Neal v. Warden, No. 7:2019cv00139 - Document 12 (W.D. Va. 2019)

Court Description: MEMORANDUM OPINION. Signed by Senior Judge Glen E. Conrad on 4/10/2019. (slt)
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CLERK'SAT OFFI R I;E t).S.DIST. COUR' OANOG ,VA FILED IN TH E UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT FO R TH E W E STER N D ISTR ICT O F W R G IM A R O AN O K E DIV ISIO N AF2 10 205 JUL BY: . DUD RK , /'--N K DENARD Dm ELL NEM Z, Petitioner, Y. W ARDEN,USP LEE, R espondent. ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) CASE NO.7:19CV00139 M EM ORANDUM OPIM ON By:Hon.Glen E.Conrad SeniorUnitedStatesDistrictJudge Thepetitioner,a federalinmateproceedingpro K ,liled thisaction asapetition fora writ . ofhabeascorpus,pursuantto28U.S.C.j2241,allegingdueprocessviolationsduringdisciplinary proceèdingsattheUnitedStatesPenitentiaryLeeCotmty(GGUSP Lee'').Therespondenthasfiled a motion to dism iss that the court will separately address,once the petitioner has had an opportunity to respond. After review ofthe record,the courtconcludes thatthe petitioner's separatemotionseeldngatemporaryrestrainingorderandapreliminaryinjunctionisnotproperly fledin ahabeasaction and m ustbedenied. In the petitioner'smotion forinterlocutory injunctive relief,he contendsthatFederal Btlreau ofPrisons(:% OP'')offcialshaveengaged in apattern ofplanting drugsorweaponson him toretaliateagainsthim forflinggrievances.HedescribestwopastinstancesataBOP facility in Califom ia in which he incurred disciplinary infractionsforpossession ofdrugsand aweapon, only to havethoseinfractionsexpungedon appeal.Healsotellsofasimilarinfraction hereceived . Neal v. Warden Doc. 12 in 2018 atU SP Lee,when a an oflk erreported finding a w eapon in the petitioner's locker. That infraction was exptmged on appeal. The petitioneralso statesthatpastincidentsofcorrectional Californiausingforceagainstotherinm ateshavecausedhim tofearthatthepattem of allegedly false disciplinary chargeswilllead to officersusing violence againstbim . Based on these pastevents,the petitionermoves the courtfor an interlocutory injtmction directing the wardén ûtto providea safe non-hostileliving environmentwere(sic)petitionerDenard-Dnrnell: Neal;IsFree From StaffAssaults,Free From Staffplanting ofweaponsordrtlgsupon petitioner orpersonalproperty.''M ot.Attach.1,ECF No.5-11. Section'2241habeaspetitionsareappropriatewhen an inm ate seekstochallengeGçthevery factorduration ofllisphysicalimprisonment'' Preiserv.Rodriguez,411U.S.475,500 (1973). A mojion com plaining aboutconditionsofconfinementisnotchallenging thefactordtlration of the petitioner'simprisonm entand,thus,isnotproperly before the cout' tin this habeas action.l Therefore,the courtwilldeny thepetitioner'smotion.An appropriateorderwillenterthisday. Ex-l+ R :Iu s lôN dayofApril,2019. h SeniorUnited StatesDistrictJudge 1 Claim s that conditions of confinement are unconstitutional may be raised in a civil rights complaintunderBivensv.SixUnknownNnmedAgentsofFed.BureauofNarcotics,403U.S.388(1971). If the petitionerw ishes to file such an action,he mustalso com ply with filing prerequisites,including exhaujtion of available administrative remedies as required under 42 U.S.C.j 1997e(a) and making financialarrangementstopaythefilingcosts.See28U.S.C.j1915(b).