Williams v State

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Williams v State
1935 OK CR 127
49 P.2d 240
58 Okl.Cr. 68
Decided: 09/13/1935
Oklahoma Court of Criminal Appeals

Appeal from District Court, Pittsburg County; Harve L. Melton, Judge.

The plaintiff in error was convicted of the crime of murder, and appeals. Reversed, with directions.

W.A. Lackey and J.M. Roberts, for plaintiff in error.

Mac Q. Williamson, Atty. Gen., and Smith C. Matson, Asst. Atty. Gen., for the State.

PER CURIAM. The defendant in this case is a codefendant with the defendant in case No. A-8879, Porter v. State, 58 Okla. Cr. 54, 49 P.2d 234, just decided by this court involving the same charge. The same facts are presented in this case as were presented in No. A-8879, and the plaintiff in error's brief differing from that filed in No. A-8879 only in page numbers of the record.

The state's brief setting out no additional matter, but relying upon the facts as it had in opposing the motion to set aside the judgment and permit the defendant to withdraw his plea of guilty in No. A-8879.