In re Sorensen

Annotate this Case

                                ENTRY ORDER

                      SUPREME COURT DOCKET NO. 91-273

                              JUNE TERM, 1991

In re Arthur H. Sorensen, Esq.    }          Original Jurisdiction

             In the above entitled cause the Clerk will enter:

     Arthur H. Sorensen having been publicly reprimanded by the Supreme
Court of New Jersey for failure to turn over to clients interest accrued on
client funds, it is hereby ordered that Arthur H. Sorensen be publicly
reprimanded pursuant to the reciprocal discipline provisions of the
Permanent Rules Governing Establishment of Professional Conduct Board and
Its Operation.  A.O. 9, Rule 17.

                                   BY THE COURT:

                                   Frederic W. Allen, Chief Justice

                                   Ernest W. Gibson III, Associate Justice

[ ]  Publish                       John A. Dooley, Associate Justice

[x]  Do Not Publish
                                   James L. Morse, Associate Justice

                                   Denise R. Johnson, Associate Justice