Ali Asghari v. Volkswagen Group of America, Inc. et al, No. 2:2013cv02529 - Document 186 (C.D. Cal. 2015)

Court Description: FINAL JUDGMENT by Judge Margaret M. Morrow. (MD JS-6, Case Terminated). (ah)
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Ali Asghari v. Volkswagen Group of America, Inc. et al Doc. 186 JS-6 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT 9 CENTRAL DISTRICT OF CALIFORNIA 10 11 12 13 ALI ASGHARI, DANIEL TRAN, YUNG KIM, ARA DERSARKISSIAN, and KATRINA NOBLE individually, and on behalf of a class of similarly situated individuals, 14 15 16 17 18 Plaintiffs, Case No. CV13-02529 MMM (JEMx) Hon. Margaret M. Morrow CLASS ACTION FINAL JUDGMENT vs. VOLKSWAGEN GROUP OF AMERICA, INC., VOLKSWAGEN AG, AND AUDI AG, Defendants. 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 FINAL JUDGMENT 1 2 ORDER AND JUDGMENT The Court has received and considered the proposed Settlement Agreement 3 (“Settlement Agreement”) between Plaintiffs Ali Asghari, Daniel Tran, Yung 4 Kim, Ara Dersarkissian, and Katrina Noble, on behalf of themselves and the 5 Settlement Class (collectively, “Plaintiffs”) and Defendant Volkswagen Group of 6 America, Inc., Volkswagen AG, and Audi AG ( “Defendants”). The Court held a 7 Fairness Hearing on May 4, 2015, pursuant to the Preliminary Approval Order 8 entered on October 16, 2014. The Court has determined that notice of the Fairness 9 Hearing was given in accordance with the Preliminary Approval Order to 10 members of the Settlement Class, and that the notice was adequate. On May 29, 11 2015, the court entered an order finally approving the parties’ settlement of this 12 action and awarding attorneys’ fees, costs, and incentive awards. Accordingly, 13 IT IS HEREBY ORDERED, ADJUDGED, AND DECREED AS 14 FOLLOWS: 15 1. 16 17 18 19 All terms used herein shall have the same meaning as defined in the Settlement Agreement. 2. This Court has jurisdiction over the subject matter of this litigation and over the Parties to this litigation, including all Class Members. 3. The Court certifies the following Settlement Class for purposes of 20 settlement only: “All persons and entities who purchased or leased any 2009 21 model year Audi A4 vehicle; 2010 model year Audi A4 or Audi A5 vehicle; or 22 2011 model year Audi A4, Audi A5, or Audi Q5 vehicle, originally equipped with 23 a factory-installed 2.0 liter TFSI longitudinal engine bearing Audi internal engine 24 code CAEB (“CAEB Engine”), imported and distributed by Defendant 25 Volkswagen Group of America, Inc. for sale or lease in the United States of 26 America or Puerto Rico.” 27 Excluded from the Settlement Class are (a) anyone claiming personal 28 injury, property damage and/or subrogation; (b) all Judges who have presided over 1 FINAL JUDGMENT 1 the Actions and their spouses; (c) all current employees, officers, directors, agents 2 and representatives of Defendants, and their family members; (d) any affiliate, 3 parent or subsidiary of Defendants and any entity in which Defendants have a 4 controlling interest; (e) anyone acting as a used car dealer; (f) anyone who 5 purchased a Settlement Class Vehicle for the purpose of resale; (g) anyone who 6 purchased a Settlement Class Vehicle with salvaged title and/or any insurance 7 company who acquired a Settlement Class Vehicle as a result of a total loss; (h) 8 any insurer of a Settlement Class Vehicle; (i) issuers of extended vehicle 9 warranties and service contracts; (j) any Settlement Class Member who, prior to 10 the date of this Agreement, settled with and released Defendants or any Released 11 Parties from any Released Claims, and (k) any Settlement Class Member that files 12 a timely and proper Request for Exclusion from the Settlement Class. 13 4. The Court appoints Plaintiffs Ali Asghari, Daniel Tran, Yung Kim, 14 Ara Dersarkissian, and Katrina Noble as representatives of the above-described 15 Settlement Class. 16 5. The Court finds that Strategic Legal Practices APC, Capstone Law, 17 APC, Diversity Law Group, P.C., Law Office of Choi & Associates, Eco Tech 18 Law Group, P.C. and the Law Office of Hovanes Margarian are experienced in 19 matters of this nature and the Court hereby appoints said law firms as Class 20 Counsel. Further, the Court appoints Strategic Legal Practices APC and Capstone 21 Law, APC as Lead Class Counsel. 22 6. The mailing and publication of the Class Notice to the Class as set 23 forth in the Settlement Agreement has been completed in conformity with the 24 October 16, 2014 Preliminary Approval Order (Dkt. No. 156). The Class 25 Notice provided adequate notice of the proceedings and about the case, including 26 the proposed settlement terms as set forth in the Settlement Agreement. The Class 27 Notice fully satisfied due process requirements. As executed, the Class Notice 28 was the best notice practicable under the circumstances. 2 FINAL JUDGMENT 1 7. The Court finds that appropriate notice was given by defendant to all 2 “appropriate State and Federal Officials” pursuant to 28 U.S.C. §1715(a), and 3 that no objections were filed. 4 8. The Court hereby approves the terms set forth in the Settlement 5 Agreement and finds that the Settlement Agreement is, in all respects, fair, 6 adequate, and reasonable and directs the Parties to effectuate the Settlement 7 Agreement according to its terms. The Court finds that the Settlement Agreement 8 has been reached as a result of informed and non-collusive arm’s-length 9 negotiations. The Court further finds that Plaintiffs and Defendants have 10 conducted extensive investigation and research, and their attorneys were able to 11 reasonably evaluate their respective positions. 12 9. The Court also finds that Settlement now will avoid additional and 13 potentially substantial litigation costs, as well as delay and risks if the Parties 14 were to continue to litigate the case. Additionally, after considering the 15 prospective and monetary relief provided as part of the Settlement in light of the 16 challenges posed by continued litigation, the Court concludes that Class Counsel 17 secured significant relief for Class Members. 18 10. The Settlement Agreement is not an admission by Defendants or by 19 any other released party, nor is this Order a finding of the validity of any 20 allegations or of any wrongdoing by Defendants or any other released party. 21 Neither this Order, the Settlement Agreement, nor any document referred to 22 herein, nor any action taken to carry out the Settlement Agreement, may be 23 construed as, or may be used as, an admission of any fault, wrongdoing, omission, 24 concession, or liability whatsoever by or against Defendants or any of the other 25 released parties. 26 11. 27 All Class Members were given a full and fair opportunity to participate in the Approval Hearing, and all members of the Settlement Class 28 3 FINAL JUDGMENT 1 wishing to be heard have been heard. The objections of Anthony J. Cirillo, 2 Richard L. Whynot, Richard M. King, Jr., Charles Theodore Koehn, John E. Voris 3 & Karen Prah Voris, Debra Bliss, Lars H. Boettger, Comfort Onylah, Tobey 4 Salem, Thomas A. Knott, Gautam Garg, Eric D. Jordan, Susan D. Ritchey, 5 William B. Hammett, and Michael Ghozland are hereby overruled. Members of 6 the Settlement Class also have had a full and fair opportunity to exclude 7 themselves from the proposed settlement and the class. Accordingly, the terms of 8 the Settlement Agreement and of the Court’s Order shall be forever binding on 9 members of the Class who did not timely exclude themselves. Attached to this 10 Judgment as Exhibit A is a list setting forth the name of each person who has 11 requested exclusion from the Class under the procedures set forth in the 12 Preliminary Approval Order. 13 12. To effectuate the Settlement, the Court hereby orders that all Class 14 Members who did not timely exclude themselves from the Settlement are barred, 15 enjoined, and restrained from commencing, prosecuting, or asserting any 16 Released Claims against any Released Parties. 17 13. The Court has considered the Motion for Attorneys’ Fees, Expenses, 18 and Costs separately from its consideration of the fairness, reasonableness, and 19 adequacy of the Settlement Agreement. Any order or proceedings relating to the 20 Motion for Attorneys’ Fees, Expenses, and Costs, or any appeal from any order 21 relating thereto or reversal or modification thereof, shall not disturb or affect this 22 Judgment or affect or delay the finality of this Judgment. 23 14. The Court awards $1,703,704.63 in fees and $100,000 in costs and 24 expenses, to be allocated according to the fee allocation agreement among Class 25 Counsel. 26 15. The Court also approves service awards of $2,500 to Ali Asghari, 27 Daniel Tran, Yung Kim, Ara Dersarkissian, and Katrina Noble for their services 28 on behalf of the Settlement Class, and accordingly orders Defendants to pay those 4 FINAL JUDGMENT 1 amounts to Class Counsel for distribution to these Named Plaintiffs and class 2 representatives. 3 16. The Court retains jurisdiction over the Parties to enforce the terms 4 of the Order and Judgment, and shall have continuing jurisdiction over the 5 construction, interpretation, implementation, and enforcement of the Settlement 6 Agreement in accordance with its terms. 7 IT IS SO ORDERED, ADJUDGED, AND DECREED. 8 9 10 Dated: May 29, 2015 _______________________________ 11 Hon. Margaret M. Morrow 12 U.S. District Judge 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 5 FINAL JUDGMENT EXHIBIT A Name 1 MARTHA STEWART 2 RANDALL B SEXTON 3 LESLIE N BLANK 4 BURNELLA D WILLIAMS 5 ALLAN J BOWDITCH 6 JOAN C GALLANT 7 ROBERT B HANDER 8 GEOFFREY DUIN 9 GEORGE H GOTCSIK 10 GEORGE FARINA 11 SUE GLAZER 12 KAM W FUNG 13 LEWIS CLAYMAN 14 CHAD JAMES W ANDERSON 15 JANE A BERGMAN 16 ROBERT BARTUSCH 17 CHARLES B SWARTWOOD 18 RODNEY L BABCOCK 19 REBECCA L SCHMIDT 20 JAIMIE K CAMBI 21 DIANA ROJAS 22 PAULINE M CICHON 23 DORYANN L CHASEN 24 SHARON R HANSBURY 25 RENATA DilULlO 26 CHEN SU 27 COLIN N LOCKE 28 ANNE E MENGDEN 29 EDGAR LEVENSON 30 JOHN W RETALLACK 31 CHRISTIAN J KNUTSON 32 GREG HEFFELFINGER 33 RICHARD HAMMER 34 PAULA KIDDER 35 TIFFANY C LAPIERRE 36 SUSAN E KRASNER 37 J M KAVANAUGH 38 JEANETIE F ARCURI 39 THOMAS N SEBEN 40 AMERICA A BENCOMO 41 LEE & SUSAN SCHAUWECKER TRST U 42 PAMELA M WARD 43 VERLON R CHEEK VIN WAUXF78K79A184496 WAUWFAFRXBA059913 WAUWFAFR8AA071203 WAUWFAFR6AA015387 WAUWFAFLXAA160718 WAUWFAFL9BA133432 WAUWFAFL8AA083296 WAUWFAFL6BA116720 WAUWFAFL6BA046460 WAUWFAFLSAA104881 WAUWFAFLSAA025209 44 JAMES R MORTER WAUWFAFL4BA034002 WAUWFAFL4BA019631 WAUWFAFL4AA147401 WAUWFAFL3AA119072 WAUWFAFL2AA018959 WAUWFAFLOBA106653 WAUWFAFLOBA014300 WAUWFAFLOAA088816 WAUVFAFRXBA074911 WAUVFAFRSAA007454 WAUVFAFH4AN020891 WAUVF78K89A178147 WAUVF78K69A170404 WAUVF78K69A092304 WAUVF78K49A166867 WAUVF78K39A221003 WAUSFAFL8BA084674 WAUSFAFL8BA042814 WAUSFAFL7BA058535 WAUSFAFL3AA135951 WAUSFAFL2AA009256 WAUSF78K99N020542 WAUSF78K99A087665 WAUSF78K99A087052 WAUSF78K99A079954 WAUSF78K89N030284 WAUSF78K89N027692 WAUSF78K89N024291 WAUSF78K89A087186 VVAUSF78K79N051045 VVAUSF78K79N030440 WAUSF78K69N059086 WAUSF78K69N013239 45 IGOR BURDUJA 46 YVONNE M PAPP WAUSF78K59N054574 WAUSF78K59N032705 1of9 000026 Name 47 SANDRA E COLBY 48 JASON M SYLVESTER 49 BENJAMIN N THOMAS so CHARLES P ROLLER 51 JULIE A ESPARRAGOZA 52 ATLANTIC ARCHTCTLMLWRK LLC 53 JULIO MOREIRA 54 ROBERT J WYANT 55 MARY L RAMMER 56 IRENEE ROMANYSHYN 57 SANDRA L CONANT 58 DANUTA MATWIJOW 59 VILIN NG-CASTRO 60 CHRISTA G STEVENS 61 KATHERINE S MAURER 62 DAWN M MERCIER 63 SILVIA MONTI 64 JOHN CJOWETI 65 RONALD MARTINELLI 66 WALTER B OLSEN 67 ROSEMARY A MILLS 68 ROMEO C PASCASIO 69 MARK MALADOWITZ 70 KARAN SINGH 71 KRISTIN ELANE 72 LANCASTER MCADEN WILLIS SMITH 73 DAVID R SAGEMAN 74 JOHN REED 75 KAY T SEGERDAHL 76 HIDEAKI FURIHATA 77 MORRIS J HARRISON 78 Yl L FANG 79 MELVIN HOBERMAN 80 JOHN W RETALLACK 81 VIVIAN L PENSAK 82 LAURA G KENNEDY 83 AMY PREW 84 WILLIAM W STOUT 85 AM TRADE SYSTEMS 86 GARY J CASTALDO 87 JERICA M SHUFFLER 88 BRANDON PUENTE 89 GEORGE L BEVAN 90 TIMOTHY J BURROWS 91 CAROL A CHINSKI 92 SHI G ZHENG VIN WAUSF78K59N028590 WAUSF78K59N027424 WAUSF78K49N072080 WAUSF78K49N037376 WAUSF78K49N027902 WAUSF78K49A098704 WAUSF78K39N069901 WAUSF78K39N065959 WAUSF78K39N039541 WAUSF78K29N046643 WAUSF78K29A096434 WAUSF78K19N044804 WAUSF78K19A143355 WAUSF78K19A097011 WAUSF78K09N059536 WAUSF78K09N044616 WAUSF78K09N033650 WAUSF78K09N033566 WAURFAFRXBA027976 WAURFAFR8BA086492 WAURFAFR8AA059226 WAURFAFR7BA038689 WAURFAFR3BA082169 WAURFAFR1BA023170 WAURFAFROAA033686 WAUMFAFL2AN001014 WAUMFAFLOBN050021 WAUMF78K69A093139 WAUMF78K49N051688 WAUMF78K19A123647 WAUMF78K09N061330 WAULFAFR9AA066904 WAULFAFR6BA056462 WAULFAFR6BA048748 WAULFAFR6AA004814 WAULFAFR4BA051485 WAULFAFR4BA009494 WAULFAFR3BA053129 WAULFAFR2BA068401 WAULFAFR2AA045439 WAULFAFR1AA074267 WAULFAFR1AA065620 WAULFAFROBA066968 WAULFAFROBA047594 WAULFAFROBA025899 WAULFAFROBA011596 2 of9 Name 93 94 95 96 97 98 99 100 101 102 103 104 105 106 107 108 109 110 111 112 113 114 115 116 117 118 119 120 121 122 123 124 125 126 127 128 129 130 131 132 133 134 135 136 137 138 SALAYEESH JAMAL ABDULLAH A KRISTY L SCOTI MARY SAENZ LEES DAVIS JOHN J SEXTON PATRICIA A GARRITAN ROXANA ZEDAN HOWARD MATERETSKY GLORIA G LEWIS JEAN E WOLF KRISTINE M HYON-LEE DANIEL F DEPALO HEELA C KIM D BILTCLIFFE ALEXIS SENTER AMANDEEP SINGH THOMAS G BALSANEK MARK Y CASEY SHAWNEE V BURGER LUCAS E GRUHLKEY MYRNA DAHER STEVEN G BRINLEE MARLIN K ULSH MARTHA B FICKE GARY 0 ADAMES JESSICA L CARUSO CAROLYN C RUDMANN JOHN LOWENSTINE LORI L HEFFERNAN ALLEN H MARTIN AMI G SADLER MERVYN COHEN SERBOUHI S DEMIRDJIAN CLASS CARS MOIN AHMED DEAN B MULDONG CONRAD GRADI ROSEMARY B HENNINGER CHRIS C LECUYER SEAN COLLINS MARIANNA R FLOWERS VON ROLL USA INC J M KAVANAUGH RUBEN ROUX LELAND P ZIMMERMAN SUZANNA L BRAUN VIN WAULFAFROAA05130 WAULFAFROAA041289 WAULFAFH8AN025728 WAULFAFH7AN022853 WAULFAFHSAN024858 WAULFAFHSAN023774 WAULFAFHSAN017053 WAULFAFH3BN009602 WAULFAFH3AN006892 WAULF78KX9N072394 WAULF78KX9N068717 WAULF78KX9N067874 WAULF78KX9N063811 WAULF78KX9N059354 WAULF78KX9N026998 WAULF78K99N033053 WAULF78K99N024708 WAULF78K99N013420 WAULF78K99A123438 WAULF78K99A086021 WAULF78K89N016583 WAULF78K79N055374 WAULF78K79N052989 WAULF78K79N028286 WAULF78K79N026540 WAULF78K79N018440 WAULF78K79A124605 WAULF78K69N064342 WAULF78K69N014430 WAULF78K69A124479 WAULF78K59N056118 WAULF78K59N055566 WAULF78K59N011048 WAULF78K49N013518 WAULF78K39N035879 WAULF78K39N026129 WAULF78K39N013221 WAULF78K39N013140 WAULF78K39A135083 WAULF78K29N078125 WAULF78K29N067044 WAULF78K29N061339 WAULF78K29A131672 WAULF78K19N036139 WAULF78K19N010107 WAULF78K19AOS7886 3 of9 Name 139 140 141 142 143 144 145 146 147 148 149 150 151 152 153 154 155 156 157 158 159 160 161 162 163 164 165 166 167 168 169 170 171 172 173 174 175 176 177 178 179 180 181 182 183 184 BENJAMIN RIGGIO SHIRLEY J BOCCELLA WEBCOR EXECUTIVE FLEET ANGELINA M DOSWALD IRENE E SIENA JOHN D MITCHELL DANIEL FUHRMAN CHRISTOPHER P TWOMBLY VICKI VOSS JOHN C MCKINLEY LUPE QUINTANA CAROLYN M LANNING KRISTAJ TASKEY WENDELL E MORSE JR KARLA B MARTINEZ PIERRE DEPASSE RAYMOND M REARDON DONN C MEINDERTSMA ERICA L GRASSO JAMES WRIGHT SOPHIA Y LIU MARTA M NOBO BARTS CAR STORE INC MOON S YOON SCOTT JOHN W HORNE NOHL A BRAUN JOHN T VANSCHAFTEN ZACHARY S MATHEWS JOHN M WACKER DARCY BENSON KARLA M PETERSEN CHRISTOPHER C GORSKI REBECCA S UFKES HARVEY LEVINE JAMES H BONIFACE KATHERINE BERNTZEN KATHERINE N TAYLOR JOSEPH L MARTIN LESTER D STOLL KYLE D OCHSENBINE ROBERT MARTINO MARY CHAMBERS HAEJIN WANG PHILIP D LUBITZ CASSILL MOTORS INC BRANDON L JACOBO VIN WAULF78K09N018120 WAULF78K09N016979 WAUKFBFLOBA066112 WAUKFAFL8BN016402 WAUKFAFL7ANOS8574 WAUKFAFL4AN023572 WAUKFAFL1BNOS6143 WAUKFAFLOAN031295 WAUJFAFH9BN010602 WAUJFAFH9BN002337 WAUJFAFH9AN010694 WAUJFAFH8BN012938 WAUJFAFH7AN018535 WAUJFAFHSAN014256 WAUJFAFHSAN008490 WAUJFAFH4AN019173 WAUJFAFH2AN022539 WAUJF78KX9N056395 WAUJF78KX9N051231 WAUJF78K99N076721 WAUJF78K99N045162 WAUJF78K89NOS4225 WAUJF78K79N068729 WAUJF78K69N049427 WAUJF78K59N049113 WAUJF78K39NOS4262 WAUHFAFLXAN046395 WAUHFAFL9ANOS5833 WAUHFAFLSANOS0225 WAUHFAFL4BN000823 WAUHFAFL4AN016082 WAUGFAFR7AA053120 WAUGF78K99A241703 WAUGF78K59A084736 WAUGF78K49A061478 WAUGF78K39A240269 WAUGF78K39A192983 WAUGF78K29A221325 WAUGF78K09A197137 WAUFFAFLXBN052142 WAUFFAFLXBN051931 WAUFFAFLXBA085987 WAUFFAFLXAN068131 WAUFFAFLXANOS2625 WAUFFAFLXAN023383 WAUFFAFL9BN051015 4 of 9 Name 185 MARK B GOLDBERG 186 ROBERT A VARMA 187 AUDREY A PAULE 188 SHARON A MORETII 189 ATLANTIC ARCHTCTLMLWRK LLC 190 J MICHAEL VENTO M D INC 191 TERESA A RICE 192 JOSEPH L MARTIN 193 MIRIAM SHUTZER 194 TERRENCE BRENNAN 195 DAVID J STEINBERG 196 ANDREW T HEADLEY 197 OCTAVIO HERRERA 198 CHARLES ELAND 199 ELIZABETH M RUGGIERO 200 SARAH LEIGH FOGLEMAN 201 ANDREA L HAND 202 LAURA D PERRY 203 LAURA YANG 204 MAYUKH SINGH 205 SLAWOMIR MODZELEWSKI 206 MEGAN A GUISINGER 207 JOSEPH J STELMA 208 JOCELYN L FLEISHER 209 ERIC M BUCK SR 210 LAVAUN I BALDWIN 211 ANNE T DAVENPORT 212 ANNA M FONDA 213 LAVI SEKHON 214 KENNETH W ZIEGLER 215 CYNTHIA S SIEGENFELD 216 TERENCE W NIXON 217 HUGH H FUGLEBERG 218 DAVID M SNELL 219 LARK P WALTER 220 RONALD G HANNAFORD 221 RUMALDO LOPEZ-VASQUEZ 222 DOTSON BROTHERS 223 CHRISTOPHER R HENQUINET 224 ROBERT GOODMAN 225 FIDELINA MENDOZA 226 THOMAS W NILLES 227 JANET HEIDENREICH 228 ADAM D DEKRAKER 229 MILDRED SIMMONS 230 ZHENKUN WANG VIN WAUFFAFL9BN028513 WAUFFAFL9BN006284 WAUFFAFL9BA063544 WAUFFAFL9AN058013 WAUFFAFL9AN004372 WAUFFAFL8BN042709 WAUFFAFL8BN028339 WAUFFAFL8AN002158 WAUFFAFL7BN055175 WAUFFAFL7BN051921 WAUFFAFL7BN035881 WAUFFAFL7BN027554 WAUFFAFL7AN066269 WAUFFAFL7AN065106 WAUFFAFL6BN024015 WAUFFAFL6BN021096 WAUFFAFL6BN011202 WAUFFAFL6BN004542 WAUFFAFL6BA064585 WAUFFAFL6AN021047 WAUFFAFLSBN045616 WAUFFAFLSBN025088 WAUFFAFLSBN018108 WAUFFAFLSBN007884 WAUFFAFLSBN005584 WAUFFAFLSAN042374 WAUFFAFLSAN017491 WAUFFAFLSAN010122 WAUFFAFL4BN052993 WAUFFAFL4BN049592 WAUFFAFL4BN021534 WAUFFAFL4BN020173 WAUFFAFL4AN068898 WAUFFAFL4AN056430 WAUFFAFL4AN021063 WAUFFAFL3BN052435 WAUFFAFL3BN039152 WAUFFAFL3BN020309 WAUFFAFL3BN004370 WAUFFAFL3AN052725 WAUFFAFL3AN043975 WAUFFAFL3AN042986 WAUFFAFL3AN027582 WAUFFAFL3AN013522 WAUFFAFL2BN046772 WAUFFAFL2BN015425 5 of 9 Name 231 FRANK A WEIDKNECHT 232 EDWARD A LONG 233 EDWIN D KLINE JR 234 THOMAS P SIEMASZKO 235 WILLIAM R LIBERATO 236 DONAVON M BEALS 237 CANDACE A PAPPAS 238 LINDA M JONES 239 LINDA C IRELAND 240 MARK A GIULIANI 241 TAMIKA S MOVE 242 MERARI C PRATIS 243 TRACEY A EASTIN OR DAVID R EASTI 244 ROY U TWEEDLE 245 DOMINIC C DOTSON 246 RANDY M BRAGGS 247 BRITIANY L COUCH 248 JUDITH E PARKER 249 CHERYL M BRANTLEY 250 SUSAN M KOSTRINSKY 251 CHARLES MANIGO 252 LYNDA E SHEPPARD 253 MARTIN K BREIDSPRECHER 254 HOMER COVERT JEFF D H 255 ELIZABETH MANN 256 PHYLLIS D RECCHIA 257 JOHN WEYMER 258 MICHAEL J ENGELSGJERD 259 AMERICAN MINT LLC 260 DANIELA F SUAREZ 261 JOSEPH J PILEGGI 262 ADELINO MOREIRA 263 HEATHER BERTINI 264 MONICA K KO 265 SEVAK OHANIAN 266 WOMENS HEALTH ASSOCS OF WESTER 267 TATIANA C MOLIERE 268 EDWARD G SHUFRO 269 HIRAM S BALLARD 270 TAMMY Z HYSLOP 271 GAY BOYNTON 272 HUMBERTO E MONTEIRO 273 NOMA YUKO 274 YIYANG HU 275 JOHN FUSCO VIN WAUFFAFL2AN055051 WAUFFAFL2AN045779 WAUFFAFL1BN025654 WAUFFAFL1AN055865 WAUFFAFL1AN035793 WAUFFAFL1AN010117 WAUFFAFLOBN051016 WAUFFAFLOBN028836 WAUFFAFLOBN013656 WAUFFAFLOBA086355 WAUEFBFL8AN007829 WAUEFBFLOAN049248 WAUEFAFLXBN046417 WAUEFAFLXBN041749 WAUEFAFL9BN044125 WAUEFAFL8BN014081 WAUEFAFL8AN057432 WAUEFAFL8AN050206 WAUEFAFL7BN048285 WAUEFAFL7AN048561 WAUEFAFL6BN029811 WAUEFAFL6AN004048 WAUEFAFLSAN030320 WAUEFAFL4BN036854 WAUEFAFL3AN062456 WAUEFAFL2ANOS9970 WAUEFAFLOBNOS4509 WAUDFAFL9BN024582 WAUDFAFL9AN060707 WAUDFAFL3BN028112 WAUCFAFRXAA059850 WAUCFAFR9AA018500 WAUCFAFR6AA000939 WAUCFAFR1AA035114 WAUCFAFROBA037941 WAUCFAFH9BN002427 WAUCFAFH7AN018138 WAUCFAFHOBN005121 WAUCF78K99N044487 WAUCF78K39N069336 WAUCF78K39N066971 WAUBFAFLXBN045867 WAUBFAFLXBN037588 WAUBFAFLXBN036490 WAUBFAFLXBN024727 276 PATRICIA 0 GEALY WAUBFAFLXBN020094 6 of 9 Name 277 PATRICIA A PAULSON 278 TIMOTHY H HOWARD 279 LISA M TYREE 280 ANNABELLA TRIOLO 281 ELAINAH CORDANI 282 REDA E ISMAIL 283 LINDA T SANDERS 284 MINT CLNG SERVICES LLC 285 THERESA A AGRO-WOSKY 286 GAYLE F COOPER 287 DEBRA A PETERSON PAYNE 288 RICHARD E BROWN 289 RAFI ALTAN 290 BRIAN P MCNAMARA 291 E G STORCK 292 ELLEN G FORST 293 RICHARD E BOWERS 294 CAROL MCNEAL 295 KELLY N SNEAD 296 ANGELA CHIU 297 CALEB L MEINDERTSMA 298 GRACE N KIM 299 BRIANNA L GILSTRAP 300 WRIGHT GROUP INC 301 MEGAN E ROBERTS 302 RANDALL FOX 303 PAUL CAMPANELLI 304 LESLIE E FOILES 305 PATRICIA BARR 306 THOMAS A KESSINGER 307 CAROL A PAROBEK 308 KRISTEN L JACKSON 309 ETIA L BOETIGER 310 PAUL J PARISE 311 GERARD E BROUILLARD 312 CHARLES VEDDER 313 TANJA BOGICEVIC 314 BRETI M POWELL 315 DAVID J MCNAIRN 316 CHARLES R PALAZZOLO 317 JENNIFER DUPLISSIE 318 PETER J BARBATO 319 ROBERT F MCLEOD, JR 320 CECILIA SEGOVIA 321 NEIL N GLAZER 322 REDA E ISMAIL VIN WAUBFAFLXBN013808 WAUBFAFLXAN067897 WAUBFAFLXAN052610 WAUBFAFLXANOSOSSl WAUBFAFLXAA046989 WAUBFAFL9BN047433 WAUBFAFL9BN028235 WAUBFAFL9BN012701 WAUBFAFL9AN067082 WAUBFAFL9AN063565 WAUBFAFL9AN053120 WAUBFAFL9AN052758 WAUBFAFL9AN010526 WAUBFAFL8BN055295 WAUBFAFL8BN010521 WAUBFAFL8AN052654 WAUBFAFL7BN018755 WAUBFAFL7AN066366 WAUBFAFL7AN055058 WAUBFAFL7AN035392 WAUBFAFL7AN032279 WAUBFAFL7AN017930 WAUBFAFL6BN040696 WAUBFAFL6BN040682 WAUBFAFL6AN050160 WAUBFAFLSBN048577 WAUBFAFLSBN036090 WAUBFAFLSBN023369 WAUBFAFLSBA093414 WAUBFAFLSAA046365 WAUBFAFL4BN048067 WAUBFAFL4BN041975 WAUBFAFL4BN022651 WAUBFAFL3BN007252 WAUBFAFL3AN067448 WAUBFAFL3AN052402 WAUBFAFL3AN019853 WAUBFAFL3AN015186 WAUBFAFL2BN041411 WAUBFAFL2BN030988 WAUBFAFL2AN023974 WAUBFAFL1BN048818 WAUBFAFL1BN021327 WAUBFAFL1BA103999 WAUBFAFL1AN061664 WAUBFAFL1AN004266 7 of 9 Name 323 324 325 326 327 328 329 330 331 332 333 334 335 336 337 338 339 340 341 342 343 344 345 346 347 348 349 350 351 352 353 354 355 356 357 358 359 360 361 362 363 364 365 366 367 368 KAY SCHACTER MARGARET A POPPITO JANICE S SKINNER MARTHA RAMACORTI RACHEL G WRIGHT ANGELINE WEBB ARLENE R GREENBERG L B KEYES GREGORY N PRATI CLAUDETIE A RAYMOND DEBORAH D SINGERMAN ROBIN PLOWMAN MICHAEL J MILSTEAD OMAR H ELSAYED ANNA F HEALY REBECCA CHEN MATIHEW TRINH MATIHEW K DOUGLAS FABIAN SUAREZ ALAYON JERRY L DIENER PRISCILLA 0 CHANG JAMES R BLOOM ARLENE D GALLOW GLORIA D BRODY RICK DIAMOND MARIA C CUEVASTAPIA MICHELLE K OLSON MERLE E FRITZ &OR ANITA D MICHAEL OGARA TOYAMA KAZUNORI THOMAS W ABBOTI JENELLE A GERMAIN ZHU VI IVAN LALIC DONALD G GRAINGER JR GARETH SYLVESTER FRED C HARRIS HAROLD E HELLENDER JR MARY E DROBKA ENTELA LULO JUNE TAN RONALD M SHELTON DARBY B CARMICHAEL ERIC M STADTHERR MAXWELL U FLEMING JR AMRIT BASSI VIN WAUBFAFL1AN002159 WAUBFAFLOBN047725 WAUBFAFLOBN036269 WAUBFAFLOAN059548 WAUBFAFLOAN056116 WAUBFAFLOAN052910 WAUBFAFLOAN038831 WAUBFAFLOAN026520 WAUBFAFLOAN011466 WAUBFAFLOAN004890 WAUBFAFLOAN001889 WAUAFAFLXBN028014 WAUAFAFLXBN001105 WAUAFAFL9BN032491 WAUAFAFL9AN070172 WAUAFAFL9AN011686 WAUAFAFL8BN056913 WAUAFAFL8BN044552 WAUAFAFL7BN039584 WAUAFAFL7BN015897 WAUAFAFL6BN031203 WAUAFAFL6AN058481 WAUAFAFL6AN056987 WAUAFAFLSBN051538 WAUAFAFLSBN013016 WAUAFAFLSAN054258 WAUAFAFLSAN018182 WAUAFAFL4BN015596 WAUAFAFL4BN002329 WAUAFAFL4AN031330 WAUAFAFL3AN064612 WAUAFAFL3AN042318 WAUAFAFL1BN049964 WAUAFAFL1BN010517 WAUAFAFLOAN069931 WAUAFAFLOAN031177 WAUAFAFLOAN018803 WAUAFAFH7BN003406 WAU4FAFL8AA127143 WAU3FAFR7BA045650 WA1LFBFPOBA067250 WA1LFAFPXBA081215 WA1LFAFPXBA053219 WA1LFAFP9BA104810 WA1LFAFP9BA099107 WA1LFAFP9BA092772 8 of 9 VIN Name 369 ROBERT J PATCHEN WA1LFAFP9BA079780 370 BONNIE L HUMES WA1LFAFP9BA035732 371 JACK DALTON WA1LFAFP9BA027601 372 EQUINOX 2 INC WA1LFAFP8BA104331 373 PAMELA S CARTER WA1LFAFP8BA071962 374 JOHN C HULICK WA1LFAFP8BA066888 375 GUARDIAN EAGLE SEC INC/ GALAL WA1LFAFP8BA035916 376 DENNIS AKIONA WA1LFAFP7BA103719 377 WESLEY S MCMILLAN WA1LFAFP7BA025250 378 PHILIP BRUNKHORST WA1LFAFP6BAOS3685 379 PHIL COOKE PICTURES INC WA1LFAFP6BAOS2679 380 FREDERICK G POTIER WA1LFAFPSBA081235 381 SZYKOWNY FUNL HOME LTD WA1LFAFPSBA072034 382 BARRY L BEAL VVA1LFAFP4BA014237 383 CHRIS GASIENICA WA1LFAFP3BA083307 384 MARC H LABOVICH VVA1LFAFP3BA025357 385 PENG XU VVA1LFAFP2BA080124 386 CAROLE E MATEJKA WA1LFAFP1BA077683 387 PATRICK J POLLARD WA1LFAFPOBA105702 388 CARL TANGE JR WA1LFAFPOBA022626 389 MARIA BIANCHI WA1CFAFP9BA044740 390 MARIE-LAURE BINAM WA1CFAFP8BA101042 391 BARBARA A BREITINGER WA1CFAFP8BA029565 392 PATRICIA J PAHK VVA1CFAFP6BA025966 393 DENNIS R SAMUELSON WA1CFAFP2BA058138 394 MARY A RODDY VVA1CFAFPOBA094345 395 BRENT BREITHAUPT WA1CFAFPOBA037367 9 of 9