Grant v. Joint Chiefs of Staff, No. 1:2019cv00013 - Document 3 (W.D. Va. 2019)

Court Description: OPINION AND ORDER granting 1 Motion for Leave to Proceed in forma pauperis and dismissing Complaint. Clerk shall close the case. Signed by Judge James P. Jones on 04/02/2019. (ar)
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CLERK' S OFFICE U.S.DIST.COURT ATABfNGDON,VA FILED IN THE UN TED STATESDISTRICT COURT FO R T H E W ESTER N D ISTW C T O F W R G IN G A BIN G D O N D IW SIO N AF2 -2 2219 JU W ILLG M L EE G R AN T II, Plaintiff, casexo.1:19cv 13 V. JO IN T C H IE FS O F STA FF, D efendant. W ILL IA M LE E G R AN T II, Plaintiff, casexo.1:19cv 1M M. G R E G O R Y K .H A R R IS,ET A L ., D efendants. W ILL IA M L EE G R A N T ll, Plaintiff, Grant v. Joint Chiefs of Staff M. Doc. 3 GREGORY K .HARRIs,ET AL., D efendants. . UDLE; CLERK BY: . D U casexo.lt19cv 13 K O PIN IO N A N D O R D ER William LeeGrantIL Springflel4 Virginia,Pro SePlaintff The plaintiff has subm itted applications to proceed in form a pauperis in orderto fle tlu-ee separate civilactions. 1willgrantihe applicationsbutdismiss thecomplaints suasponteasfrivolousunder28U.S.C.j 1915(e)(2)(B). W hile lm ustconsiderpro se filings liberally,the presentcom plaints state no recognizable causes of action and instead Cddescriblej fantastic or delusional scenarios,claimswith which federaldistrictjudgesarea11too familiar.''Neitzkev. Williams,490U.S.319,328 (1989). To quote operecentfederalcourtdecision: ddplaintiff is a serialGler of frivolous litigation in various federalcourts across the country,....thevastmajority of(Pqlaintiffscases (ofwhich the Courtisaware) havebeen dismisseb asfrivolousunder28U.S.C.j1915(e).', 'Grantv.US.Dep 't of Transp.,No.4:18-CV-00444-AI-M -CAN,2019 W L 1009408,at*1(E.D.Tex. Jan.28,2019),R.4 R.adopte4 No.4:18-CV-444,2019 W L 1003641(E.D.Tex. M ar.1,2019)(quoting Grantv.US.Dep 'tof Transp.,No.1:18-cv-00457-TSETCB (E.D.Va.M ay 1,2018),appealdismissedas# ivolous,Grantv.US.Dep 'tof Transp.,740F.App'k 333 (4th Cir.2018)(unpublished). A ccordingly,itis O R D E R ED thatthe m otions to proceed in form a pauperis are G R AN TED ,and the Com plaints are D ISO SSED . The Clerk shallclose the cases. EN TER : A pril2,2019 /s/ Jam esP.Jones United StatesD istrictJudge - 3-