1979 Northern District of Alabama US Federal District Court Case Law

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Brazil v. United States
Date: December 14, 1979
Citation: 484 F. Supp. 986
Docket Number: 78-X-0323-S
Foley v. Alabama State Bar
Date: November 21, 1979
Citation: 481 F. Supp. 1308
Docket Number: 79-M-5092 NE
Burkey v. Ellis
Date: September 6, 1979
Citation: 483 F. Supp. 897
Docket Number: 71-G-644-E
Campbell v. Seabury Press
Date: August 14, 1979
Citation: 486 F. Supp. 298
Docket Number: CV78-P-920-S
Matter of Nine Applications for Appointment, Etc.
Date: August 10, 1979
Citation: 475 F. Supp. 87
Docket Number: CA 79-6-08645
Alabama Great Southern R. Co. v. Eagerton
Date: June 20, 1979
Citation: 472 F. Supp. 60
Docket Number: 79-173-N
Glover v. Silent Hoist & Crane Co., Inc.
Date: June 15, 1979
Citation: 471 F. Supp. 457
Docket Number: 78-L-0321-S
Garrett v. Mathews
Date: June 1, 1979
Citation: 474 F. Supp. 594
Docket Number: 78-G-0723-W
Childs v. Ford Motor Credit Co.
Date: May 24, 1979
Citation: 470 F. Supp. 708
Docket Number: 74-L-1011-S
Date: April 19, 1979
Citation: 479 F. Supp. 57
Docket Number: CA 77-H-1638-S
Paradise v. Shoemaker
Date: April 13, 1979
Citation: 470 F. Supp. 439
Docket Number: 3561-N
Date: April 2, 1979
Citation: 467 F. Supp. 1089
Docket Number: 77-G-1582-W
Upton v. Trinidad Petroleum Corp.
Date: March 26, 1979
Citation: 468 F. Supp. 330
Docket Number: 76-M-0262
First Federal S & L Ass'n v. Mortgage Corp., Etc.
Date: March 19, 1979
Citation: 467 F. Supp. 943
Docket Number: 75-M-2317
Huge v. Reid
Date: March 15, 1979
Citation: 468 F. Supp. 1024
Docket Number: 77-M-0469
Jones v. Cleland
Date: February 22, 1979
Citation: 466 F. Supp. 34
Docket Number: 77-G-1206-W
Alabama Bancorporation v. Henley
Date: February 21, 1979
Citation: 465 F. Supp. 648
Docket Number: CA-77-L-1530-S
Date: February 16, 1979
Citation: 463 F. Supp. 107
Docket Number: 77-G-0829-W
State of Ala. v. Tennessee Valley Authority
Date: January 25, 1979
Citation: 467 F. Supp. 791
Docket Number: 77-M-0377
Jacklitch v. Redstone Fed. Credit Union
Date: January 15, 1979
Citation: 463 F. Supp. 1134
Docket Number: 74-L-896-NE

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