State Of Louisiana VS Randy R. Carson

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STATE OF LOUISIANA COURT OF APPEAL, FIRST CIRCUIT STATE 2013 OF LOUISIANA NO. R. CARSON FEB 1 KW 2129 VERSUS RANDY In Re: Carson, R. Randy Judicial applying District Court, for writs, supervisory Parish St . of 20 4 Tammany, 22nd No. 433, 690 . BEFORE: PARRO, WRIT DENIED trial that the and Motion " GUIDRY, AS MOOT. court for on relator' Writs" on November are on relator' on Motion s 22, for 2013 . EGD RHP OF APPEAL, DEPUTY FOR CLER THE FIRST OF CIRCUIT COURT OURT advised January JMG COURT JJ. We acted Rehearing" acted DRAKE, AND s 15, Return " by the Motion 2014 . Date judge' s office for Production" The trial for court Supervisory