State Of Louisiana VS Frank Atkins

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STATE OF LOUISIANA COURT OF APPEAL, FIRST CIRCUIT STATE OF LOUISIANA N0. 2013 KW 2251 VERSUS FRANK In MAR 2 4 2014 ATKINS Re: Frank Atkins, Judicial WHIPPLE, WRIT was NOT App. La. lst 2013, Court, C. J. , WELCH CONSIDERED. 10/ 8/ Cir. instructed before District supervisory Parish East of 19th writs, Baton Rouge, 11- 12- 0432 . No. BEFORE: for applying October to file 21, AND In 13) a 2013 . ( CRAIN, State JJ. v. unpublished application new This Atkins, writ in application, 2013 this filed 1464 KW action) , Court relator on December or 27, is untimely. JEW WJC VGW COURT OF APPEAL, EPUTY FOR CLERK THE FIRST OF CIRCUIT COURT COURT il