Mark Maddie VS Larry Vosburg, et al. (2013CW1791 Rehearing Application)

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STATE OF LOUISIANA COURT OF APPEAL, FIRST CIRCUIT MARK 2013 N0. MADDIE CW 1791 VERSUS VOSBURG LARRY AND SUSIE 16, APRIL R. 2014 VOSBURG In On Re: Motion 21st reconsider, Livingstor., PETTIGREW, BEFORE: TO MOTION the considered application after the Rules of No . for be cor.sidered writ be judgment of Appeal, 9. JMM PMc JTP COUR1 OF APPEAL, FIRST r c u,- PUTY FOR CIRCUIT CLERK THE OF COJRT COURT An when filed of Court 2- for has not an Additionally, or. or this Ru1es application this applicaticn. must the Courts of JJ. CONSIDERED. NOT rehearing Louisiana Parish Court, District to Cosburg, 137 , 406. criqinal of R. Susie and McDONALD AND McCLENDON, not rerdition Vosburg Judicial RECONSIDER will rehearing Larry of before Court . 18 . 2, See 2- 18 . 7 14 days Uniform and 4-