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Idaho v. Loera  
Date: October 5, 2020
Docket Number: 46849

Justia Opinion Summary: Justin Loera was convicted for battery on a correctional officer. Loera claimed the district court erred in three respects: (1) by partially quashing his subpoena duces tecum based on its relevance rather than the standa...

Idaho v. Winkler  
Date: October 2, 2020
Docket Number: 47102

Justia Opinion Summary: Brandon Lynn Winkler appealed a district court order denying his motion to dismiss a January 2019 felony charge for driving under the influence of alcohol. Despite Winkler having been pardoned for a 2006 felony DUI, the...

Idaho v. Haws  
Date: October 2, 2020
Docket Number: 47800

Justia Opinion Summary: Law enforcement used confidential informants to make several purchases of controlled substances from Darius Haws and his brother between April and May of 2015. While out on bond, Haws went to the residence of a female ac...

Idaho v. Oxford  
Date: October 1, 2020
Docket Number: 46608

Justia Opinion Summary: Cari Oxford was convicted by jury of second degree kidnapping after she kidnapped her neighbor’s infant son. On appeal, Oxford contended the district court abused its discretion in: (1) denying her the funds necessary to...

Idaho v. Haws  
Date: September 9, 2020
Docket Number: 47800

Justia Opinion Summary: Darius Haws appealed after he pled guilty to delivery of a controlled substance and battery on a police officer pursuant to plea agreements in which he waived his right to appeal his convictions or sentences. The distric...

Hairston v. State
Date: September 3, 2020
Docket Number: 46665
Idaho v. Gomez-Alas  
Date: September 2, 2020
Docket Number: 46724

Justia Opinion Summary: In December 2017, Klaus Nico Gomez-Alas was charged with two felony counts: rape and infamous crime against nature. At trial, he was acquitted of rape, but convicted of simple battery as an included offense. On the secon...

Idaho v. Pylican  
Date: July 27, 2020
Docket Number: 47308

Justia Opinion Summary: Defendant-respondent Jennie Pylican moved to suppress evidence she unlawfully possessed methamphetamine and drug paraphernalia on the evening of October 12, 2017. At that time, an officer observed Pylican enter a storage...

Idaho v. Hansen  
Date: July 22, 2020
Docket Number: 46805

Justia Opinion Summary: In September 2018, Idaho State Police Sergeant Curt Sproat pulled over a vehicle driven by defendant-respondent Cody Hansen on Interstate 90 after observing a traffic infraction. As Sergeant Sproat approached the vehicle...

Idaho v. Gneiting  
Date: July 15, 2020
Docket Number: 46781

Justia Opinion Summary: Nicole Lyn Gneiting appealed her conviction for possession of major contraband within a correctional facility under Idaho Code section 18-2510(3). Police responded to a call to a potential burglary at an Idaho Falls mote...

Idaho v. Bonner  
Date: July 14, 2020
Docket Number: 46097

Justia Opinion Summary: A district court granted Michael Bonner's motion to suppress evidence following a traffic stop that lead to his arrest for driving without privileges and for DUI. Bonner argued that the arresting officer lacked a reasona...

Hairston v. Idaho  
Date: July 6, 2020
Docket Number: 46665

Justia Opinion Summary: James Hairston was sentenced to death after a jury convicted him of two counts of first-degree murder in connection with the deaths of William and Dalma Fuhriman. Hairston was about nineteen and a half when he killed the...

Idaho v. Nava  
Date: June 11, 2020
Docket Number: 47439

Justia Opinion Summary: Quentin Nava appealed after he was convicted on one count of lewd and lascivious conduct and one count of sex abuse. The charges arose from an approximately two-day period in July 2016 when Nava was staying in the home o...

Idaho v. Rodriguez  
Date: June 10, 2020
Docket Number: 46333

Justia Opinion Summary: John Rodriguez sold a firearm to an individual who had visible gang tattoos and had previously identified himself as a member of the Norteno gang, but who was actually an informant paid by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco,...

Idaho v. Dix  
Date: June 10, 2020
Docket Number: 47112

Justia Opinion Summary: Over a period of several months, William Dix bought several thousand dollars’ worth of goods from Grainger Supply on credit. On the same days he bought the goods, he pawned them. Dix was charged with grand theft and burg...

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