1977 Southern District of Ohio US Federal District Court Case Law

Brinkman v. Gilligan
Date: December 15, 1977
Citation: 446 F. Supp. 1232
Docket Number: C-3-75-304
Ohio Contractors v. Economic Development
Date: November 22, 1977
Citation: 452 F. Supp. 1013
Docket Number: C-1-77-619
Concerned Citizens, Etc. v. Pine Creek Conservancy
Date: August 29, 1977
Citation: 473 F. Supp. 334
Docket Number: C-1-75-5
Date: August 25, 1977
Citation: 440 F. Supp. 414
Docket Number: C-2-77-632
Amusement Devices Ass'n v. State of Ohio
Date: July 26, 1977
Citation: 443 F. Supp. 1040
Docket Number: C-2-75-511
Ohio Cas. Ins. Co. v. Ford Motor Co.
Date: July 22, 1977
Citation: 443 F. Supp. 80
Docket Number: C-2-72-286
Flynt v. Leis
Date: July 6, 1977
Citation: 434 F. Supp. 481
Docket Number: C-1-77-319
Chapman v. Rhodes
Date: June 29, 1977
Citation: 434 F. Supp. 1007
Docket Number: C-1-75-251
McCluskey v. Rob San Services, Inc.
Date: June 24, 1977
Citation: 443 F. Supp. 65
Docket Number: C-2-75-41
Smith v. Columbus Metropolitan Housing Authority
Date: June 21, 1977
Citation: 443 F. Supp. 61
Docket Number: C-2-75-830
Mills v. National Distillers Products Co.
Date: June 2, 1977
Citation: 435 F. Supp. 72
Docket Numbers: C-1-74-302, C-1-75-194
United States v. McGee
Date: May 24, 1977
Citation: 432 F. Supp. 557
Docket Number: C-3-77-136
Far Eastern Textile, Ltd. v. City Nat. Bank & Trust Co.
Date: April 20, 1977
Citation: 430 F. Supp. 193
Docket Number: C-2-75-603
United States v. Cooper
Date: March 22, 1977
Citation: 428 F. Supp. 652
Docket Number: CR-2-77-10
Columbia Gas Transmission Corp. v. Larry H. Wright, Inc.
Date: March 22, 1977
Citation: 443 F. Supp. 14
Docket Number: C-2-76-806
Wolfinger v. Standard Oil Co.
Date: March 14, 1977
Citation: 442 F. Supp. 928
Docket Number: C-2-75-490
Penick v. Columbus Bd. of Ed.
Date: March 8, 1977
Citation: 429 F. Supp. 229
Docket Number: C-2-73-248
Woodrum v. Abbott Linen Supply Co.
Date: February 10, 1977
Citation: 428 F. Supp. 860
Docket Number: C-1-74-428

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