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ORDERS ON PETITIONS FOR FURTHER REVIEW FILED September 21, 2004 Minnesota Supreme Court
September 21, 2004

1. Diane Lorix v. Flexsys NV, et al. A03-1518 Denied 2. State v. Jorge Luis Exposito A03-90 Denied 3. State v. Elio Ronnie Infante A03-92 Denied 4. Dr. Ba Lam v. County of Ramsey, Minnesota, et al. A03-1753 Denied 5. State v. Carlos Ramone Sargent A03-1190 Denied 6. State v. Nic Sean Rinde A03-946 Denied 7. State v. Chad Allen Rourke A03-1254 Granted/Vacated/Remanded 8. State v. Lawrence Ogris C7-03-225 Granted/Vacated/Remanded 9. State v. Daniel Jay Campbell A03-705 Denied 10. State v. Harold Cleveland Porter A03-691 Denied 11. Jensen-Re Partnership, a Minnesota General Partnership v. Superior Shores Lakehome Association A03-1681 Denied 12. Brandon Joseph Babich v. State A03-1165 Denied 13. State v. Henok Hadgu A03-739 and A03-1002 Denied 14. State v. Ronald Rausch A03-825 Denied 15. State v. Richard Joseph Jacobson A03-1782 Granted 16. Jodi Madsen v. Larry Hanson, et al. A03-1872 Denied 17. State v. Conan Wilson Hernandez A03-989 Denied 18. State v. Clifford David Brimmer A03-588 Denied 19. State v. Jeff Lawrence Krautkremer A03-902 Granted/Vacated/Remanded 20. State v. JC NMN Poole, Jr. A03-822 Denied 21. State v. Diane Marcella and Michael Otto Hartmann A03-1674 Granted 22. Robert J. Woolley v. Sandra L. Panek, et al. A03-1610 Denied 23. State v. Victor Lee Cotton A03-1355 Granted/Vacated/Remanded 24. State v. Robert L. Smith A03-1044 Denied 25. In re the Marriage of: Sharon N. Tori v. Jose H. Tori A03-1124 Denied 26. State v. Andre Corbett A03-800 Denied 27. Troy Anthony Dunlap v. State A03-1721 Denied 28. State v. Donn Lee Greeley A03-1008 Denied 29. State v. Paul Kermit Ness A03-1187 Granted 30. Ann Violet Jussila v. State A03-1759 Denied 31. Robert L. Erickson, et al. v. Grand Marais Public Utilities Commission, et al., Utili-Trax Contracting Partnerships, LLC, d/b/a Utili-Trax A03-1565 Denied 32. State v. Donald J. Urbanski A03-1073 Denied 33. In the Matter of the Civil Commitment of: Renee P. Sharp A03-1904 Denied 34. Paul William Ciuro v. Carla Y. Wilson A03-1179 Denied 35. Kenneth S. Benigni v. Theodore Tammaro, Todd Tammaro A03-1523 Denied 36. In the Matter of the Child of: S.T.C., Parent A03-1349 Denied 37. State v. Andre Lashon Carter A03-1215 Granted 38. State v. Donald Edarde Moorhead A03-781 Denied 39. State v. Vieta Ercel Crutcher, Belinda Marie Walker A03-1647 and A03-1648 Denied 40. Rand Claussen, et al. v. City of Lauderdale, MN, Dennis Dolphin, et al. A03-1983 Denied 41. In re Harry Maddox, III, Petitioner. Harry Maddox, III v. State A04-1179 Denied 42. Sharyl Uhde v. Brook West Chiropractic Clinic, et al. A03-2009 Denied 43. In re Matthew Simonson, Petitioner. Rosemary Simonson v. Matthew Simonson A04-1231 Denied 44. William J. Hageman, et al. v. Rich Stanek, Commissioner of Public Safety for the State of Minnesota, Domestic Abuse Project, et al. A03-2045 Denied