Special Workers' Compensation Appeals Panel Decisions 2003

Edward Caksackkar v. Goodyear Tire
Date: December 15, 2003
Docket Number: W2002-02368-SC-WCM-CV
Linda Meadows v. Wausau Insurance
Date: December 8, 2003
Docket Number: E2002-02828-WC-R3-CV
Gaylon Lowry v. Hardeman County Board of Education
Date: December 1, 2003
Docket Number: W2002-02822-WC-R3-CV
Sandra Terrell v. Sterling Plumbing Group
Date: November 24, 2003
Docket Number: W2002-01489-WC-R3-CV
Charles Newman v. City of Knoxville.
Date: November 17, 2003
Docket Number: E2003-00841-WC-R3-CV
Beverly A. Taylor v. Ebasco Constructors
Date: November 10, 2003
Docket Number: E2002-01929-WC-R3-CV
Jose Silva v. Martin Lumber
Date: November 3, 2003
Docket Number: M2003-00490-WC-R3-CV
Gene Patton v. Sevier County
Date: October 27, 2003
Docket Number: E2002-02004-WC-R3-CV
Permanent General Insurance v. Howard E. Raymer
Date: October 23, 2003
Docket Number: M2002-03042-WC-R3-CV
Sharp Manufacturing v. Nicole Sullivan v. Yasuda Fire & Marine
Date: October 20, 2003
Docket Number: W2002-00857-SC-WCM-CV
Derrek Harper v. Gulf Insurance
Date: October 13, 2003
Docket Number: W2002-02230-WC-R3-CV
Kasey Dunn-Lindsey v. Wal-Mart Stores, Inc., d/b/a Sam's
Date: October 13, 2003
Docket Number: W2002-02742-WC-R3-CV
Kathy Davenport v. Wal-Mart
Date: October 6, 2003
Docket Number: E2002-02156-WC-R3-CV
Willie Christopher v. Plumley Marugo
Date: September 29, 2003
Docket Number: W2002-02007-SC-WCM-CV
Diana Neese v. Shoney's
Date: September 29, 2003
Docket Number: M2002-01277-SC-WCM-CV
Stephanie Sansom v. Lookout Knitwear
Date: September 15, 2003
Docket Number: E2002-02226-WC-R3-CV
Adana Carter v. Utica Mutual Insurance
Date: September 1, 2003
Docket Number: E2002-01779-WC-R3-CV
Brinda J. Hill v. Arcade Marketing Printing
Date: August 25, 2003
Docket Number: E2002-01936-WC-R3-CV
Rosie Mae Thomas v. Magna Seating Systems of America, Inc., a/k/a Milan Seating Systems
Date: August 18, 2003
Docket Number: W2002-02403-WC-R3-CV
Romach, Inc. v. Anthony Cole
Date: August 4, 2003
Docket Number: M2002-02399-WC-R3-CV
Phyllis Patrice Braden v. Nissan North America
Date: June 23, 2003
Docket Number: M2002-01173-WC-R3-CV
James Lattimore v. CNA Insurance
Date: June 23, 2003
Docket Number: M2002-01718-WC-R3-CV
Michael Palmer v. Minco, Inc. & Hartford Underwriters
Date: June 2, 2003
Docket Number: E2002-01634-WC-R3-CV
Barbara Pritchett v. Wal-Mart Stores
Date: May 26, 2003
Docket Number: E2001-01257-WC-R3-CV
Elizabeth Whitlow v. Milan Seating
Date: May 19, 2003
Docket Number: W2002-00451-SC-WCM-CV
Randy Selby v. Highways, Inc.
Date: May 12, 2003
Docket Number: M2002-00340-SC-WCM-CV
Cynthia Walker v. Advance Transformer
Date: May 5, 2003
Docket Number: E2001-03074-WC-R3-CV
Jewell Winningham v. Findlay Industries
Date: April 28, 2003
Docket Number: M2002-02059-WC-R3-CV
Ken Randall Allmon v. Wolf Tree Experts, Inc., et al
Date: April 21, 2003
Docket Number: M2002-00366-WC-R3-CV
Patsy .Holcomb v. Memorial Healthcare
Date: April 21, 2003
Docket Number: E2002-01226-WC-R3-CV
Buford Prince v. City of Tullahoma
Date: April 7, 2003
Docket Number: M2002-00619-WC-R3-CV
Whirlpool Corp. v. James Neville
Date: March 31, 2003
Docket Number: M2002-00187-WC-R3-CV
Elizabeth McBroom v. Owens-Corning
Date: March 17, 2003
Docket Number: W2002-01146-SC-WCM-CV
Lanny Bernard v. Active USA
Date: March 10, 2003
Docket Number: M2002-00663-WC-R3-CV
Deborah Griffin v. Ace USA
Date: February 24, 2003
Docket Number: W2002-01433-WC-R3-CV
Dale Pratt v. Averitt Express
Date: February 17, 2003
Docket Number: E2002-00864-WC-R3-CV
Dale Pratt v. Averitt Express, Inc.
Date: February 14, 2003
Docket Number: E2002-00864-WC-R3-CV
Rosie Fuller v. Wal-Mart Stores
Date: February 10, 2003
Docket Number: W2002-00745-WC-R3-CV
Mary Wynn v. Heckethorn Mfg.
Date: February 3, 2003
Docket Number: W2002-00565-WC-R3-CV
Kenny Searcy v. Unipres
Date: January 27, 2003
Docket Number: M2002-00245-WC-R3-CV
Michael Story v. The Holland Group and CGU Ins.
Date: January 20, 2003
Docket Number: M2001-03078-SC-WCM-CV
Michael Binkley v. E.I. DuPont De Nemours
Date: January 13, 2003
Docket Number: M2002-00278-WC-R3-CV
Douglas Edward Smitley v. Suburban Manufacturing Co.
Date: January 13, 2003
Docket Number: E2002-00255-WC-R3-CV
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