies; subsequent owner
11-322 Violations; classification
11-323 Solar construction permits; standards
Article 10 County Employee Merit System
11-351 Definitions
11-352 Adoption of limited county employee merit system by resolution; removal of certain administrative positions by resolution
11-353 County employee merit system commission; members; terms; vacancies
11-354 Powers and duties of the commission
11-355 Minimum qualifications for employment
11-356 Dismissal, suspension or reduction in rank of employees; appeals; hearings
Article 11 Deferred Prosecution Programs
11-361 Definition of program
11-362 Deferred prosecution program; administration; guidelines; records
11-365 Diversion and deferred prosecution of offenders
Article 12 Street and Highway Improvement Bonds
11-371 Borrowing power of counties
11-372 Vote on bond issues
11-373 Election resolution; contents; publication
11-374 Ballots
11-375 Canvass of returns
11-376 Application of election laws
11-377 Form of bonds; interest rates; redemption; payment of principal and interest; additional security; definition
11-378 Issuance of bonds for public improvements; limitations of amount; successive borrowings; annual interest
11-379 Expansion of pledge; effect on prior elections; refunding bonds; conflict of interest
11-380 Separate fund to pay interest and principal on maturing installment
Article 13 County Housing Trust Fund
11-381 County housing trust fund; board; purpose; administration
Article 14 County Long-Term Obligations
11-391 Incurring long-term obligations; public hearing
Article 1 General Provisions
11-401 Enumeration of officers
11-402 Qualifications
11-403 Practice of law prohibited to certain officers; exceptions
11-404 Residence of county officers
11-405 Limitations on absence of officer from state
11-406 Term of office
11-407 Duties of successors to office
11-408 Consolidation of offices
11-409 Deputies and employees; appointment
11-410 Use of county resources or employees to influence elections; prohibition
11-411 Performance of duties at place other than county seat; record filing
11-412 Seals for certain officers
11-413 County offices; business periods
11-414 Monthly statement of fees earned; disposition of fees
11-416 Liability for failure to collect and remit fees
11-419 County salaries
11-422 Salary of clerk of the board
11-424.01 Salaries of precinct officers other than justices of the peace; definition
11-424.02 Receipt of salary by justices of the peace; affidavit; pending and undetermined causes; violation; classification
Article 2 Sheriff
11-441 Powers and duties
11-442 Ranger deputies; appointment and compensation
11-443 Vacancy in office
11-444 Expenses of sheriff as county charge; expense fund
11-445 Fees chargeable in civil actions by sheriffs, constables and private process servers; authority of private process servers; background investigation; constables' logs; fine surcharge
11-446 Payment of fees into county treasury
11-447 Service of process regular on its face
11-448 Duty to show process
11-449 Liability relating to writs, levies or sales
11-450 Effect of directions of party upon liability of sheriff in execution of process
11-451 Proceedings upon failure to pay over money
11-452 Survival of action against deceased sheriff
11-454 Service on sheriff
11-455 Employment of prisoners; work projects
11-456 Delivery of property and papers to successor; return of executed process
11-457 Refusal to deliver property or papers to successor
11-458 Refusal by sheriff to pay or disburse fine or forfeiture received; classification
11-459 Prisoner work, community restitution work and home detention program; eligibility; monitoring; procedures; home detention for persons sentenced for driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs; community restitution work committee; members; duties
11-459.01 County prisoner complaints to entities; procedure
Article 3 Recorder
11-461 Recording instruments; keeping records; identification; location; social security numbers; definition
11-462 Enumeration of indices
11-463 Manner of keeping indices
11-464 Master forms
11-465 Discharge papers of service personnel
11-466 Certified copies of judgments affecting real property
11-468 Place of recording instrument
11-469 Time instrument deemed recorded; certificate; copies
11-470 Receipt for instrument
11-471 Manner of recording
11-472 Keeping of blotter
11-473 Inspection of records
11-474 Copies of records; certification
11-475 Fees; exemption
11-475.01 Document storage and retrieval conversion and maintenance fund; purpose
11-476 Preservation of county records; transcription and certification
11-477 Liability for neglect or misfeasance
11-478 Reproduction and microphotography of records
11-479 Destruction of records; requirements; exception
11-480 Requirements for form of instruments
11-481 Title and size prerequisites for recording maps and plats; recording fee; exception
11-482 Incorporation by reference; legal descriptions
11-483 Records maintained by county recorder; confidentiality; definitions
11-484 Records maintained by county assessor and county treasurer; redaction; definitions
Article 3.1 Uniform Real Property Electronic Recording Act
11-487 Short title
11-487.01 Definitions
11-487.02 Validity of electronic documents
11-487.03 Recording of documents; definition
11-487.04 Uniformity of application and construction
11-487.05 Relation to electronic signatures in global and national commerce act
Article 4 Treasurer
11-491 Custodian of public monies
11-492 Apportionment of county monies
11-493 Duties
11-494 Receipts for monies received; violation; classification
11-495 Taxpayers' information fund
11-496 Public records copy; proceeds of sale; agent duties; surcharge; special district assessments; deposit
11-497 Disbursement of forest reserve monies
11-498 Inspection of records
11-499 Issuance of county bonds; liability
11-501 Monthly and annual reports to the board
11-502 Transmittal of money to state treasurer
11-503 Failure to make settlement or report; penalty
11-504 Correction of errors
11-505 Disclosure of confidential information; violation; classification; definition
Article 5 County School Superintendent
11-511 Powers and duties
Article 6 County Attorney
11-531 Qualifications
11-532 Powers and duties
11-533 Statement of court and county attorney in connection with sentence
11-534 Effect of failure of county attorney to attend court
11-535 Claims of county attorney against county
11-536 Witness protection
11-537 County attorney juvenile diversion fund
11-538 County attorney victim compensation fund; exemption from lapsing
11-539 State aid to county attorneys fund
Article 7 Assessor
11-541 Powers and duties generally
11-542 County assessor; oath
11-543 Liability for taxes on property unassessed through negligence
Article 9 County Engineer
11-561 Qualifications; salary
11-562 Duties
11-563 Private work prohibited
Article 10 County Forest Fire Wardens
11-571 County volunteer forest fire wardens; appointment; term
11-572 Powers and duties of wardens and peace officers
Article 11 County Public Defenders
11-581 Public defender; appointment
11-582 Qualifications; salary
11-583 Private practice of civil and criminal law prohibited; exception; limitation
11-584 Public defender; duties; reimbursement
11-585 Provision for office and supplies; reimbursement from other agencies
11-586 Provision for deputies, assistants and employees
11-587 Withdrawal of public defender
11-588 State aid to indigent defense fund
Article 12 County Medical Examiner
11-591 Definitions
11-592 County medical examiner; alternate medical examiners; fund; notification
11-593 Reporting of certain deaths; failure to report; classification
11-594 Powers and duties of county medical examiner
11-595 Right to enter premises; right to seize articles
11-596 Removal or disturbance of body or effects or weapons without consent prohibited
11-597 Autopsies; reports; exemption from liability
11-598 Exhumation; court order
11-599 Cremation
11-600 Burial of indigent deceased; disposal of property
Article 1 County Charges, Specific Funds and Warrants for Curent Expenses
11-601 County charges
11-602 Expense fund; estimate of expenses; transfer of funds; retransfer of excess
11-603 Expense of maintaining government defined
11-604 Salary fund; sick pay fund; other funds
11-604.01 Revolving line of credit; uses; procedures; bids; application of revenues; exception
11-605 Warrants drawn on fund
11-606 Collection and disposition of groundwater transportation fees; economic development fund
Article 2 Claims and Warrants
11-621 Payments from treasury on demand; exception; duty of auditor general; payment of loss; alternative procedure
11-622 Demand; time limit for presentation of claim
11-623 Record of demands and warrants
11-624 Audit of nonprofit corporations receiving county monies; definition
11-624.01 Procedure for payment of obligations after close of fiscal year
11-625 Consideration of claim
11-626 Claims by supervisors
11-627 Effect of personal interest of county officer
11-628 Allowance of demands; limitation; hearing
11-629 Rejection or partial allowance of demand
11-630 Action upon rejected or partially allowed demand
11-631 Warrants; record
11-632 Issuance of duplicate warrant
11-633 Warrants receivable for debt or taxes due county
11-634 Payment of warrants and substitute checks; definitions
11-635 Warrants and substitute checks unpaid for lack of funds; interest; definitions
11-636 Effect upon interest of notice of readiness to pay unpaid warrants
11-637 Effect of priority of presentment on preference of payment
11-638 Application of funds when unpaid warrants not presented
11-639 Redemption of unpaid warrants
11-640 Record of interest paid
11-641 Money illegally paid; liability; recovery
11-642 Action by taxpayer to recover money illegally paid
11-643 Nonliability of dissenting supervisor
11-644 Failure to present county check or warrant for payment
11-645 Warrants and substitute checks unpaid for lack of funds; interest; notice; reissued warrants; definitions
Article 2.1 Lease-Purchase Agreements
11-651 Lease-purchase agreements; terms and conditions
11-652 Title to equipment
11-653 Cancellation of agreement
Article 3 Auditing Provisions
11-663 Annual statements to state treasurer
11-664 Suspension of county assessor or county treasurer; due process
11-665 Vacancy in treasurer's office; duty of board
Article 4 Financial Assistance from the Water Infrastructure Finance Authority of Arizona
11-671 Financing wastewater treatment facilities and nonpoint source projects; financial assistance loan repayment agreements; definition
Article 1 County Sports Authority
11-701 Formation of authority
11-702 Board of directors; conflict of interest prohibited; violation; classification; powers and duties
11-703 Using university property
11-704 County sports authority fund
11-705 Annual budget
11-706 Termination of the authority
Article 2 Authority Bonds
11-721 County sports authority bonds
11-722 Bond obligations of the authority
11-723 Certification of bonds by county attorney
11-724 County sports authority bonds as legal investments
Article 3 Municipal Jurisdiction
11-731 Limitation on powers and duties of a county sports authority
Article 1 Administration and Enforcement (Rpld. 10/1/11)
11-801; Version 2 Definitions
11-801 Definitions
11-802; Version 2 County planning and zoning commissions
11-802 County planning and zoning
11-803; Version 2 Consultants; employees; use of services by city or town
11-803 County planning and zoning commissions; membership; terms; advisory officers
11-804; Version 2 Comprehensive plan; contents
11-804 Organization of commission
11-805; Version 2 Comprehensive plan adoption; notice; hearing; amendment; expiration; readoption
11-805 Consultants; employees; use of services by city or town
11-806; Version 2 Rural planning areas; rural planning zones; formation
11-806 Powers and duties; comprehensive plan
11-806.01 Subdivision regulation; platting regulations; violation; classification; easement vesting
11-806.02 Subdivision reservation for public facilities and services; conditions; procedures; time limitation
11-807; Version 2 Specific zoning plans; adoption; administration; contents
11-807 Boards of adjustment; powers; appeals
11-808; Version 2 Infrastructure service area boundaries; notice; hearing; adoption
11-808 Enforcement; county zoning inspector; deputies; building permits; violations; classification; civil penalties; hearing officers and procedures
11-809 Review of land divisions; definitions
11-810 Appeals of county actions; dedication or exaction; excessive reduction in property value; burden of proof; attorney fees
11-811; Version 2 Zoning ordinance; zoning districts; definitions
11-811 Compliance with court decisions
11-812; Version 2 Restriction on regulation; exceptions; aggregate mining regulation; definitions
11-812 Disclosure of filings; military electronics range; definition
11-813 Zoning ordinance; adoption; amendments; notice; hearing
11-814 Rezoning; conditional zoning change; notice; hearing; citizen review; definition
11-815 Enforcement; county zoning inspector; deputies; building permits; violations; classification; civil penalties; hearing officers and procedures
11-816 Boards of adjustment; powers; appeals
11-817 Transfer of development rights; definitions
11-818 Disclosure of filings; military electronics range; definition
Article 2 County Plan and Zoning (Rpld. 10/1/11)
11-821; Version 2 Subdivision regulations; subdivision reservation for public facilities and services; conditions; procedures; time limitation
11-821 County plan; definitions
11-821.01 Duty to zone certain area for canneries, fertilizer plants, refineries, commercial feed lots, meat packing plants, tallow works, and other like businesses; procedure
11-821.02 Operating requirements for businesses and facilities
11-821.03 Transfer of development rights; definitions
11-822; Version 2 Subdivision approval; platting regulations; violation; classification; easement vesting
11-822 Drafting county plan by commission; notice; hearing
11-823; Version 2 Water supply; adequacy; exemptions
11-823 Submission of county plan to board; hearing; notice
11-824 Adoption and amendment of county plan by board of supervisors; expiration and readoption
11-825 Specific zoning plans; adoption; administration; contents
11-826 Infrastructure service area boundaries
11-829 Amendment of ordinance or change of zoning district boundaries; definition
11-830 Restriction on regulation; exceptions; aggregate mining regulation; definitions
11-831; Version 2 Review of land divisions; definitions
11-831 Additional requirements for certain lands
11-832; Version 2 Appeals of county actions; dedication or exaction; excessive reduction in property value; burden of proof; attorney fees; compliance with court decisions
11-832 Conditional zoning change; board approval; reversion
11-833; Version 2 Standards for enactment of moratorium; land development; limitations; definitions
11-833 Standards for enactment of moratorium; land development; limitations; definitions
Article 3 Building Codes (Eff. 10/1/11 Art. 5)
11-861 Adoption of codes by reference; limitations; method of adoption
11-861.01 Single family residences; solar water heating requirement
11-862 Advisory board; appointment; terms; duties
11-863 Contract by county and city for enforcement; rules and regulations; fees for permits
11-864 Publication of ordinance adopting code
11-865 Exemptions; exception
11-866; Version 2 Penalties
11-866 Penalties
Article 4 Air Quality (Eff. 10/1/11 Art. 6)
11-871 Emissions control; no burn; exemptions; penalty
11-872 Control techniques; rules; schedule for adoption
11-873 Rules; industry sectors; enhanced enforcement
11-874 Control of area sources; rules; industry sectors
11-875 Clean burning fireplace ordinance
11-876 Engine idling restrictions; exemptions; applicability; civil penalty; definition
11-877 Air quality control measures
Article 1 Public Libraries
11-901 Establishment and maintenance of libraries
11-903 City or town joining or withdrawing from county library district
11-904 Contracts for city or town library to assume function of county free library; termination
11-906 Board of library examiners; membership; compensation; powers and duties
11-908 County librarian; certificate
11-909 General supervision; branch libraries; employees
11-910 Supervision by director of the Arizona state library, archives and public records; annual convention of county librarians
11-911 Reports by county librarian
11-913 County free library district fund; custody
11-914 Gift, bequest or devise to county free library; title to property
Article 2 Public Parks
11-931 Definitions
11-932 Acquisition of property for park purposes; dedication; eminent domain; authority to make improvements
11-933 Cooperative agreements between governing bodies; prohibitions; agreement with United States or others
11-934 Parks and recreation commission; appointment; meetings
11-935 Powers and duties
11-935.01 Open space land acquisition
11-936 Rules; notice
11-937 Tax levy; appropriations
11-938 Agreement to appear in court
11-939 Powers of park rangers
11-940 Violations; classification
11-941 County parks operation and enhancement fund; publication and souvenir revolving fund; investment; transfer
Article 3 Joint Exercise of Powers
11-951 Definitions
11-952 Intergovernmental agreements and contracts
11-952.01 Public agency pooling of property, fidelity, liability, workers' compensation, life, health, accident and disability coverage; exemptions; board of trustees; contract; termination; audit; insolvency; definition
11-952.02 Separate legal entities; joint exercise of powers
11-953 Appropriations
11-954 Limitation of powers
Article 4 Relocation Assistance
11-961 Definitions
11-962 Relocation assistance advisory services
11-963 Payment of moving and related expenses; substitute payments
11-964 Replacement housing for homeowners
11-965 Expenses incidental to transfer of property
11-966 Replacement housing for tenants
11-967 Application review by the chief executive officer of the acquiring agency
11-968 Relocation assistance rules
11-969 Payments not income or resource; welfare assistance
11-970 Effect on eminent domain proceedings
11-971 Assurance of availability of housing
11-972 Litigation expenses
11-973 Buildings, structures and improvements
11-974 When provisions and benefits available
Article 5 City, Town or County Employee Benefits, Property Loss and Liability Claim Coverage
11-981 Payment of benefits, losses and claims; establishment of trust funds
Article 6 Animal Control
11-1001 Definitions
11-1002 Powers and duties of the state veterinarian and the Arizona department of agriculture
11-1003 Powers and duties of department of health services
11-1005 Powers and duties of board of supervisors
11-1006 Hearing officer; hearing on civil violations; additional remedies
11-1007 Powers and duties of county enforcement agent
11-1008 License fees for dogs; issuance of dog tags; classification
11-1009 Kennel permit; fee; denial; inspection; violation; classification
11-1010 Anti-rabies vaccination; vaccination and license stations
11-1011 Rabies control fund
11-1012 Dogs not permitted at large; wearing licenses
11-1013 Establishment of county pounds; impounding and disposing of dogs and cats; reclaiming impounded dogs and cats; pound fees
11-1014 Biting animals; reporting; handling and destruction
11-1015 Unlawful interference with county enforcement agent
11-1016 Removing impounded animals
11-1017 Unlawful keeping of dogs
11-1018 Exemption of cities, towns and counties
11-1019 Violation; classification
11-1020 Dogs; liability
Article 6.1 Handling of Animals
11-1021 Proper care, maintenance and destruction of impounded animals
11-1022 Sterilization of impounded dogs and cats; definition
11-1023 Unauthorized release of animals; classification; damages
11-1024 Service animals; rights of individuals with disabilities; violation; classification; definitions
11-1025 Liability for dog bites
11-1026 Lawful presence on private property defined
11-1027 Reasonable provocation as defense
11-1028 Definitions
11-1029 Hearing on disposition of abused and vicious animals; forfeiture; exception
Article 7 Summer Youth Employment and Training
11-1041 Definitions
11-1042 Local programs; state funding appropriation and allocation
Article 8 Enforcement of Immigration Laws
11-1051 Cooperation and assistance in enforcement of immigration laws; indemnification
Article 1 General Provisions
11-1101; Version 2 Development agreements
11-1101 Development agreements
11-1102 County development fees; annual report
11-1103 Development fees; intergovernmental agreements; purposes
Article 2 Real Estate Transfer Affidavit and Fee
11-1131 Definitions
11-1132 Real estate transfer fee; collection; disposition of proceeds
11-1133 Affidavit of legal value
11-1134 Exemptions
11-1135 Transmitting affidavit to county assessor and department of revenue
11-1136 Administrative and enforcement powers of department
11-1137 Violations; classification
Article 1 General Provisions
11-1201 Definitions
11-1202 Protected development right; establishment; plan requirements; variance
11-1203 Duration of a protected development right; termination
11-1204 Subsequent changes prohibited; exceptions
11-1205 Protected development right; exercise; agreements
11-1206 Protected development right; agreements regarding public safety
Article 1 Organization
11-1401 Definitions
11-1402 Operating agreement
11-1403 Request for expressions of interest
11-1404 Evaluation of expressions of interest
11-1405 Corporate board of directors; membership; terms of office of initial members
11-1406 Conflicts of interest
11-1407 Corporate powers, immunities and limitations
11-1408 Other powers
11-1409 County responsibility for indigent sick
Article 2 Operation
11-1431 Purposes of the nonprofit corporation
11-1432 Lease of health system assets to nonprofit corporation
11-1433 Power to acquire and operate community health system
11-1434 Operating agreement; required provisions
11-1435 Power to perform operating agreement
11-1436 Renegotiation of agreements on change in county's health care duties
11-1437 Transfer of county employees
11-1438 Existing construction contracts
11-1439 Limitation of county liability
11-1440 Corporate bonds
11-1441 Honoring outstanding debt obligations of sponsoring county
11-1442 Annual audit and report

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