State Of Louisiana VS John T. Fitch, Sr.

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STATE OF LOUISIANA COURT OF APPEAL, FIRST CIRCUIT STAT OF 2014 N0. LOUISIANA KW 0195 VERS[ JS JOHN In T. FITCH, Re: APR 2 1 20 sR. Sohn T. 32nd Judicial KUHN, The previous'yo District in urdered this JEK TMEi OF APPEAL, FIRST ur' V `- DEPUTY FOR CLERK THE CIRCUIT i 0 CO COURT RT court according matter, MRT COURT Court, THERIOT, district which hearing, evidentiary applying HIGGINBOTHAM AND GRANTED. WRIT Sr. , fo supervisory Parish of writs, Terrebonne, 394977 . No. BEFORE: Fitch, as is to soon JJ. ordered the as to conduct the judge' s office was practicable .