State Of Louisiana VS Joyrie L. Knighton

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STATE OF LOUISIANA COURT OF APPEAL, FIRST CIRCUIT STA' E OF LOUISIANA L. KNIGHTON 2014 N0. KW 0199 VERSUS JOYRIE In Re: L. oyrie 19th APR 0 7 2014 Knighton, Judicial No. PARRO, WRIT Court GUIDRY, DENIED . of East We Baton and lgned, arra; AND are sentenced DRAKE, Parish for a the petition RHP JMG EGD OF APPEAL, v( f PUTY FOR FIRST C CLERK THE of writs, East Baton JJ. that CIRCUIT c,._ 7 OF COORT COURT relator charges for release under La. Code Crim. seeking See State v. Varmall, 539 So. 2d 45 ( La. COURT supervisory Parish informed by the office Rouge Therefore, petition. for Court, 10- 13- 0444 . Rouge, BEFORE: applying District a P. at issue writ of art . 1989) of the has { in billed, his habeas habeas corpus 701 ( B) per Clerk of been is curiam) . moot .