Attorney Grievance v. Partridge

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ATTORNEY GRIEVANCE COMMISSION OF MARYLAND * IN THE * COURT OF AP PEALS * OF MARYLAND Petitioner v. * JOHN HENRY PARTRIDGE * Misc. D ocket AG No. 8 Respondent * September Term 2005 ORDER Upon consideration of the petition for disciplinary or remedial action based upon the reciprocal discipline filed in the above entitled matter in accordance with Md. Rules 16-751 and 16 -773 an d no respon se having been m ade by Joh n Henry Pa rtridge, the respon dent, to the show cause order, it is this 8 th day of July , 2005 ORDERED, by the Court of Appeals of Maryland, that John Henry Partridge be, and he is hereby, disbarred, effective immediately, from the further practice of law in the State of Maryland, and it is further ORD ERED , that the Clerk of th is Court s hall forth with stri ke the n ame o f John H enry Partridge from the register of attorneys in this Court and shall certify that fact to the Trustees of the C lient Protection F und an d the clerks of all jud icial tribunals in the State in accordance with Ru le 16-760(e). /s/ Irma S. R aker Judge