In Re: Randy E. Williams--Appeal from of County

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6-96-028-CV Long Trusts v. Dowd In The
Court of Appeals
Sixth Appellate District of Texas at Texarkana
No. 06-03-00070-CV

Original Mandamus Proceeding



Before Morriss, C.J., Ross and Carter, JJ.

Memorandum Opinion by Chief Justice Morriss




Randy E. Williams has filed a petition pro se asking this Court to issue a writ of mandamus against the Texas Department of Criminal Justice-Institutional Division. He asks this Court to enter a number of orders, most of which have to do with his work activities at the prison and the application of good time credits because of that work. He also complains generically that requiring him to do manual labor subjects him to a "condition of peonage, involuntary servitude, and slavery."

This Court has jurisdiction to issue a writ of mandamus against "a judge of a district or county court in the court of appeals district." Tex. Gov't Code Ann. 22.221(b) (Vernon Supp. 2003). We do not have the authority to issue a writ of mandamus against a state agency in this context. Accordingly, as we do not have mandamus jurisdiction over the real party in interest, we cannot consider this petition on its merits.

The petition is denied.


Josh R. Morriss, III

Chief Justice


Date Submitted: May 28, 2003

Date Decided: May 29, 2003