1983 Middle District of Alabama US Federal District Court Case Law

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Paradise v. Prescott
Date: December 15, 1983
Citation: 585 F. Supp. 72
Docket Number: 3561-N
Joyner v. AAA Cooper Transp.
Date: November 18, 1983
Citation: 597 F. Supp. 537
Docket Number: 82-884-N
Paradise v. Prescott
Date: October 28, 1983
Citation: 580 F. Supp. 171
Docket Number: 3561-N
Brown v. United States
Date: September 15, 1983
Citation: 573 F. Supp. 743
Docket Number: 81-95-N
Rowe v. Ford Motor Co.
Date: September 15, 1983
Citation: 34 B.R. 680
Docket Number: 83-V-795-S
Buskey v. Oliver
Date: August 22, 1983
Citation: 574 F. Supp. 41
Docket Number: 81-557-N
York v. Ala. State Bd. of Educ.
Date: August 10, 1983
Citation: 581 F. Supp. 779
Docket Number: 83-T-421-N
Stough v. Crenshaw County Bd. of Educ.
Date: June 28, 1983
Citation: 579 F. Supp. 1091
Docket Numbers: Nos, 82-589-N, Stough, 82-639-N, Sasser
Buskey v. Oliver
Date: June 10, 1983
Citation: 565 F. Supp. 1473
Docket Number: 81-557-N
United States v. Grice
Date: May 31, 1983
Citation: 567 F. Supp. 113
Docket Number: 82-207-S
Fan Fare, Inc. v. Fourdel Industries, Ltd.
Date: May 16, 1983
Citation: 563 F. Supp. 754
Docket Number: 82-042-N
CANDY H. v. Redemption Ranch, Inc.
Date: May 2, 1983
Citation: 563 F. Supp. 505
Docket Number: 82-100-N
Burton v. Hobbie
Date: April 11, 1983
Citation: 561 F. Supp. 1029
Docket Number: 81-617-N
Miller v. Schweiker
Date: April 6, 1983
Citation: 560 F. Supp. 838
Docket Number: 81-298-N
Sanders v. United States
Date: February 22, 1983
Citation: 564 F. Supp. 70
Docket Number: 80-377-N
Giles v. City of Prattville
Date: February 3, 1983
Citation: 556 F. Supp. 612
Docket Number: 82-616-N
Hale v. Pringle
Date: January 24, 1983
Citation: 562 F. Supp. 598
Docket Number: 82-083-N
Medical Ass'n of State of Ala. v. Schweiker
Date: January 7, 1983
Citation: 554 F. Supp. 955
Docket Number: 81-276-N

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