State ex rel. Oklahoma Bar Assn. v. Meek

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State ex rel. Oklahoma Bar Assn. v. Meek
1996 OK 119
927 P.2d 553
67 OBJ 3287
Case Number: SCBD-4154
Decided: 10/22/1996
Supreme Court of Oklahoma

STATE of Oklahoma ex rel. OKLAHOMA BAR ASSOCIATION, Complainant,
Elaine MEEK, Respondent.


[927 P.2d 554]

ΒΆ0 The complainant, Oklahoma Bar Association (Bar Association), charged the respondent, Elaine Meek, with six counts of professional misconduct. The allegations involve unprofessional behavior with clients and with the Bar Association in the grievance process. The respondent was personally served with the complaint, but she did not answer. A motion to deem the allegations admitted was granted. Although under an order to appear, the respondent did not attend the disciplinary proceeding. After hearing evidence of the respondent's misconduct, the trial panel recommended disbarment. We find that: 1) there is clear and convincing evidence of the respondent's misconduct; and 2) the respondent's misconduct, her disciplinary history, discipline administered in similar cases and the respondent's total disregard for the grievance process warrant disbarment and the payment of costs in the amount of $1,134.80.


Mike Speegle, Assistant General Counsel, Oklahoma Bar Association, Oklahoma City, for Complainant.

Elaine Meek, Tulsa, Pro se.

KAUGER, Vice Chief Justice: