Walker v. Unknown Defendants, No. 1:2010cv01510 - Document 2 (N.D. Ga. 2010)

Court Description: ORDER AND OPINION DISMISSING the 1 Complaint for mandamus relief pursuant to 28 USC § 1915A. Plaintiff is GRANTED leave to file this action in forma pauperis, for the purpose of dismissal only. Signed by Judge Timothy C. Batten, Sr. on 6/1/2010. (alc)
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IF FILED IN UER" 01 U .:. D.C, Monte IN THE UNITED S TAT ES DISTRICT C OURT JU N O 1 2010 FOR THE NORTHERN DI ST RI CT OF GEORGIA JAMES . r~ AT7En, c EE ~ ATLAN T A DIVISION gy. ;'~ c~-= SCOTT WALKER, Plaintiff, V. MANDAMUS 28 U .S .C . § 1361 CIVIL ACTION NO . 1 : 10-CV-1510-TCB UNNAMED, Defendant . ORDE R AN D OPINION Plaintiff, currently confined at the Augusta State Medical Prison in Grovetown, Georgia, has submitted a letter to this Court which the Clerk has construed as a 28 U .S .C. § 1361 petition for a writ of mandamus . (Doc. 1) . Plaintiff asks this Court to obtain a copy of his prison record from the Georgia Department of Corrections . (1d.) After receiving his prison record, Plaintiff invites a member of this Court to visit him and to ask him questions about his prison life . (Id.) Plaintiff promises to answer all questions truthfully . (Id.) Plaintiff's request regarding his prison record is "in the nature of mandamus ." 28 U .S .C . § 1361 . Federal mandamus is available only "to compel an officer or employee of the United States . . . to perform a duty owed to the plaintiff." Id. Federal courts have no general power to issue writs of mandamus against state officials . Moye v . Clerk, DeKalb County Superior Court, 474 F .2d AO 72A (Rev .8/82) 41 1275 (5th Cir . 1973) ; Noe v. Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority, 495 F . Supp . 501, 504 (N .D . Ga, 1980), aff'd, 644 F .2d 434 (5th Cir .), cert. denied, 454 U .S . 1126 (198 1) . Therefore, a federal court does not have the authority to order the Georgia Department of Corrections to provide this Court with a copy of Plaintiff's prison record . With regard to Plaintiff's invitation to visit him in prison, it is not the role of the federal judiciary to initiate investigations or to serve as an advocate for a potential litigant . Consequently, this Court will not be able to send someone to visit Plaintiff. This Court is unable to satisfy Plaintiff's requests . Therefore, this action should be summarily dismissed . See 2$ U .S .C. § 1915A . IT IS ORDERED that the instant pro se petition for a writ of mandamus is DISMISSED, pursuant to 28 U.S .C . § 1915A . For the purpose of dismissal only, Plaintiff is G RANTED leave to file this action in forma pauperis . IT IS SO ORDERED , this I.& day J +r'`4 - , 20 10 . TIMOTHY C . BATTEN, SR . UNITED STATES DISTRICT JUDGE 2 AO 72A (Rev .8/82)