New Jersey Advisory Committee on Professional Ethics Decisions 1970

Conflict of Interest Representing Driver and Passenger Waiver
Date: November 12, 1970
Docket Number: acp188-1
Conflict of Interest Mayor's Legal Associates
Date: November 12, 1970
Docket Number: acp189-1
Conflict of Interest Municipal Attorney Conflict Between Mayor and Council
Date: September 10, 1970
Docket Number: acp187-1
Legal Service Financing Plan
Date: July 9, 1970
Docket Number: acp180-1
Conflict of Interests Partners of Municipal Prosecutor
Date: July 9, 1970
Docket Number: acp182-1
Announcement to Lawyers Use of Degrees J.D., LL.M. (in Taxation)
Date: July 9, 1970
Docket Number: acp183-1
Finder's Fees Disclosure to Client
Date: June 25, 1970
Docket Number: acp178-1
Usury - Purchase of Inactive Corporation to Obtain Mortgage
Date: April 9, 1970
Docket Number: acp176-1
Credit Card Collection Plan for Attorneys
Date: February 26, 1970
Docket Number: acp175-1
Services to Corporate Employees
Date: February 5, 1970
Docket Number: acp172-1
Conflict of Interest Municipal Judge Representing Developers
Date: January 1, 1970
Docket Number: acp167-1
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