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STATE OF MICHIGAN COURT OF APPEALS In the Matter of TYRELL DUSHAWN DAVENPORT and DAMIEN LEVON CLAY, Minors. FAMILY INDEPENDENCE AGENCY, UNPUBLISHED May 29, 1998 Petitioner-Appellee, v No. 205095 Wayne Juvenile Court LC No. 94-314544 LARETTE DAVENPORT, Respondent-Appellant, and DASHAWN EOTIS HENDERSON and WILLIE CLAY III, Respondents. Before: Neff, P.J., and White and D. A. Teeple*, JJ. MEMORANDUM. Respondent-appellant appeals as of right from a juvenile court order terminating her parental rights to the minor children under MCL 712A.19b(3)(c)(i); MSA 27.3178(598.19b)(3)(c)(i). We affirm. The record reflects that respondent-appellant failed to benefit from the parenting classes that she attended, and also failed to substantially comply with the court’s orders regarding drug screens. In addition, the special needs of the minor children were not consistently addressed by respondent­ * Circuit judge, sitting on the Court of Appeals by assignment. -1­ appellant. Furthermore, the evidence indicated that respondent-appellant was not -2­ reasonably likely to rectify the conditions that led to adjudication within a reasonable time considering the ages of the children. Therefore, the juvenile court did not clearly err in finding that the statutory ground for termination was established by clear and convincing evidence. In re McIntyre, 192 Mich App 47, 50; 480 NW2d 293 (1991). Further, respondent-appellant failed to show that termination of her parental rights was clearly not in the children’s best interest. MCL 712A.19b(5); MSA 27.3178(598.19b)(5); In re Hall-Smith, 222 Mich App 470, 473; 564 NW2d 156 (1997). Thus, the juvenile court did not err in terminating respondent-appellant’s parental rights. Affirmed. /s/ Janet T. Neff /s/ Helene N. White /s/ Donald A. Teeple -3­