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Sims v. Texas (original by judge hervey)  
Date: January 16, 2019
Docket Number: PD-0941-17

Justia Opinion Summary: Appellant Christian Sims was charged with murder. He filed a pretrial motion to suppress evidence of real-time location information used to track his cell phone by “pinging” it without a warrant. Using that information,...

Texas v. Martinez (original by judge walker)  
Date: January 9, 2019
Docket Number: PD-0324-17

Justia Opinion Summary: Appellee Roger Martinez sought to suppress challenging the legality of his arrest for public intoxication. The motion was granted by the trial court, and the court of appeals affirmed. Because there was probable cause to...

French v. Texas (original by judge yeary)  
Date: December 19, 2018
Docket Number: PD-0038-18

Justia Opinion Summary: The Court of Appeals reversed appellant Cody French’s conviction for the aggravated sexual assault of a child. The appellate court held the trial court erred in not giving a unanimity instruction to the jury as to which...

Braughton v. Texas (original by judge alcala)  
Date: December 19, 2018
Docket Number: PD-0907-17

Justia Opinion Summary: Christopher Braughton was convicted of murder. On appeal, he challenged the sufficiency of the evidence presented against him, and argued the trial court erred in instructing the jury by omitting a lesser-included offens...

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