Attorney Grievance v. Page

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ATTORNEY GRIEVANCE COMMISSION OF MARYLAND * IN THE * COURT OF AP PEALS * OF MARYLAND Petitioner v. * ALFRED PAGE, JR. Respondent * Misc. Docket AG No. 79 * September Term 2004 ORDER The parties herein have jointly Petitioned this Court to reprimand the Respondent pursuant to Maryland Rule 16-772. Upon review of said Joint Petition and for the reasons set forth therein, it is this 29TH day of September, 2005, ORDERED, that the Respondent, Alfred Page, Jr., be, and is hereby, reprimanded; and it is further ORDERED, that Responden t shall obtain an escrow and practice monitor for a period of two (2) years commencing thirty (30) days from the date of this Order, with the monitor makin g mon thly reports to the Office of Bar Cou nsel for the first six m onths an d quarterly reports th ereafter; an d it is furth er Ordered, that judgm ent be entered in favor of Petitioner, the Attorney Grievance Commission of Maryland, in the amoun t of $148.25 for costs against the Respondent, Alfred Page, Jr. /s/ Irma S. R aker Judge