VASQUEZ v. USA, No. 1:2015cv00212 - Document 3 (Fed. Cl. 2015)

Court Description: UNREPORTED OPINION AND ORDER The Clerk is directed to dismiss plaintiff's complaint for lack of jurisdiction. Signed by Judge Francis M. Allegra. (lld) Copy to parties.
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VASQUEZ v. USA Doc. 3 ORIG![\|AI l|t@l][@;ilft\ $tated @0urt 0f feiersl @[af d No.l5.2l2C Tbh Oplnior WillNol B.Plblth€d h rh. U,S. Corrt of F.dcr.l Clrin3 R.porlcr Doc Noi Add Sistrifi.rnrly ro rhe Body otLr*. Bs.ur. Il FILED taR-320J5 JOSI VASQUEZ, THE UNITED STATES, OFINION rnd ORDER On Mtrch 3,2015, Jose Vasqua (plaindff) filed a @nplainl $.king $2 miuion in @hp.nsrion relatins b hn ftarncnl bt the Unilcd Sr.t€s Bwau of Priea. Plaintiflcl.i6s lhat hc h cnrided lo this conpensalion under rhc Fcdcral Ton Clains Ac! 28 U,S.C. $ 26?1, er req 'l-l$ coun is $lc6nly obliged, on its om accord, ro addres obvious qu€slions conccrnins irs subjcct hgnq juisdjcrioi see Mitche v Mdwt,293 u.s. 23?, 244 (1914). Thismun r*oenias fiat plaintifis &li.gpo se b.forc dis @h, md rhus rn€ oun will hold thc fom ol pl.iolilIs submhsions ro a less slins€nt slandard thm tno* dran€d by m anoncy. ,9. is.d I Uhited Stdtes,2J Cl. cr. 5\'1,521 (t991) (.iting hktb v. caubl.. 429 U.S. 97 ( t 9?6)). HainS rcvicwed phinlil]'s @nplai.! this oun is @naii thlt n lacks iuisdicrion ro onsid.r rne clain Wnh very lihil€d €xcepliom. lh. sr2tut€s sov€mi.g the Unncd Sbtca Colrr ofFcdcnl Claift sidr audonly lo lhc coun only lo hsue judsm€nts lor ooney agaiNt thc Unned Slatcs and then, only when they m gioudcd in a conhct a money nddaring slalutc, or the $*rngs clause ofthe Fillh Amendhcnt Sec lrtd,/,tikr.r Teean,424 U.5. 392.197 -98 (1976)i28 U.S.c. $ 1,191 With lnnited.xccprions i.appliuable here, caqes soundiog in (on are cxprcsslt cxcluded rion rhe coun sjurisdicion Sae r/o!, y U,rz.tstatet,t05t:,3d62t,62J (Fcd. Cir,1997). Inpdicdl&,thiscounlaclcjurisdictionovertheody$atulccit.dbyplainLilr in suppon ofhisjurisdiclion i clann the fcdcralTo clains Ac( 23 U.s.C gg lS46(b), I 261r-26a0 s4aLlmlnyr U,ted$ar.r.50rF3dl139,l34A$cd.cir.2007),llillrUnjted srd/er. rr8 Fed Cl.371,184(2Ar4)tGoldehr UtuedStates,l l3 Fcd. Cl.764,770 7l (2014) fie coun lite$s lacksjuisdiction orcrdyclaihs rclatins lo planilts tEatmcnl by omcen or € see Setle^ e Untu| States, t\0Fed.CI.62,68-69(2013). Accordinsly, lhc clcrk shrrl dknks ITISSOORDERED, tlrinrtls conplqint ror jtck ofjurisdiclion.