New Jersey Tax Court Decisions 1986

Washington Place Assocs v. Newark
Date: December 29, 1986
Docket Number: 01562-85
Mark Andy, Inc. v. Dir, Div of Taxation
Date: December 23, 1986
Docket Number: 01698-85
Union City Associates v. Union City
Date: December 3, 1986
Docket Number: 01371-86
Norman D. Wolff v. Dir, Div of Taxation
Date: December 2, 1986
Docket Number: 00038-85
Shein & Senoff v. North Brunswick Tp.
Date: November 24, 1986
Docket Number: 01125-85
Franklin Tp. v. State of NJ, Dept. of Environmental Protection
Date: November 7, 1986
Docket Number: 01700-85
Mobil Oil Corporation v. Greenwich Tp.
Date: October 29, 1986
Docket Number: 00075-85
Litton Business Systems, Inc v. Morris Plains Bor
Date: October 20, 1986
Docket Number: 00419-84
JC Penney Company, Inc. v. Lawrence Tp
Date: September 17, 1986
Docket Number: 07036-82
H.G.K.W. Corp. v. East Brunswick Tp.
Date: July 16, 1986
Docket Number: 01442-86
Donald and Doris White v. Bernardsville
Date: June 2, 1986
Docket Number: 01393-84
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