State Of Louisiana VS Robert Emmett Huen

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STATE OF LOUISIANA COURT OF APPEAL, FIRST CIRCUIT 2013 NO. LOUISIANA OF STATE KW 2041 VERSUS In HUEN EMMETT ROBERT 32nd for police reports, Division Law Relator 98- 2258 A ( La. 44 : 32 . trial fees for State the 1992) . proceeding, of Nash civil trial he desires . See JN1M PMc OF APPEAL, FIRST CIRCUIT w D P T FOR CLERK THE OF COU COURT T a of pay the 1054 44 : 31 ( La. person mandamus Should So. 2d App. lst a ruling in appeal of the La. R. S . at the service at civil 44 : 35 ( C) . & the by the regular 742 the make the issues seek writ McKnight, So. 2d 604 a curiam) . denied Court, 44 : 35 ( A) . prepared to JTP COURT for State, v. per R. S. La. is this R. S . La. court may See ( must records records from proceedings See State, v. person if public relief 894 So. 2d 742 records . documents . the the the action, s court' for should be he After the of McKnight rel. ex in forth set i Records proceeding. criminal public examine level . court rel. to seeking institute copies ex 12/ 3/ 98 ) , Cir. request a State Corrections, Public procedures enforcement also custodian prevail, person lst before first must the of from records and the to a of the production and Safety pursuant part as See desires If custodian, denying for files, s Public Parole and follow App. who to request in err not Requests attorney' of enforced 44 : 35 ( C) . person the be did court district the should R. S . La. of Terrebonne, JJ. McCLENDON, documents . Department Probation of cannot trial of production Louisiana the The DENIED. motion AND McDONALD PETTIGREW, WRIT writs, supervisory Parish Court, District Judicial for applying t 558261 . No. BEFORE: Huen, Emmett Robert Re: O` 1R 895; Cir. civil trial I