WILLIAM P. DERING VS. NO. 2020-114 KAY W. DERING ***consolidated with*** WILLIAM P. DERING VS. NO. 2020-1862 KAY. W. DERING Vs.

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NOT DESIGNATED FOR PUBLICATION STATE OF LOUISIANA COURT OF APPEAL, THIRD CIRCUIT 22-341 consolidated with 22-510 WILLIAM P. DERING VERSUS KAY W. DERING ********** ON APPLICATION FOR WRIT OF SUPERVISORY REVIEW FROM THE FOURTEENTH JUDICIAL DISTRICT COURT PARISH OF CALCASIEU, NO. 2020-114 C/W 2020-1862 HONORABLE ROBERT L. WYATT, DISTRICT JUDGE ********** SHANNON J. GREMILLION JUDGE ********** Court composed of Elizabeth A. Pickett, Shannon J. Gremillion, and John E. Conery, Judges. WRIT DENIED. Thomas J. Gayle Gayle Law Firm 713 Kirby Street Lake Charles, LA 70601 (337) 494-1220 COUNSEL FOR PLAINTIFF/APPLICANT: William P. Dering Jared W. Shumaker Fontenot & Shumaker 608 West McNeese Street Lake Charles, LA 70605 (337) 508-2627 COUNSEL FOR DEFENDANT/RESPONDENT: Kay W. Dering GREMILLION, Judge. For the reasons set forth in Dering v. Dering, 22-510 (La.App. 3 Cir. __/__/22), ___ So.3d ___, the application for supervisory writ filed by plaintiff/applicant, William P. Dering, is denied. WRIT DENIED.
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