In re Application of Bowler v. Christiana Trust

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Electronically Filed Supreme Court SCWC-16-0000728 26-FEB-2019 09:35 AM SCWC-16-0000728 IN THE SUPREME COURT OF THE STATE OF HAWAI I IN THE MATTER OF THE APPLICATION OF JOHN FRANCIS BOWLER and AUGUST AHRENS LIMITED, GUARDIAN TRUST COMPANY LIMITED, ELIZABETH K. BOOTH AND OTHERS AND MAGOON ESTATE LIMITED to register and confirm title to land situate at Kalia, Waikiki, City and County of Honolulu, State of Hawai i, HISAKO KOIWA, Petitioner/Petitioner-Appellant, vs. CHRISTIANA TRUST, A DIVISION OF WILMINGTON SAVINGS FUND SOCIETY, FSB, not in its individual capacity but as trustee of ARLP TRUST 3, a Delaware statutory trust, Respondent/Respondent-Appellee. CERTIORARI TO THE INTERMEDIATE COURT OF APPEALS (CAAP-16-0000728; CASE NO. 1 L.D. 15-1-3762) (APP. NOS. 537, 570, 830, 1293) ORDER REJECTING APPLICATION FOR WRIT OF CERTIORARI (By: Recktenwald, C.J., Nakayama, McKenna, Pollack, and Wilson, JJ.) Petitioner/Petitioner-Appellant Hisako Koiwa’s Application for Writ of Certiorari, filed on January 8, 2019, is hereby rejected. DATED: Honolulu, Hawai i, February 26, 2019. /s/ Mark E. Recktenwald /s/ Paula A. Nakayama /s/ Sabrina S. McKenna /s/ Richard W. Pollack /s/ Michael D. Wilson