2019 Alaska Statutes
Title 47. Welfare, Social Services, and Institutions
Chapter 12. Delinquent Minors
Article 2. Information And Records.
Sec. 47.12.300. Court records.

Universal Citation: AK Stat § 47.12.300 (2019)

(a) The court shall make and keep records of all cases brought before it.

(b) The court shall forward a record of adjudication of a violation of an offense listed in AS 28.15.185(a) to the Department of Administration if the court imposes a license revocation under AS 28.15.185.

(c) Except when disclosure of the name of a minor is authorized or required by this chapter and except as provided in (g) of this section, the name or picture of a minor under the jurisdiction of the court may not be made public in connection with the minor's status as a delinquent unless authorized by order of the court.

(d) Except as provided in (f) of this section, within 30 days of the date of a minor's 18th birthday or, if the court retains jurisdiction of a minor past the minor's 18th birthday, within 30 days of the date on which the court releases jurisdiction over the minor, the court shall order all the court's official records pertaining to that minor in a proceeding under this chapter sealed, as well as records of all driver's license proceedings under AS 28.15.185, criminal proceedings against the minor, and punishments assessed against the minor. A person may not use these sealed records for any purpose except that the court may order their use for good cause shown or may order their use by an officer of the court in making a presentencing report for the court. The provisions of this subsection relating to the sealing of records do not apply to records of traffic offenses.

(e) The court's official records prepared under this chapter and not made public under this section are confidential and may be inspected only with the court's permission and only by persons having a legitimate interest in them. A foster parent is considered to have a legitimate interest in those portions of the court's official records relating to a child who is already placed with the foster parent or who is recommended for placement with the foster parent. A person with a legitimate interest in the inspection of a confidential record maintained by the court also includes a victim who suffered physical injury or whose real or personal property was damaged as a result of an offense that was the basis of an adjudication or modification of disposition. If the victim knows the identity of the minor, identifies the minor or the offense to the court, and certifies that the information is being sought to consider or support a civil action against the minor or against the minor's parents or guardian under AS 09.65.255, the court shall, subject to AS 12.61.110 and 12.61.140, allow the victim to inspect and use the following records and information in connection with the civil action:

(1) a petition filed under AS 47.12.040(a) seeking to have the court declare the minor a delinquent;

(2) a petition filed under AS 47.12.120 seeking to have the court modify or revoke the minor's probation;

(3) a petition filed under AS 47.12.100 requesting the court to find that a minor is not amenable to treatment under this chapter and that results in closure of a case under AS 47.12.100(a); and

(4) a court judgment or order entered under this chapter that disposes of a petition identified in (1) - (3) of this subsection.

(f) A person who has been tried as an adult under AS 47.12.100(a) or a person whose records have been made public under (g) of this section, or the department on the person's behalf, may petition the superior court to seal the records of all criminal proceedings, except traffic offenses, initiated against the person, and all punishments assessed against the person, while the person was a minor. A petition under this subsection may not be filed until five years after the completion of the sentence imposed for the offense for which the person was tried as an adult or five years after a disposition was entered for an offense for which the records were made public under (g) of this section. If the superior court finds that its order has had its intended rehabilitative effect and further finds that the person has fulfilled all orders of the court entered under AS 47.12.120, the superior court shall order the record of proceedings and the record of punishments sealed. Sealing the records restores civil rights removed because of a conviction. A person may not use these sealed records for any purpose except that the court may order their use for good cause shown or may order their use by an officer of the court in making a presentencing report for the court. The court may not, under this subsection, seal records of a criminal proceeding

(1) initiated against a person if the court finds that the person has not complied with a court order made under AS 47.12.120; or

(2) commenced under AS 47.12.030(a) unless the minor has been acquitted of all offenses with which the minor was charged or unless the most serious offense of which the minor was convicted was not an offense specified in AS 47.12.030(a).

(g) When a district attorney has elected to seek imposition of a dual sentence and a petition has been filed under AS 47.12.065, or when a minor agrees as part of a plea agreement to be subject to dual sentencing, all court records shall be open to the public except for predisposition reports, psychiatric and psychological reports, and other documents that the court orders to be kept confidential because the release of the documents could be harmful to the minor or could violate the constitutional rights of the victim or other persons.

(h) A person who discloses confidential information in violation of this section is guilty of a class B misdemeanor.

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