1958 Middle District of Alabama US Federal District Court Case Law

Search or browse the full text of US Middle District of Alabama decisions from 1958. Browse our free archive of federal Middle District of Alabama cases by year, or search by case name, docket number, citation, or text phrase.
Aaron v. Fleming
Date: December 18, 1958
Citation: 168 F. Supp. 291
Docket Number: 453-E
Gomillion v. Lightfoot
Date: October 29, 1958
Citation: 167 F. Supp. 405
Docket Number: 462-E
Tate v. City of Eufaula, Alabama
Date: August 5, 1958
Citation: 165 F. Supp. 303
Docket Number: 1442-N
United States v. Wilson
Date: January 2, 1958
Citation: 158 F. Supp. 442
Docket Number: 10990-N
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