RON JONES & CO. v. Jaquith

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612 P.2d 770 (1980)

46 Or.App. 671

RON JONES & CO., an Oregon Corporation, Appellant, v. Helen JAQUITH and Douglas Jaquith, Respondents-Cross-Appellants.

No. 107292; CA 14055.

Court of Appeals of Oregon, In Banc.[*]

Petitions for Reconsideration March 26, 1980.

Decided June 23, 1980.

Thomas B. Brand, and Brand, Lee, Ferris & Embick, Salem, for appellant's petition.

Valerie J. Vollmar, and Clark, Marsh & Lindauer, Salem, for respondents-cross-appellants' petition.

On Appellant's and Respondents-Cross-Appellants' Petitions for Reconsideration March 26, 1980.


Appellant's petition for reconsideration is granted. The former dissenting opinion is adopted as the opinion of the court. Respondents-cross-appellants' petition for reconsideration is denied. Reversed and remanded for entry of summary judgment for appellant.

GILLETTE, J., dissents.

GILLETTE, Judge, dissenting.

Because I am still of the view expressed in our original opinion in this case, I respectfully dissent.

ROBERTS, J., joins in this dissent.


[*] SCHWAB, C.J., did not participate in this decision.

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