Jeanne E. Paul v. Jean-Claude Paul

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Supreme Court of Florida ____________ No. SC02-681 ____________ JEANNE E. PAUL, Petitioner, vs. JEAN-CLAUDE PAUL, Respondent. [February 5, 2004] PER CURIAM. We initially accepted jurisdiction to review Paul v. Paul, 807 So. 2d 191 (Fla. 3d DCA 2002), a decision which the district court of appeal certified to be in direct conflict with the decision of another district court pursuant to article V, section 3(b)(4) of the Florida Constitution. Upon further consideration, we have now determined that we should exercise our discretion and discharge jurisdiction. Accordingly, this review proceeding is hereby dismissed. It is so ordered. ANSTEAD, C.J., and WELLS, PARIENTE, LEWIS, CANTERO, and BELL, JJ., concur. QUINCE, J., dissents. NO MOTION FOR REHEARING WILL BE ALLOWED. Application for Review of the Decision of the District Court of Appeal - Certified Direct Conflict of Decisions Third District - Case No. 3D01-1322 (Miami-Dade County) James C. Blecke of Deutsch & Blumberg, P.A., Miami, Florida, for Petitioner John G. Crabtree of John G. Crabtree, P.A., Key Biscayne, Florida; and Philip J. Brutus of Brutus & Roberson, North Miami, Florida, for Respondent 2