Williams v. TLC Casino Enterprises, Inc. et al, No. 2:2017cv02810 - Document 14 (D. Nev. 2018)

Court Description: ORDER Granting 13 Verified Petition for Permission to Practice Pro Hac Vice for Attorney Joseph A. Kroeger for Four Queens, LLC and TLC Casino Enterprises, Inc. and approving Designation of Local Counsel Paul Swenson Prior. Signed by Judge James C. Mahan on 1/17/2018. (Copies have been distributed pursuant to the NEF - MR)
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Williams v. TLC Casino Enterprises, Inc. et al Doc. 14 I 2 3 4 5 UNITED STATES DISTRICT COTTRT DISTRICT OF'NEVADA 6 7 I 9 vs. 11 13 IO-JCM-GWF, VERIF'IED PETITION FOR PERMISSION TO PRACTICE IN THIS CASE ONLY BY ATTORNEY NOT ADMITTEI) TO THE BAR OF THIS COURT AI\D DESIGNATION OF LOCAL COT]¡ISEL Plaintif{s), 10 I2 Qass fi2:17 -cv-028 VALARIE WILLIAMS, individually and on behalf of others similarly situated, TLC CASINO ENTERPRISES,INC. d/b/a and a/Wa FOUR QUEENS HOTEL AND CASINO;et al. Defendant(s). t4 FILING FEE IS $25O.OO 15 Joseph A. l6 t7 l. Kroeger That Petitioner is an attorney at law and a member of the law frrm 18 Snell of & Wilmer L.L.P. (firm name) t9 20 , petitioner, respectfully represents to the Court: One S. Church Avenue, Suite 1500 with offìces at (street 2t Arizona Tucson (state) 22 + atea 24 25 26 27 28 2. t jkroeger@swlaw.com 520-882-1200 23 8s701 (zip code) num (Email address) That Petitioner has been retained personally or as a member of the law frrm by TLC Casino Enterprises, Inc./Four Queens, LLC 1s provide legal representation in connection with Iclient(s)] the above-entitled case now pending before this Court. Rev. 5/16 Dockets.Justia.com I 3. and presently is a That since Arizona 2 member in good standing J where Petitioner regularly practices law. Petitioner shall attach a certificate 4 from the clerk of the supreme court or highest admitting court of each state, territory, or insular 5 possession of the United States in which the applicant has been admitted to practice law certiffing 6 the applicant's membership therein is in good standing. 7 4. *"- [it3iàe bar or That Petitioner was admitted to practice before the following United States District 8 Courts, United States Circuit Courts of Appeal, the Supreme Court of the United States and Courts 9 of other States on the dates indicated for each, and that Petitioner is presently a member in good 10 standing of the bars of said Courts. ll t2 Arizona Supreme Admitted July 30, 2008 Court Date Court Bar Number 026036 l3 California Supreme Court December 3,2003 228481 t4 Colorado Supreme Court October 9,2013 46093 l5 Illinois Supreme Court November 9,2000 6272564 I6 I7 18 l9 20 2l 5. That there are or have been no disciplinary proceedings instituted against petitioner, nor any suspension of any license, certificate or privilege to appear before any judicial, regulatory or administrative body, or any resignation or termination in order to avoid disciplinary or 22 disbarment s, except as described in detail below: 23 24 25 26 27 28 2 Rev. 5/16 6. 1 2 particulars J That Petitioner has never been denied admission to the State Bar of Nevada. (Give if None ever denied admission): 4 5 7. 6 7 That Petitioner is a member of good standing in the following Bar Associations. Ãrizona, California, Colorado, Illinois, Federal and American 8 9 8. 10 Petitioner has filed application(s) to appear as counsel under Local Rule IA l1-2 11 (formerly LR IA l0-2) I2 Date of during the past three (3) years in the following matters: Application Cause (State "none" Title of Court Administrative Body or 13 Arbitrator if no applications.) Was Application Granted or Denied None I4 15 l6 t7 t8 (If necessary, please attach a statement of additional applications) t9 20 9. Petitioner consents to the jurisdiction ofthe courts and disciplinary boards of the 2l State of Nevada with respect to the law of this state governing the conduct of attorneys to the same 22 extent as a member of the State Bar ofNevada. 23 24 25 26 10. Petitioner agrees to comply with the standards of professional conduct required of the members of the bar of this court. 1 1. Petitioner has disclosed in writing to the client that the applicant is not admitted to practice in thisjurisdiction and that the client has consented to such representation. 27 28 ^ J Rev. 5/16 I That Petitioner respectfully prays that Petitioner be admitted to practice before this Court FOR TIIE PURPOSES OF T}IIS CASE ONLY. 3 4 STATE OF Arizona 5 Pima COTINTY OF 6 Joseph A. 7 8 Kroeger first duly sworn, deposes and says: , Petitioner , being That the foregoing statements are true. 9 l0 tl T2 ' T Subsctibed and sworn to before me this fr ru Petitioner' s signatule 2ô)Z clny t'lüfy hùb. HdÉ ú A¡tsr 13 14 15 l6 DESIGNATION OF'RESIDENT ATTORNEY ADMITTED TO THE BAR OX'TIIIS COURT AND CONSENT THERETO. l7 Pursuant to the requirements of the Local Rules of Practice for this Court, the Petitioner l8 believe.s it to be in the best interests of the client(s) to designate ?¿iøl S*¿r,sc r¡ frrip t9 r-, (name of local counsel) Attorney at Law, nrember of the State ofNevada and previously admitted to practice before the 20 2l above-entitled Court as associate resident counsel in this action, The address and email address of said designatcd Nevada counsel is: 22 I{uehes Center,3883 Howard Hushes Parkwav , Suite 23 ll00 (street address) 24 Las 26 Nevada Vegas ("iryi" 25 702.7845200 e* 89169 '-1rf¡.õd¡' .com num 27 28 4 Rev.5/16 I By this designation the petitioner and undersigned party(ies) agree that this designation constitutes 2 agreernent and authorization f'or the designated resident aduritted counsel to sign stipulations a binding on all of J us. 4 APPOINTMENT OF DESIGNATED RISIDENT NEVADA COUNSEL 5 6 8 Paul Swenson Prior The unclersigned party(ies) appoint(s) 7 his/her/their Designared Resident Nevada counsel irtnÍliTïlf AS local counsel) 9 l0 lt TLC Casino Enterprises, lnc. and Fout Queens, LLC (type or print party name, title) tz t3 (palty's signature) t4 l5 (type or print party name, title) r6 CONSENT OF DESIGNEE l7 The urrdersigned hereby consents to selve as associate resiclentNevada counsel in this case. t8 l9 20 S 9324 splior@swlaw.com Bar number 2t Email address 22 23 APPROVED: 24 Dated: January day of this 17, 2018. 20 25 26 LINITED STATES DISTRICT JUDGE 27 28 5 Rev. 5/l 6 CERTIFICATE OF GOOD STANDING ISSUED BY TIIE DISCIPLINARY CLERK FOR AND ON BEITALF OF TI{E SUPREMB COTJRI' Oþ'ARIZONA Ttre Disciplinary Cterk pursuant to Rule 74, Rules of the Suprenre Court of Arizona, here-by certifies that according to the records of the Stute Bar, JOSEPÍ| AIITHOÑV I(ROEGER was duly admitted to practice as an atljorney and counselor at law in all courts of Arizona by thc Supreme Courl of Àti"fna on July 30, 2008 is now, ¿s of the date ot'this Certifioate, arr active member of the State Bar of Arizona in good standing' Given undu the seal of the Disciplinary Clerk of tho Supreme Courtof Arizonathis DeoemberQ 2017. elrt McQueen Disciplinary Clerk THE STATE BAR OF CALIFORNIA 1 1ìr) H( )WAI( l.) STì\[.1]l', lì A N N() S (ìO, (;ALIFC)RNI A .i1lL 9',¡ I 05 1 6I TBf .ÞlPH üN.Ê; I 88 -å00-3 d 0ù 7 ^ CERTIFICATË OF STANDING Deccmbcr 27,2017 I'O WIIOM I'f MAY CONCERNI 'l'his is tr: ccrtily that accorcling to the rcoords of the State Bar, JOSË'IìH ,A.NTHONY KIìOEGER,ll2?8481 was achnitted to the practice of law in lhis stale by the Supreme Clourt oflCalifolnia on Dccembcr 3,2003; that from the datc of arJrnissigri(o September 8, 2006, he was an ACTIVII mcmber of the State Bar of Calilbrnia; that on Septernber 8, 2006, he transf'ered at his rcquest to the INACTIVE sttus; that from thal clate to September 1{ì,200ó, he was an INACTIVE membet' ol'(he State llar of Calil'trrniai that on SÈptember 18, 2006, he was suspencled from the practioe oIlaw in California by order of thc Suprcme Cout fbr lìonpr¡yment of State llar rnembçrship f'ees; that said suspension remained in eff'ect to February 17,2009 upon which last mcntionscl datc he was reiustatecl to the INACT'IVE status by ttre Suprcme Court upon payment of .tll delinquent State Bar fees anclpenalties; that floru that date to Febntat'y 18,2009, he was an INACTIVE member of the State Bor of California; that on Februal'y 18, 2009, [e transferrcd at l"ris rcquest to the ACTIVE status; that l]om that date to January 27 ,2011, he was at ACTIVE mcmber ol'the State Bar of California; that on January 27, 2rJll, hc transfened at his request to the INACTIVE status; that fronr that clatc tq January 4,2012, he wtls an INACTIVE member tlf'the Statc Bal: of Calilbrnia; tþat on January 4,2012, he tr¿ulsfer¡ecl at l'ris requcst to the AC'|IVE status; th¿rt he has lrecn since that date, and is at clate hercof, an ACi'I'ÌVE member of the State tsal of California; and that no lecommcudation for discipline fbr profbssional or other misoorrduct has cver beeu mado by the lJoard of frustees or à Disciplinary r3oard to the supterue couú of fhe state ot'califburia, ]'FIB S']'TI1 I]AIì OF C,{LIFORNI¿\ /4.;* 9'4*1*- Louise Turner Custodi an olì Mcmbership Records ) Sr,lrn or Co¡.onADo, I , Ctreryl ssr SteUent- Cle¡h oÍ lhe Supreme Court oJ the Stale of Colorado, do hcrebg cerliÍg lhal hos been dulg llcenseà ond admltted lo praclíce øs on ,-4r:oxNEY AND fouNsnroR AT {aw ¿otlhln lhls Stole; and thal hls/her nome oþÞeors uþon the Roll of Allornegs anil Counselors al Lou ln mg offce of dotc e.f Octnber Josa¡¿!¡ ,4, the saíd A. daa D, the .?th 2013 and thal qt lhe date hereo! ls in good slanding at thls Bar, IN WITNESS \0'HBREOB, afixey' th I hdw hçunto ¡sbtçrib.d n1 namc and at Dantur, ìn szìd Stau, tbit Stal of taid $u¡rcmt Coart, da1 -]glh- ol---------4a {.'l ¡ c t,Y f Í;'l( ember A' D' -+01 ttlt t t :; Ch¡L J DQtry ClnL 7 Attomey Regishation and D isc iplinary Commiss ion of the t"o'ffi:i#ffi'"o" 130 On¿ Frudcnfiol Pt¡ze Eest Rmdoþh Drir¡q $uitc 316l llJe¡t \\¡!¡itc Oal¿s Drive Suire i01 Springftld, lL ó2?04 1500 €hicrgo,|L 60601-ú219 (?lì) (2L) 56J.2óm (800) 328625 J2i-ó83¡ (800) 3J:L$04$ Fr Fax (312) 565-21J0 Q.! ?) 52)-21 Re: Joseph Althony Kroeger ÀttorneyNo. 6272564 To ïltbom It Mny Concern: fhe ¡eco¡ds of the Clelk of the Supreme Cowt of lllinoig ond tbis offrcereflect that Joseph Adhouy Kroeger was admitted to practice t¿w in lllinois on 1 1i9l2000; is currently regisbered on the mastet loll of attorneys mtitled to prctice lal in this state; has never been disciplined and is in g.ood staading. By: turu Andrew Oliva Regishar I7