State Of Louisiana VS Byron Brumfield

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STATE OF LOUISIANA COURT OF APPEAL, FIRST CIRCUIT STATE OF LOUISIANA 2013 N0. KW 2007 VERSUS BYRON In MHR 1 BRUMFIELD Re: Byron Brumfield, Judicial 701989 & BEFORE: DENIED. 10/ 13/ 95) , AND McCLENDON, McDONALD, See 661 State So. 2d 488 . JTP JrIl I OF APPEAL, i '' E c U v- FIRST 6 Y CLERK FOR THE supervisory Parish PMc COURT for Court, of writs, Tangipahoa, 21st Nos . 702563 . PETTIGREW, WRIT La. applying District LU`!` CIRCUIT 4t OF COT COURT i' ex rel. Fleury JJ. v. State, 93- 2898