Australia Decisions

Chapter III of the Australia Constitution provides the basis for establishing federal courts and vesting judicial power in state and territory courts. The High Court of Australia is the final court of appeal in Australia. It reviews appeals in civil and criminal matters, as well as constitutional disputes. Australia also has three other federal courts: the Federal Court, the Family Court, and the Federal Circuit Court, formerly known as the Federal Magistrates Court. The Family Court and the Federal Circuit Court recently have been merged into a single structure. In addition, each state and territory in Australia has its own system of courts.

Decisions From Foreign and International Courts (Australia)
Overseas Tankship v. Miller Steamship Co. (Wagon Mound No. 2)
Date: May 25, 1966
Court: The Supreme Court of New South Wales
Citation: 1 A.C. 617 (1966)
Overseas Tankship v. Morts Dock & Engineering Co., Ltd. (Wagon Mound No. 1)
Date: January 18, 1961
Court: The Supreme Court of New South Wales
Citation: A.C. 388 (P.C. Aust. 1961)
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