Securities and Exchange Commission v. Standford International Bank, Ltd. et al, No. 2:2010mc00015 - Document 1 (W.D. Ark. 2010)

Court Description: SECOND AMENDED ORDER APPOINTING RECEIVER. Signed by David C. Godbey, United States District Judge, July 19, 2010. (Attachments: # 1 Summary, # 2 Preliminary Injunction and Other Equitable Relief as to R. Allen Stanford, # 3 Agreed Preliminary Injunction as to Stanford International Bank, LTD, Stanford Group Company and Stanford Capital Management, LLC and Agreed Order Granting Other Equitable Relief, # 4 Preliminary Injunction and Other Equitable Relief as to James M. Davis, # 5 Agreed Preliminary Injunction as to Laura Pendergest-Holt and Agreed Order Granting Other Equitable Relief)(lw)

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Securities and Exchange Commission v. Standford International Bank, Ltd. et al Doc. 1 rusYtHr'rudp,frfr 10ftu t*"jfir-tTTaoro 0219/10Pas€ 1130Flted Documont cas€3:0e{v-00298-N IN THE UNITED STATESDISTRICTCOIJRT E{ .' ctlBlsR,J0flNsfi'I,GLERK *o*"Hll'?'Sffi,!l'31'**' AND H(CIIANGE SECTJRITIES C0MMISSION, $ $ $ Plaintiffi $ $ v . $ $ BA}.II{, $ INTERNATIONAL STANFORD LTD,,efa1, $ $ Defendant, $ DEPUTYfi-Eil( F s -l o ' l { Civil ActionNo. 3;09-CV-298-N SBCOND theS.E'C, sndtheReceiver'sjointmotionfor entryof a eecond ThisOrderadthesses orderappointingreceiver[958], OnFcbrurry17,2009thir coun enteredib odef amended appointingreceiver [10]. On Mmch 12, 2009 this Court enteredits amendedorder nppointingreceiverI I 57]. TheReceiver'e*ated mninprrrposefor seekingreenty ofthe otderis to allow him shall, thata'*receiver of 28U,$.C.$ 754,twhichprovidee to complywith therequircmmts tTheReceivcrinitiatly alm prtpoeedeeveralzub'stantive changesto thc rcoeiveruhip motion 99?' 995'996' l00l' 1002]. to lhc Reoeivet's ordor,Variouspartiesobjected [986' changesurd simplyaskedtheCoun In his rcply,theRecciverabafdonednll ofhis requeeted to rcentertheorderfor secdon754purpoeea.Accordingly,thecourt overrulesasmootall ofthe objeotionsto the Reseiver'sptopoeedchangee' Thieeecondamsndedreceivershiporderis iahflticslto the ffrut ammdedordet'with scvelalminorexceptions(rEffwal of a provisionthatexpiredafter 180days,a clmifioation anddeletion thattheReceivermaynot file forbmrkuptcyonbehalfofindividualdefendante' .lelief tlefendsnf), Thecourt entgiedthe fnst amcndedotdet u57l morethafl of thetefln contertof objectionsto thesubstsnJive oneyeaf,ago. Aocordingty,theCoun lmdsthatanSr (other to thc thanobjections this otder ORDER_PAGEI Documeot1l30 Filed07/19/10Page2ot15 PagelD24056 CaseS:09-cv40298-N withm ten dnysaftertheentryofhis orderof appointncut,file copicsofihe complarntand suchorderofappointmentin the distiot oourtfor eachdistrictin whichpoperty ie located"' The Reoeiverhasinformedthe Courtthat aftertheexpirationof l0 fuys ffom the datesof in andreceiverrhiproco,rds theoriginatrcoeivertlupordert,heidentifiedreotiveruhipassete disticts in whichcopiesof the complaintsndamendedodet uppointingneceiverhavenot beenfiled, Sothilt the Courtmayobtainjuriedictioni thesediBticte,the Counnow entelE this secondamefldedondcrappointingrtceivet,z IT IS THEREFOREORDEREDthat: ofthp assse, l. ThieCourtaesumes excluaivejurirdictionandtf,ksspoesession realmd permnal,tengibleandintangible,of whateverkind monies,eecudties,pru'perties, anddeecription,whereverlocateqendthe legallyreoognized fivilegee (with regardto the AeseteJ,and entities),ofthe Defendantsandf,lI entitiestheyownor control("Receivership waNeo, zVmiousoowiehavsheldthata districtcowt msyresettheEn-daySe+rtion ?54clock order, See,e.9.,S.E.C.v. VlslonCunmE'ns,Inc,,74F.3d287, by reentcringtre receiveruhip 291(D.C.cir, 1996)('otr ltfffi$d, thc oourtmayrcappointtherEoeivEr ffid starttheten-d8y clockof $ 754ticking onceapin.'); S.E.C.v. AquacellBatHilffi,Izc., 2008WL 2915064, at i3 (M.D. Fla, 2008)('[NJoncompliancewith the etatutecanbe 'curcd' by eubecquent frling afferrc-appointnefltof theReceiverin anyevcnt. . . ,"); Warffeldv. drpe, 2007WL 549467,at *l? (N,D, Tex,2W7) (Although the Fifth Cirtuit hs$rot spol(eron this particularimue,othercourtshaveheldthat a distict oourtmayreappointa federalequity reoeivtrin a securitieefraudcaeein orderto 're$et'the l0-day olockrmder$ 754.'); Ierry this issue v. June,2001WL22125300,+3 (W,D.Va. 2003)("[CJourtshavingaddrcssed unanimouslysuggestthat anordefof rcappoiffirentwill ffinewthc tendsy filing deadline by Sectian754.\;SECv.HeadandGwup,ilnc.,2003WL l030l5, ar 'r5(E.D. mafldated Ill, 2003) ('-f[lhe court can easily correct this feihle to file such a olaim by merely reappointingthe Receiverandtherebyutartingthe l&day time petiod uder $ 754 tioking onccmore."). ORDER_PAGE2 Document1130Fll6d07/19/10Page30l15 PagelDe4057 CaseS:09w-00298-N frnancialandaccountingdocumentt, thebooh sndrecords,client liste,aocountstatement$, computer8,computerhard drivee,computsrdisks,intemetexchangeEefl/cr6telephoes, peruonaldigital deviceesnd othsr informationalresourcesof or in poesessionof the of any agentor efllploypeof tbe Defendants,or iseuedby Defendantodnd in possession Defeudants('ReccivershipRecords'J, 2, RalphS, Janveyof Dallas,Texas,is herebyappointodReceiverfor the ReceivershipAtsetsBndReceivershipReoods(collectively,"ReceiverehipEstate'),with the full power of an equity receivetundsr commonlaw aewell ae euchpowersas ate errumeffitsd hereinasof thedateofthh Ordor. TheReceivershallnot berequiredto pffit a bondunlessdire*ed by the Courtbut is heilTbyorderedto well endfaithfutly pedormthe dutiesofhis ofEcc:to timely accormtfor all monies,reourities,andotherpropertieswhioh may comeinto hie hands;andto abideby andperformall dutiesset forth in this Oder. E"rceptfor anactofwillful malfeasaflce or grostnegligence, theReceivershallflot beliable for any loseor damageincuned by the ReceiverehipBetate,of any of Defendante,tle Defefldents'clicntsm associates, or their suboidimicsof affiliatss,their offrcers,dircctore, agents,atrdenrployees, or by anyofDefendants'fieditors or equityholdersbccauseofany' act performedor not performedby him or hie rgentsor aseignsin oonnectio,n with thc dischargeofhis dutiesandrooponeibilitiee hereundor. 3. The dutiesof the Receivershallbe epecifioallylimited to mattersrtlating to the RecsiverchipEetateandunsEttledolsimsthereofr€mainingin the poeeeesiofl ofthe Reooiverar of the dateof this Onder.Nothing in this Ordershallbe oonstruedto require ORDER- PAGE3 Document1130Fil€d07/19/10P4e4of 15 PagelD24058 Cas€3:09{v-00298-N Bstateassetshol€toforgliquidatedand/ordistributed furthet inveetigationof Receiverehip or claimeof the ReoeiverthipEstatesettledprior to iszuanceof thie order' Howwer' this paragraphshall not be constuedto limit tlre powereof the Roceiverin any regardwith rcsp€utto taflssctionsthatmayhaveoccunedpdor to the ilateoflhis Oider' 4. Until the expirationdate of this Ord,Eror furthu Oder of this Court, Receivorie authorizedto immediatelytske nfld have completeand exclusivoconFol, possession, and cuetodyof tbs ReceivershipEeteteand to any assetstrEceableto essets Bstate, ownedby the Recelveruhlp 5,Aeofthe dateofentry ofthis Order,theReceiveri8tpecificallydircctedand authorizedto performthe following nctsanddutiee: (a)Maintainfull oonuolof theReoeivership Estfltewith thepowerto retainor or advieable,any officer,dirtctot, remove,asthe Rsceiverdeemsnecessary iadepe'rrdent contmfior,cmployoeor agentof the BeceivffEhipBstste; (b) Collect,marshal,md takecuetody,conrol, andpossession of all thefunds, accounfr,mail,andotherflseete of, fi m theposeeseioto'rundertheoontrolo[, the ReceivershipBstale,or sssetsteceabloto asseteownedor conkolledby the ReceivershipEetate,wherwer situated,the iflcomeandpnofirtherefrom and all eurtrsof moneynow or heresfterdue or owing to the Receivership Estatewith full power to colleot,receive,end take poteesrionof wilhout limitation, all goods,chattel,rights, oredift, monies,effec'te,lands,leases, bookeand records,work papers,recordsof aocount,inoluding comput€r ORDER-PAGE4 Page5of15 PagelD24059 Document 1130 Flled0T/19i10 Ca$e3:094v-00298-N maintainedinformdtion,contrects,frnncial records,monieeonhandifl batrks and other financial initiations, and olher papersand docunrentsof othet or oorporations whoscinterestsarenowheldby or individuals,partnerships, Eet*e; custody,or controlofthe Roceivemhip und,erthedireotion,poesession, to imposea constuctivEtrust obtain (c) Iilstitutesuchactio{sor proceedings or entitieswho poeseesion, and/orrocovetjudgmantwith respectto perso'Ds receivedassetsor recordstaceable to the ReceivershipEstate' All euch actionsshnllbe filed in this Courtl (d) Obtain,byHteentationofthis Ordor,documents, boola,records,accorrnts, deposits,testimony,or otherinfotmationwithin the cuetodyot contmlof any personor ontit5tsufficientto identifuaccounh,properties,liabilitioe,cauees of E$tate.Theattetdanceofa personor action,or employeoe ofthe Rec+iveruhip entity for exammationand/orproduutionof documentsmaybecompelledin a mamerprovidedin Rule45, Feil, R. Civ. P., or aeprovidedund.errhelawr of any foreign country whore suohdocumente,booh, records,accormts, deposits,or testimonymaybelocated; (e)trlVithout of locdl breachingthepeaceand,ifneceesary,with theflssistsnce peaceofficers or UnrtedSlatesrrarghalsto enterafld $ecurcary premises, oustody,or contol whereverlocat€dor sitrated,iu ordetto takeposeessiofl, of, or to identif the locationor existeflceof ReceivershipEstlte aesetsor recorde; ORDER*PAGB 5 Document1130Filed0T/19/10Pageeof15 PagelD?4080 Casegr0g4v-00e98-N (0 Make zuoh otdinary and nececefiy paymente,disttibutions, and disbursements aFtheReoeiverde+msfldvisableor properfot themarshaling' mdnlcnanoe,or preservationofthe ReceivemhipEstate' Receiveris furthet authorized to cofltmst a[d tregotiste with any claimants egafustthe ReceivershipEutste(hcluding, withoutlimitation,creditoru)for thepurpose in of complomieingor sottlinganyclaim. To thir purpose,in thoseinstanoes $erve8scoll4temlto sscuredfieditom, thc which ReceiverrhipBstate88set8 Reoeiverhas the authority to sunendersuch asseteto seoucd crcditots, conditiouatuponthe wniverof anydoficianoyofcollateral; (g) Performfi,ll actsneoessary to conserve,hold, manage,andpreservethe value of the ReceivershipEstate,in order to prtvent any irreparrblelosr, damage,andinjury to theEstate; (h) Enterinto suchagrcements ofthe in conncctionwith the admini8trBtion ReceiverthipEstate,itrcludif,g,but not, the employmentof euch marragers,agents,custodians,consultatrts,iuvestigators,attorneys,and to pelfoffi thedutiessetforth in this asReceiverjudgesneoeesafy flocountant8 themfrom theReccivershipAscets; Orderandto comperuate (i) Institute,prosecuteicomprcmise,adjust,intervenein, or beoomepartyto in state,federal,or fore4n oourtsthaltheReceiver suchactionsor proaeedings ard advisabk to preservothe value of the Receivership deemsneooeeary and advisableto carry out tlE Estate,or that the Receiverdeemsncaessary ORDER-PAGE6 Documsnt1130Filed0T/19/10Page7ot15 FagelD24061 CaseS:09+v-00e98-N or Rcoeiver'emflndateuilderthis Orderandlikewiseio defend,comprumise, institiled adjuetor otherwisedisposeof any or all actioneor pruoeedinge againstthe ReociverehipBstatethat the Receiverdeeml neoessaryand advisableto ctrry out the Receiver'smffidatrermderthis Order; in fintheranceof fi) PreservetheReceive$hipEststeandminimizeoxpenees thereofto claimants; maximumandtimely disbrffsoment agEncies witlr ft) Ptomptlypmvidethe Commiseiontnd othergovernmental all informationqfld documentstionthey may seekin conneotionwitlt its aotivitiee; rogulatoryor invesUgatory (l) Prepareand submitpenodicftports ts this Court and to the partier as directedby this Court; feeeto bepaidto (m) File with thiuCourtrcquestsfor approvalof rcaso,nable the Receiverandafly pereonor entity retainedby him andinterim andfif,al bccountings for anyrcasonable expenses inourrcdatrdpaidpurzuantto order of thie Court 6, The Rcceivetshsll havethe sole snd enclueivepower and authorityto andfinancialaffairsof the Defedants, includingwitlout managemd direotthe bueine$$ limitation,thesoleandexclusivepowerurd authorityto pelition for relief undertheUnited Stste$BankuptoyCode,1l U,S,C.$$ l0l efseg.(the"BartlrupcyCode')for rry or all of the corporateDefendanB.The Rcceivgris not authorized,without firrtlrcr Cou ordu, to petitionfor rcliefunderthc Bankuptcy Codefor any ofthe IndividualDefcndante,Solely ORDER-PAGE7 1130 Filed0Zl9/10 Fag€B0l15 PagelD24062 Document CaseS:09-cv40298-N with rcspcctto the suthorizationto file snd exefiItiofl of a petitronfor rclisf uaderthe Barrkruptoy Code;withoutlimiting anypoweraofthe Receiverunderapplicsblelawandthie Orrder;andineepectiveof provisionsin anyDefendant'scorpoftteorymlaingdoouments, or thelike, theReceiverehallbedeemadto succsedto the byJaws,partnershipngreemente, positionof andposeess theauthorityof anyprny with powerto authorizeandexecutsthe llling of s petition for relief under the Banlnptcy Codq including without limiqtion oflimited liability companies. corporatedirectors,generalandlimitedprtrere, andmembers 7, Beforetakjng astionunderpsragroph6 of this Onder,the Receivernnrst providetheCommiseionandtheDefendmtswith at leasttwo buoiness dnys'writtennotice (unlessshortenedor lenglhenedby oourtorder)thst the Recciveris contemplatiflgaction underthe BanknrprcyCode;providedthatthe Rooeivwmay applyfor an orderundereeal require. To facilitateanefficientcoordinationin or ahwring ln camen,ascircumBtanc,cs onedistricl ofall bsnlduptciesofthe Defendants, theNorthemDistrict ofTaxa$shsllbethe Reoeiver'eprincipal plnceof businessfor makingdecisionein respeotof operatingand dirposingof eaohof the Defendantsard lheir respectiveassets, 8. Upon the requeutof the Receiver,the Uflited SlntesMarehsl'$Office is herebyordercdto aesisttheReceiverin carryingouthi$ dutiet to tskepoeeession, curtody, or co,ntfolof, or itleltifu tbe locationof, anyReoeivership Eststeassebor records, 9, Creditorsandall otherpereonsareherebyrestainedanderrjoinedfrom the fotlowingactions,exceptin this Coufi,unlessthis Court,consigtentwith gnneralcquitable principalsandin accordnnce with its ancillaryequitablejrriidictionin thism'attqr,ordertthar ORDER-PAGE8 t130 Flled07n9l10Pagggof 15 FagelD24063 Document CaseS:09-cv-00498"N suchafiions maybe conduotodin anotherforumorjurisdiction; (a)Thecommencemrdlt includingtheissuance ol continueticrn, or omployment of proocrs,of nny judicial, adminieretive,ot othgr Proceedingagninetthe Receiver,anyofthe defendante, Estate,or Enyageff,offlcer, theReoeivership arisingfromtheBubjectmattEr or employeerclatedto theReceiverchipEBtate, of thi8 civil sction;or (b) The Enforcement, agahstthe Receiver,or any of the defendrnts,of any jrrdgmeirtthat would attachto or encumbertheReoeiver$hip Eststethat was obtf,inedbeforcthe qouunenaernent of this proceeding, 10.Creditorsandall othorpersonsmeherebyreetrainedandenjoined,without prior approvalof theCourt,fromr (a) Any act to obtainposseeeion ofthe Receiverehip Estateassets; (b) Any f,rt to crtste, perfsct,or cnforceany lien ryainstthepropertyofthc Reoeiver,or theReceivcrshipEstate; (c) Any aotto collcat,aesess, or recovera olaimegainltthe Reoeiveror thflt wouldattachto or enurmberthe Receivorship Bstate; (d) ThesetDffofany debtowedby theReasiverlhipEstateor securedby the ReceiverehipEstalesssetsbasedon any claim againstthe Receiveror the ReoeivetshipEetete;or (e)Thefiling ofany oaae,complaint,petition,or motiqnundertheBunlruptcy Code(including,without limitation,the filing of m involuntarybankruptcy ORDER-FAGE9 1130 Filed0T/19/10Page10otl5 PagelD24Og4 Document Ca$egl0g4v-00298-N petitionunderchapter7 or chaPterI I ofthe BurlcuptcyCode,or epetitionfo'r rmderchapter15of theBrukuptoy Code) recognitionof forcignprooeeding with resFectto sny Defondont. theirrespeotive sflale ployeesandallpersons officeH,4gpn18, I I . Defondante, in activeooncertor pffticipetion wirh themwho receiw notice of this Orderby pcrsonal serviceor otherwise,including,but not limited to, anyfinmrcialinstitution,broker-dealer, irwestmcntadvieer,privateequityfirnd or investmef,tbdnkingfrrn),andeachof them,8re herrcbyorderedrestraine4andenjoinedfrom, directlyor indircotly,makingmy payment or expendin[eof any ReceivershipEstflteatretsth6t aft ownedby Deftndsntsor in the of anyentity direorlyor indire+tlyownedor contolled or actufllor oonttructivepoeseeeion under oommon oofirl with the Receivetrhip Eetate, or effccting any sale, gifr, transf€,r,coDveyance, encumbrance, dissipatiofl, hlpotheoation,assignmsnf, disburseme'nt, of suchsseets. A copyofthis Ordermaybeoovedonanybm q savingsand or co'ncealmcnt or anyothetfmancialor depouitoryinstitutiotrto ttstain andenjoinany loan,broker-dealer, Uponprcsentment of suchinstitutionfrom dfuburuinganyofthe Receivership EstEteassets, this Order, all persone,including finarciel instinrtione,rhall prcvide accountbalanoe information,Eaffaotionhisto es,all accountrecordsandany otherReceivershipRecords to the Receiveror his afents, in the samemanneras they would be providedwere the Receiverthe signstoryofl the acoouflt. 12.Defcndantr,andtheir reepectivesge,rts,officcts, andemployeesandell perso,ns in activeconcenor participationwith themoreherebyenjoinedfinm doinganyact ORDER-PAGE10 Document1l30 Flled0T/19/10Page11of 15 PrgFlD24065 Ca$e3;09-cv-00298-N or thing whatroeverto interfe,rewith the Reoeiver'staking oo'nttol,polsoseion,or management ofthe ReceivershipEstateor to in anywny interferewith the Receiveror to harassor interferewith the dutiesof tho Receiveror to if,terferein any rirannerwith the. exclueivejuriediction of thie Court over the ReceivershipEstate,inoludingtho filmg or proeeoutif,gafly actionsor proceedingswhich involve the Receiveror whioh affect the initiated includingmy proceedif,g Reootds,speoifrcally ReceiveuhipAsseteor Reoeivership pursrffrntto the UnitedStatesBankruptoyCode,exceptwith the permissionofthi8 Court. Any actionsso authorizedto detorminedisputesrelating to Receiv€rshipAffeB and Recordeshallbefiled in this Court, Rec+ive.rship 13,Defendants, thefure*peotiveofffccrs,agsnte,andemployees andall poruons in active oo,flcertor participetiof,with them who rcoeiveactrnl notice of this Orderby personalserrioeor otherwiee,inoludinganyfmancialinstitution,broker-dealer, inwstment adviser,privateequityfinrd or invefimentbilking firm, andeachof ttremehall: (t) To the extsntthey hav6poaeeeeion, cuetody,or oof,trolof eflme,provide ifi[nediete aocessto and oontrulandpossession of the ReceivershipEstate assetsandrccords,includingsecuritiee, monies,andpropettyof anykind real and penonal, includitg all keye, pesswords,entry codes,and all moniee depocitedin any bankdepoeitedto the crcdit of thc Defendrnts,wherever situated,andtheoriginalofall books,records,documeDts, flccounts,conrputer printouh, dislce,andthelike ofDcfendant to Re+eivetor his duly authorizcd agents; ORDER-PAGEII 24066 Page120115 PsgslD oocumenttlS0Flled0T/19/10 Cf,se3:09+v-00298-N (b) Cooperatewith the Reoeivermcl his duly uuthorizedagenlrby promptly audhonoetly respondingtoaltmquerwfor informatronregardingRcceivership Ass€tsand Recordr srd by promptly aclnowledgingto third padies the Receiver'sauthority to f,ct on behalf of the ReceivetshipEstaie gnd by prcvidingsuchauihorizauonr,sigrmtucs,releases, atteststions, andac+ess as tbeReceiverot hieduly authorieedagentsmayreasonablyrequest; (c) ProvidetheCommiesion with aprompt,ffrll uccournhgof all Receivership anddocuflcntsouEidethe tenitory of tbeUilited Stateswhich Fstrte a,B8ets meheldeither {l) by therq (2) for their benefit,or (3) undertheir control; (d) Tmnsfert0 therenitory of theUnitedSts&sall Rsp€iveirhipEstateassots andrecordsin foreignoounhiesheldeither:(1) by thern,(2) for their betrefit, ot (3) undcrthek control;and (e) Hold and retdn all such rspauistedReceivershipEstete Bdseteard 6ndFevent Enytransfer,di$poeitio,n, or dieeipation of documente whateoever $nysuc.hsssct$or iloouments, until suohtime re theymaybetrunsfertedinto theposseseiofl ofthe Receiver, 14.Aay fuucial hstitution",invostnentddviser;priveteequity firtrd or inve$tmentbonkingfirm or personthat holds,coutrols,or mahtainsrccou ts or arsetsof or oubehalfof my Defenilant,or hasheld,controlle{ or frairtained any acoount or assetof or on behalfof any defendantsinceJsruary I , I 990,sha[: ORDBR.PAGE12 --- Documsnt1130Fil€d07/19/10Fage130f 15 PagelD24067 CaseS:09+v*00298-N (a) Hold andretainwithin ite confipl snd prohibit the witlrdrawrl"removal, assignment,transfet,pledge, trypoihe+ation,encu-[*oce, disbursemerrt, sale,gift, ot otherdisposalofany ofthe assets,fimds, dissipation,converuion, or other property held by or on behalf of any deferrdantin any account maintainedin the nameofor for the benefitof anydefendantin wholeor in part exoept: (i) asdircctedby finthcr orderof this Coutt,or (ii) asdircciedin writing by the Receiveror his agenft; (b) Deny dcce$B to any safedepoeitboxesthat art subjectto accessby any Defendant;and (c) The CommiesionandReceivermayobtain,by pretentationof this Order, boolcs,records,aocounte, deposits,orothef,informationwithin the documents, cuetodyor control of any peffionor entity sufficient to idsfiiry accounts, propefrie$,liabilities, causesof aclion, or employoessf the Receiverehip and/orptoduction Egtste,Theattendsnce ofa psrsoror entityfo'rexamination of documenlsmnybecompelledin s mannerpruvidedin Rulc45,Fed,R, Civ. P,or asprovidedunderthelawsofany foreip oounty wheteeuchdocuments, books,rrcotds,accoutrts,deposits,or testirnonyftay belocated; I5, TtreDefendante, lheir officcrs,agents,andcmployeesandall persousin activeconoertor participationwitlt themard otherpersonswhohavenoticeof this Ordetby mutilating, porsonalservicoor otherwiso,ateherebyrcstainedandenjoinedftom destroying, ORDER-PAGE 13 OocumontllS0 Flled0T/19/10Page14oflS FagelD24068 CaseS;09-cv-00298-N concealing,altedng,tansferring, ot otherwisedrsposilg of, in any manncr,directly ot advertisements' computertapes' indirecfly,anyconracts,sccomtingdat8,cottespondenc+, reoords,booke,\a,nttenor printedrecorde,handwrittennotes, disksor othercomputerlzed telepho,ne logs,telephonesoripts,receiptbooke,Iedgerl,personaland busineescsnceled appointnsntbooks,copicsof fedeml,shte' or checksandcheckrcgi8ters,baflkstfltemertrt8, or recordsof localbusinese or pErsonalincoffreor propertytaxretums,andotherdocuments anykind thst rclste in anyway to theReceive$hipBstateor arerclwant to this sction' to makeap,p,ropdate notificatioflto the 16,TheReceiveris herebyarrtbodzed or to theDefendants, Udted StatcsPostalServiceto fotwarddclivcryofany mail addreeeed to himself,Further, Bnycompanyor entityunderthedirectionandoontrolofthe Defendants, theReceiveris hettby authonzedto openandinspeotall suchmsil to deteffiinethelocetion or identityof acsetsor theexistenceandamountof claim8. 17.Nothing in this Ordersballprohibitany fedemlor ststelaw enforcemetrt or regulatoryauthorityfrom comnencingor proeocutingan actionsgainsttheDefendants, thek agents,offrc+n,or employees, ORDER*PAGE14 1130 Flled0T/19/10Page15ot15 Pag€ID24069 Documerrt CaseS:094v-00298-N SignedJuly 19,2010. ORDER_PAGE15
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