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STATE OF MICHIGAN COURT OF APPEALS PEOPLE OF THE STATE OF MICHIGAN, UNPUBLISHED June 19, 1998 Plaintiff-Appellee, v No. 191612 Oakland Circuit LC No. 95-137268-FC DUNCAN EDWARD CAMERON, Defendant-Appellant. AFTER REMAND Before: Sawyer, P.J., and Hood and Hoekstra, JJ. MEMORANDUM. Defendant was convicted by a jury of first-degree criminal sexual conduct, MCL 750.520b; MSA 28.788(2), and sentenced as a second-felony offender, MCL 769.10; MSA 28.279. On defendant’s appeal and by opinion dated November 4, 1997, we remanded this case to the trial court for an evidentiary hearing addressing defendant’s allegations that his trial counsel had provided ineffective assistance. The trial court held the hearing on November 26, 1997, and concluded that defendant failed to prove ineffective assistance of counsel on either of the two alleged grounds. After reviewing the trial court’s ruling and the transcript of the hearing below, we agree that defendant failed to show that counsel’s representation fell below an objective standard of reasonableness and that the representation so prejudiced defendant as to deny him a fair trial. See People v Stanaway, 446 Mich 643, 687-688; 521 NW2d 557 (1994). Therefore, we affirm the holding of the trial court. Affirmed. /s/ David H. Sawyer /s/ Harold Hood /s/ Joel P. Hoekstra -1­