State v. Carter

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Nebraska Supreme Court Online Library 01/15/2016 09:02 AM CST - 481 - Nebraska A dvance Sheets 292 Nebraska R eports STATE v. CARTER Cite as 292 Neb. 481 State of Nebraska, appellee, v. Victor L. Carter, appellant. ___ N.W.2d ___ Filed January 15, 2016. No. S-14-1089. supplemental opinion Appeal from the District Court for Douglas County: Gary B. R andall, Judge. Affirmed. Steve Lefler, of Lefler, Kuehl & Burns, for appellant. Douglas J. Peterson, Attorney General, and Kimberly A. Klein for appellee. Victor L. Carter, pro se. Heavican, C.J., Wright, Connolly, McCormack, MillerLerman, Cassel, and Stacy, JJ. Per Curiam. We held case No. S-14-1089 under submission pending payment of the statutory docket fee pursuant to our decision in State v. Carter.1 The docket fee was timely paid, and we now consider the merits of the appeal. As was foreshadowed in Carter, we find Victor L. Carter’s motion for postconviction relief to be meritless. Accordingly, we affirm the order of the district court. A ffirmed. McCormack, J., not participating in the decision.  1 State v. Carter, 292 Neb. 16, 870 N.W.2d 641 (2015).