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STATE OF LOUISIANA COURT OF APPEAL, THIRD CIRCUIT P.O. Box 16577 Lake Charles LA 70616 (337) 433-9403 NOT DESIGNATED FOR PUBLICATION Philip Anthony Franco Adams and Reese 701 Poydras Street, Ste 4500 New Orleans LA 70139 Jeffrey Edward Richardson Adams & Reese 701 Poydras St., Ste 4500 New Orleans LA 70139 Leigh Ann T. Schell Adams and Reese, LLP 701 Poydras St, Ste 4500 New Orleans LA 70139 Judgment on rehearing rendered and mailed to all parties or counsel of record on October 31, 2018. REHEARING ACTION: October 31, 2018 Docket Number: 18 00667-CW IN RE: HARRIER TRUST Writ Application from Calcasieu Parish Case No. 2016-3020 BEFORE JUDGES: Hon. John D. Saunders Hon. Marc T. Amy Hon. Billy Howard Ezell As counsel of record in the captioned case, you are hereby notified that the application for rehearing and the motion for expedited consideration filed by Pastor Edward Alexander and Adam P. Johnson are: DENIED. cc: Walter Marshall Sanchez, Counsel for the Respondent Michael Reese Davis, Counsel for the Respondent Todd Samuels Clemons, Counsel for the Respondent Tim P. Hartdegen, Counsel for the Respondent Alexander L. H. Reed, Counsel for the Respondent Janet Madison, Counsel for the Respondent Christopher J. Akin, Out of State Attorney Rudie Ray Soileau, Jr., Counsel for the Applicant Wilford D. Carter, Counsel for the Applicant Hunter William Lundy, Counsel for the Applicant Matthew Edward Lundy, Counsel for the Applicant Daniel A. Kramer, Counsel for the Applicant T. Houston Middleton, IV, Counsel for the Applicant Jeffrey W. Chambers, Counsel for the Applicant John P. Lahad, Counsel for the Applicant